For thirty years, Daniel Meurois has been known throughout the world for his numerous books, conferences and seminars.
As a channel, however, he is still very little known, if at all. Daniel Meurois channels Beings of Light he calls „Brothers from the Stars », and who belong to a « sphere of consciousness » outside that of our planet.
After the release of his book « Ce qu’Ils m’ont dit » (« What They told me »), a written testimony to their presence, Daniel Meurois was for the first time filmed during a channeling session.
In front of a small group of about thirty, they spoke through his voice, offered their teachings, and answered questions of general concern.
The present video is unique to this day and offers the listener tools for inner growth, comfort in the midst of a troubled world, and a powerful wave of love they can embrace.
A universal teaching free of dogmatism and transmitted by Daniel Meurois on June 15th, 2010 in Provence, with the support and love of Marie-Johanne C.Meurois.

Welcome to you, friends forevermore. Thank you for answering our call and joining us in this place.

Please note that we say “joining us in this place”. For indeed, you have come to us, to this vibratory space which you inhabit differently. Thank you for joining us, not out of curiosity, but with purity and tenderness in your heart. We are aware of this and it shows us that you belong to this family.

Can you guess why we wanted you to join us? The answer is very simple. We want to help you make the best of yourselves, of course, but above all, yes above all… to help you recover your memory. We are not speaking of the memory of your past lives; those memories do not matter much. We are speaking essentially of the memory of your kinship with our brother, Christ. When we speak of Christ our brother, we do not refer only to the Master, but to the Christ Principle, and to your kinship with this Principle. This is the memory we want to stimulate in you.

In the end, all these practices and therapies that you are learning or for some of you rediscovering are a kind of pretext. As pretexts, they are very useful, and even necessary, because they will help you ease the pain of others. They are already helping you now to ease the pain of others. Nevertheless, they are still pretexts in regard to the real work, the birth and rebirth you need to experience… The remembrance of your kinship with our Christ brother is the essence of your rebirth. It is also the purpose of this reunion.

If you want to walk towards the Light on the path you have voluntarily, and for some of you courageously set out on, you have to eliminate the dross from your mind. Have you noticed the two small signboards at the entrance to this place? “Shut the doors to keep the flies out”… Well, the flies represent your mind and everything that runs through it. They are the thoughts that regularly distract you from the path and instill Doubt in you, Doubt with a capital “D”. And Doubt, brothers and sisters, is the only force which separates you from your higher self. It is the only force which makes you different from the great healers, miracle workers, masters of wisdom, and from yourself as an apprentice in life up to this day. Doubt alone makes all the difference.

When this Doubt disappears, you will have recovered the memory of your kinship with Christ our brother. That is what you have come to seek in this place, even if you are not clearly aware of it. You have come to learn a work method, but most importantly, you have come to learn to know yourself again, to walk in the footsteps of your real self across Time. Nothing more and nothing less.

We well know that doubt is an instrument which can be constructive, because it is the fruit of free will, of liberty of thought, and questioning. But here, we are speaking of another kind of doubt, the doubt which makes you forget or even reject your kinship with the Divine, doubt which weakens the power of tenderness and love, doubt which says you and I, mine and yours, doubt that raises barriers. Because all of you as members of this soul family are connected by more than just a bond. You are connected by a stream of Light flowing across Time.

Do not think, however, that we are encouraging you to look amongst yourselves for ties from the past or for past identities, for there would be no point in doing that and it often leads to delusion. We just want to make you understand that what brings us together in this place dates back a long, long time and that if you decided to leave this room, whether tomorrow, this evening, or right this minute… the imprint you have received in this family would still prevail and connect you forever.

This is not a fatality, nor should you feel in any way trapped. Rather it is the result of your heart’s choice, a choice made long ago. You may sometimes stray from a given path, but you can never deviate from your true destination. And we are happy to see you headed towards this destination, regardless of your fears, refusals, rebellions, angers, tears, or brooding. Yes, your brooding!

