The Legacy of the Three Marys

Three Women – Three Initiations

By Daniel Meurois

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On the French shores of the Mediterranean, in the Camargue, there is a small village called Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. Tradition tells that Mary Salome, Mary Jacobe, and Mary Magdalene, the three closest female disciples of Jesus, arrived there after leaving Galilee in order to proclaim the teachings of Christ.

What exactly happened? Immersing himself once again in the Akashic Records, Daniel Meurois brings us the story of what these three disciples left in that place.

Presenting a captivating narrative shared by the soul of Mary Salome, he leads us to what gave them so much strength in their lives. He reveals for us the secrets of their faith, such an intense faith that it is able to respond more than ever nowadays to the fundamental question of how to find peace in one’s heart.

With the intimacy present in every page of this book, we examine Jesus as both a human and a divine being, elusive and yet closely sharing the Light. The three Marys show us a Jesus whose words are not dogmatic or superficial but rather relevant to our troubled times. 

Readers who enjoyed The Way of the Essenes (De Mémoire d’Essénien) or Home of the Radiant Sun (La Demeure du Rayonnant) will be touched by The Legacy of the Three Marys, a major initiation testimony in the work of Daniel Meurois.

This book is a source of pure water for those who thirst for authentic knowledge.