Beyond all this, we can see and know that the real work is getting done. Your hands are the instruments by which you help yourselves. But the Presence of Christ in your heart is the breath of this instrument. Of course, your life’s work consists in giving Light in all possible and imaginable ways. But, beyond all this, your life’s work is to receive the Christ Energy in you. This Energy will dissolve all boundaries forever. 

Some of you are probably saying to yourselves: “OK, but we already know all this. We fully agree with all the principles. Why repeat them?”

You may “know” these principles, but you have not yet assimilated them. He who assimilates is in communion with the Essence of Life, and it is this communion that is your aim.

You must stop thinking that your essence is any different from either our essence or that of Christ our brother. Yet, you should avoid falling into a kind of egotistical elitism which would not mean anything. The difference between you and us lies in the fact that you forget this Essence.

But now we would like to stop this monologue and give you the opportunity to speak freely. Please feel that you are at home in the presence of friends who have been guiding you for much longer than you suspect. Feel that you are amongst family and speak to your brothers, your sisters, in all simplicity, without analyzing yourself. You have the floor…

Question: What can we do to remember? In view of the fact that we already know it all…

Answer: Pray, pray sincerely from the bottom of your heart. You forget the deep meaning of prayer. Prayer is an offering from the heart to the Energy of Light. Prayer does not mean asking for help, but above all things offering the best of yourself. Offer it to the sun and you will receive a hundredfold. This has been said countless times before, but who is there to actually do it?

Do not pray to a force exterior to yourself from which you are expecting something, but offer the best of yourself to the Best of your Self, which is in you and is the sun itself. Meditate these words; it is not as simple as it seems, it is not a play on words either.

As soon as a frontier appears within you, erase it. Do not start looking for arguments to maintain this frontier, erase it immediately. I don’t like him because this and that… I don’t want to treat him because this and that… As soon as these thoughts come up, and they do come up of course, erase them, erase the barriers, erase the resistance, erase the hesitations, erase the reject; this is how you can progress.

We are listening to you…

Question: How is it possible to feel the presence of our Brothers from the Stars when we have not yet reached a certain level of intuition and we are alone in our working environment?

Answer: Just ask us to manifest. Call upon us.  We are not saying that we shall then appear in the flesh before you. That would be false and would undermine the trust you are asked to develop. But call on us, in silence, and ask. Our answer will never fail to come. We answer mostly through small things, and small signs… You learn to trust by learning to perceive and interpret these signs. We always answer, always.

Question: Should we pray to you like to Brothers of Light?

Answer: Little sister, you do not have to pray to us. We are not different from you. We are just a little bit older, just a little bit higher, whether you think we are masters or not. No Master will ever ask you to pray to him. That would be wrong.

The only power you should pray to is the power of the Christ Principle, of the Christ Sun which is within each of you. You are free to identify this Christ Sun with the Master Jesus if you choose, and doing so is a royal path. But actually, no real Master would expect to be prayed to. He is only an intermediary.

Simply ask for the help of the Presence you feel… Prayer is something else. Prayer is communion, you see!

Question: I find it hard to understand prayer.

Answer: Prayer is first of all a spontaneous song from the heart. You just have to feel comfortable giving as well as asking. Let the words flow out of you, don’t stop to think about whether they are harmonious or not. It is irrelevant whether you pray with words, or just with your breath; whether your prayer is a call or a pure, crystal-clear and free offering. More than anything, prayer is a state of mind. Feel comfortable in this state of mind.

In a way, the most beautiful prayer of the world is a prayer that says in essence: “Father, Your Will be done.” When you say this or when you are in this state of acceptance, you are offering yourself to the Divine and you find yourself, you see?

Question: Can you explain how it can be possible that one should feel at the same time connected to loving entities and parasitized or thwarted on a subtle level?

Answer: Why is it so? Well, because you disturb. As you know, as soon as the Light starts growing, it attracts the Shadow. And it is logical and normal that the Shadow should manifest itself, because it forces you – it is there to force you in some way – to be more and more precise and willful in your choices; to be more and more unwavering in your faith and to learn to move beyond your doubts.

Do not see the Shadow as an obstacle. As long as you see it as an obstacle, it will grow greater and greater before you. Consider it a force which has the potential to make you stronger. And as long as you are not strong enough, as long as you still have dark corners within yourself, as long as you have doubts, you will attract other dark zones and other doubts.

You might say that the road is decidedly very long… Yes it is very long indeed. But as you move on, you will notice that the sufferings and the doubts along your way are becoming lesser and remove themselves more quickly. Steadily follow your course to the next milestone … Abstain from any judgment or condemnation. Steer away from all the “yes, buts”, as we pointed out a moment ago. “I agree to treat this patient, but not that one, because ….” That’s where this mindset starts. “I’ll see X but not Y.” Do you understand?

What we avoid takes us further away from ourselves. Not further from others, but further from ourselves. What we avoid always comes back to visit us again and again.

Be thankful for the adverse energies that you feel; they are your barometer. Do not in any way consider them harmful. And do not think that you are parasitized by any energy. You are just visited by aspects of your own weakness… and that is absolutely normal on this path.

Question: How can we share and spread joy?

Answer: By being Joy. Of course, this answer might seem a bit simple to you. We go back to what we said earlier: by developing unity with the Divine, by remembering your kinship with the Divine Energy, the problem is resolved. As long as we have not achieved real unity with the Divine Principle, we are not totally filled with Joy. A part of us still doubts, observes and judges ourselves and others. Joy does not mean always being in a state of inner effervescence. Nor does it mean always having a smile on your face. Who can do that? Master Jesus, your brother, was not always smiling. No realized Master of Wisdom smiles all the time.

Yet, Joy is a permanent feeling of Unity with the Principle of Light which brings forth an inextinguishable inner smile. There is no recipe for this. How to achieve this is extremely candid and simple. Everything you encounter on your path, all the hardships, all the sufferings have only one purpose: to bring you slowly and quietly, but also surely to Joy. True Joy is a state of serenity which is infinitely higher, which transcends all the clouds which are bound to come into your lives. Joy is your anchor. Joy is not the absence of suffering, but the absence of doubt.

You can also ask for Joy. There is nothing you cannot ask for; but don’t ask it from a power outside yourselves. All of us who speak to you here now, we may seem exterior to yourselves because you see us with well-defined personalities, acting independently. Yet, our principle is in you. Do you understand?

When we call you brothers and sisters, these are not meaningless words from a brotherhood or religion. We refer to our common Essence and to the fact that there is fundamentally no barrier between us; not even the barrier seemingly raised between the worlds which makes us invisible to your eyes.

Just open yourselves.

And do not think that you must keep this information to yourselves just because you are only a few – 20 or 30 – to receive it. This information does not belong to anyone, even if it is transmitted by identified and identifiable human voices. This information can be disseminated. You can do what you want with it, provided it is not desecrated. You can only offer something sacred if the recipient receives it as such. We think you understand.

Once again, there is no need for elitism.

Question: Our world is currently suffering. Will mankind ever be able to live in the joy of togetherness, accepting our differences and awakening to the Christ Love? There are many children and people who suffer from hunger and from disruptions caused by changes in energy. Can peace come to those who govern countries? Will they awaken to the spirit of service instead of furthering a need for power, and recognize that we are all brothers? Will our rulers awaken and use politics to help the world and move forward rather than to destroy?

Answer: The answer is very simple, little sister. Your rulers are the exact reflection of what you are collectively. And what you are collectively is the result of what you are individually. Embrace change. Each of you, embrace change, amend yourselves, transform yourselves individually and in small groups, and the crystal that will emanate from your change will be contagious.

It won’t be your governments, but each one of you, right where you are, who will solve the problems you are mentioning. What will come out of you will generate other governments. Do not expect the least fundamental modification, the least significant change on this planet as long as the individuals, or at least a very important number of individuals has not undergone a genuine metamorphosis. Metamorphosis does not just mean making a few superficial good wishes; good will and ideologies, no matter how beautiful, are not enough. Individual transmutation will generate the transmutation of your governments, because your governments are the transpiration of your egos and mental forces.

As for us, we are extremely optimistic regarding the future of your world. However, we are not blissfully awaiting the dawning of a new era of peace in the very near future. Collectively, you will first have to go through a long purification phase.

Please understand that this has nothing to do with fear-mongering. We would not want to mislead you into thinking that a new era of peace is about to dawn on this planet. This does not mean that you yourselves cannot live in peace. Peace is first cultivated at an individual level. You know this and understand it. Of course, it is not a matter of saying: “I’ll selfishly make my own little world and what happens to the rest of the world does not concern me as long as I can preserve my inner stability.” That is not what it is about. The goal is not to create a cocoon around principles of connection to the Sun, which in turn would isolate you from the world. Simply develop inner stability and equanimity, and that will act as an unsinkable boat in troubled times. And the number of these unsinkable boats – unsinkable because unable to doubt their destination – is going to make the difference.

Be different and others will ask what is different about you.

Question: What is your stand on vaccination? Are all vaccines noxious or only the new generations?

Answer: We do not say that all vaccines are noxious. We cannot share such an extreme point of view. The new generation of vaccines is indeed eminently noxious, but it has to be acknowledged that the principle of vaccination as it was first conceived has done more good than harm. However, the concept of vaccination has changed a lot and modern technology produces new vaccines which are extremely injurious to general health.

We intend simply to answer your question, but not to initiate any controversy. One should not banish all forms of vaccines. This is our point of view.

Question: Do you expect anything particular from us for the hard times to come?

Answer: We expect you to abolish all barriers between you and others, between your heart and theirs. We expect you to be different, that is, to welcome and to take a stance for what you believe in, for the force you feel you can identify with. Do not fear, do not be the least afraid to stand for what you really believe in, but at the same time, do not place yourselves above others. We have seen too many who, sharing your path, come to create elite groups, believing themselves to be the guardians of knowledge, and expecting a certain personal upliftment.

Do not raise any barriers between you and others. May you be a light which others hope and wish for, that when others meet you, they say: “How do you manage to be like that?”

We do not say you should never judge, because we know that the absence of judgment is an ideal to be achieved, and an ideal can only be achieved little by little.

How do you manage to always have a smile to offer?

How do you manage do be so compassionate?

How do you manage to speak of your beliefs without imposing them on others?

That is the direction we would like you to take. You should inspire others to become better persons without ever preaching to them. For he who seeks to convert others actually distorts the nature of what truly inhabits him.

You are men and women among other men and women who have opened the door to an opportunity. It’s as simple as that. And, by opening the door, you are also offered the opportunity to meet yourselves again and the choice to remember a little bit more, free of any dogmatism.

Question: What about violence and racism in the name of religion?

Answer: A good deal of the violence arising in the world today comes as a result of karmic returns. What some groups and some social classes are now doing to others is a result of the boomerang effect. You could say that this has always been the case. But this effect is actually more blatant today, because, as you well know, we are reaching a point where mankind and the planet have come to take stock and possibly turn a page.

The fact that the boomerang effect belongs to the law of universal order does not necessarily mean that it cannot be circumvented. The only force that can reduce or eliminate the boomerang effect, which ensures karma does not bring about suffering, is forgiveness. Forgiveness from the oppressed to the oppressor is like sand thrown onto a fire. It stops the mechanisms of suffering and of vengeance. Until there is forgiveness, the game goes on endlessly.

We are well aware that mankind has not yet reached the level of global forgiveness. But, once again, the ants work together for the whole anthill, the bees for the whole beehive. You are both ants and bees and wherever you are, speak up for forgiveness. But don’t just talk about forgiveness, experience it, live it in your everyday lives.

These words especially concern some of you gathered here tonight. Forgiveness is not a beautiful principle for discussion, nor does it only concern others. It isn’t a principle to be hoped for and called upon only on a collective and planetary level. Forgiveness must be lived each second, and if you don’t understand this, how can you expect life on Earth to become really peaceful?

Begin with your own lives, very simply. Forgiveness is not always expressed by words. It can be shown by just a smile, but a real smile. By just a glance, but a real glance, by just a kiss, but a real kiss, without any reservations, or need for explanation or need for pretext.

It is just a matter of recognizing your true kinship. We all suffer and all make mistakes. We all hurt ourselves and others. If we counted the points on both sides, we would all have exactly the same score. So to continue a game which makes no sense is useless. Don’t pass the ball with the idea of scoring points. There are no points to score, except to stop the game.

Question: Could you go back to the notion of common origin and could you explain the source of our unity? Also could you expand on the Christ Sun, the Logos, and how They unite us all?

Answer: We will answer briefly, little sister, because this would lead us otherwise into a very complex metaphysical discussion. You can compare this Principle, this Field of Consciousness which you call God, to an immense Sun. The Sun continuously emits rays of light. When rays are emitted – representing humanities, spirits embodied by souls and so on – well, as these rays travel further and further away from the Sun and forget their origin. And it is good that they should forget their origin for a while. Those who have everything at birth cannot understand the beauty of the Whole.

This is the principle of the Fall and Separation, on a cosmic and metaphysical level. At this moment, we, and this includes us, of course, all resemble these rays, these sparks of Sun who have forgotten the Central Sun they all come from and who are just beginning to remember their origin and their common kinship. All of you present here have made a U-turn on your way down, on the outward course. You want to head home, to your only source.

It is said that in the infinity of Time, all forms of life which were born from one Central Sun, one Field of Consciousness called God, will become One, and this Being will be an amplified, expanded Field of Consciousness. A God who has expanded through the multitude of experiences of all kinds He has had through the little flames, the little sparks who have returned to Him.

We are all absolutely One, and this is much more than a poetic or for some intellectual expression. We are all the Divinity who, in order to grow, has accepted to lose itself in its creation.

Question: Is the Central Sun the same thing as what we call the Christ Sun?

Answer: The Christ Sun is one of the manifestations of this Central Sun, the manifestation which can be apprehended by a relatively dense life form. Christ is the Divine Ray which humanity can sense and touch through a tangible life form.

But what you call Christ you can also call Krishna or Buddha…  It does not matter. Christ is a principle which does not belong to the Christian religion. It is a universal principle, I think we agree.

Question: May I ask a rather personal question?

Answer: We are listening, little sister.

Question: I sometimes doubt that I should continue the work I have been doing as a psychologist in a private practice for 28 years… I can’t see clearly in what direction I should go, but I have the feeling I should turn to something different. 

Answer: If in your profession there are no individuals like you, what will happen to this profession?

You see, the answer is very simple. We well understand your questions. But this profession can only change quietly from the inside through people like you, who are open to what inhabits you, even if this seems impossible or utopic. We are not referring to what you can say or not say within the structure and hierarchy of your professional environment. We are speaking of your radiance, of what emanates from you.

Do not think that the professional environment you are working in will remain unshakable as it has been up to now. It is going to be shaken and undermined by a lot of uncertainties and that is when you will be able in your own way to offer what can be offered.

You already know that your society is going to be greatly shaken. It is a fact. It is through this jolt and the ensuing helplessness which will follow that the principle which drives us will weave its way into society, at times faster than you can imagine. Do you understand?

Yes, thank you very much! Thank you for your presence in this profession.

Friends forevermore, we would like to speak much longer to you. However, since we were speaking of wisdom, it is wiser that we stop now.

Friends forevermore, be more than ever of the family of Christ our Brother.