At the Congress entitled « The Emergence of a New Consciousness » organised by Ariane Editions on September 29 and 30, 2012 in Montreal, Daniel Meurois started channeling at the end of the conference. Unexpectedly, instead of channeling Presences from the galactic sphere as he does regularly, Daniel Meurois was suddenly inhabited by the consciousness of the one who was Miriam of Magdala. A channelling as powerful and soft as unpredictable, a unique highlight whose teaching is deeply rooted in the present.

”I shall be clear at once: I was not supposed to be the guest this evening. I asked for this place to our Brothers of other worlds with the deliberate purpose of seeding your hearts.

You will no doubt be surprised to learn who is addressing you at this moment. For this is the first time I use this method and it will probably be the only time. My soul, brothers and sisters, enlightens. Of course, this may seem strange to you, since I use a male body and therefore a male voice. This is also intentional, so that the two polarities are brought into focus and in harmony simultaneously.

My soul, brothers and sisters forever, is the one who two thousand years ago bore the name of Miriam from the village of Magdala. If I have come to speak to you exceptionally, it is because I am precisely one of yours. My soul is that of a woman of the Earth. My soul has also lived in the bodies of men of the Earth, so it knows the path you are treading. It knows it not only because of its memory of past times, but also because it is still treading that path today. Indeed, it is not because I speak to you through my brother now, that I am not incarnated among you today. No matter where I am, far from here anyway, but on Earth among you. And it is in this sense – far beyond anything my name is fraught with – that I thought my presence among you and my words might perhaps constitute for you an additional strength.

What have I come to tell you? Nothing very exceptional, no more than our brother who spoke a few moments ago. I just came to speak to you directly of the Force that seized me two millennia ago. Yes, as you now know, I was the wife at the time of Master Jeshua. But it is not about Jeshua that I came to talk to you.

I came to testify to the impact of the Force that made Him live, which was in Him and which He offered. I have come to speak to you about the essence of Christ, because it is the essence of which Master Jeshua nourished me. Thus it is not of the historical man that I am speaking to you now, but of what intimately inhabited Him, what He offered us, and which I myself inherited before anything else. Why do I want to talk to you so directly about it? Because you are also entitled to receive this essence. Because this essence, to which I communed as intimately as possible and which was planted in my heart forever, also awaits to be planted in yours. It is as simple as that. It is not the essence of a being, it is the essence of a force, a force that is at the disposal of ALL that is in the Universe.

Christ is the property of no one. Intellectually you understood it of course, but you must understand it with your heart. Christ is not Christian. Christ is also Buddhist, Muslim, Shaman… anything you want. Christ is THE Universal Force that lies within you, without you actually knowing it. If there is a secret in the Universe, it is that one. And its way of revealing itself is through that famous contagious Breath of Light, that it is now up to you –more than ever – to call, make yours and offer.

You will tell me « But how, Miriam? It is simple for you to tell us, since you have known Him ». I have known the man, I have known the support. And God knows how wonderful this support …not ’was’…, but IS ! What I am telling you is that, at the heart of the support, there is an immeasurable Force that is also anchored in you. It is a force of compassion, a force of total gift, a force of life, a force of understanding, a form of incredible audacity! And it is that audacity to live, that audacity of truth, that audacity of transmutation that I have come to try and stimulate a bit more in you.

Get rid of your fears, they are the first obstacle to your transformation and the fact that your world be contaminated by it, as expressed with so much hope in your prayers. I am also aware of the fact that saying « Get rid of your fears » is simple… a bit too simple. And you will ask me again « But how can we get rid of our fears? ». There is no recipe for this, …just the culture of coherence. Coherence is righteousness with yourself, with the level of consciousness and reflection that you have developed, righteousness with what lives in the core of your heart.

You know that your ultimate Reality has nothing to do with that physical mask, the mask of personality that you are wearing today. You know that. And something in you just cannot raise that level of coherence in order to draw the necessary consequences and invitations to our world. Look at yourself in a mirror a few moments each day and ask yourself « Who am I? ».

Two millennia ago, I did not have the chance of owning a mirror. I remember having spent on many occasions very long hours with the face hanging over the waters of the lake, asking myself « Who am I? Who am I? ». It was my heart that answered me at some point. My heart answered « I am Life ». It wasn’t more complicated than that. Perhaps you think of course that I was privileged. But any privilege is something that comes to us from the dawn of time because we cultivated it, we facilitated its emergence.

Do not delay your birth, try and overcome your fears, put yourself l-o-v-i-n-g-l-y to the test. Look at yourself with a loving gaze.

If there is a definition of myself that I can offer you, my friends, it is this one: « I am a lover ». This was the key in me. This is what I wish you: to become lovers of the Life Force that lies within you. This Life Force is your real spouse. Call it, ask it to act in you and it is Christ who will act in you! Act that way towards one another, all around you, concretely, simultaneously. Offer your time, your strength, offer without counting, without inspiring anything but looks of love. Make sure that you stop, in the slightest contact with others and in any context of life, using the language of bargaining, the language of commerce: « I love you as long as you love me back, I give you as long as you give me back with a plus, I invest in you, and so on ».

You will be infinitely rich of what you have given, from the moment you are no longer afraid to act as your heart knows it must act, and how it tells you that it must act. You will no longer be afraid – not the least fear – of what is hidden behind your mask, as long as you lean on Christ within you.

You always want a superior force to come down onto you. But have you realized that it is just as much you who must ascend to the Force that is in you! To descend in oneself is to ascend in oneself. This is about going up in yourself until you realize that there is neither high nor low, neither you nor me, neither Master nor disciple, neither sun nor moon, but simply an incorruptible space in the core of our heart, a space that solves all tensions.

Do not believe, my friends, that I am leading you into a sort of dream, a dream similar to those now fashionable in certain literature. I am leading you to think of merging with your ultimate Reality. And it is by that merge, by the call of your ultimate Reality that your heart will unite with other hearts, which will in turn also unite with other hearts, and so forth. Then will the concrete realities of this world, its physical laws, its psychological mechanisms, all that characterizes its sensibility, its understanding, its profound intelligence, enter into an irreversible mutation. I want to tell you, although you already know so, that YOU have total responsibility for the settings in which you live and are going to live.

What do you want to give birth to? Ultimate Reality, here arises the ultimate question! Miriam is telling you: your key is in you. Your key is in your simplicity, in your generosity, in your abnegation – note that I did not say ’sacrifice’, which is quite another thing -, your will to fulfill your destiny, to accomplish your transformation, your willingness to go to the end of your hope. Perhaps at first you will be seen as illuminated or crazy people. Try every day a little more concretely to be yourself and stop playing roles. I myself have played enough roles in so many lives, that it seems to me just, really just, to insist on this point. The lies we tell ourselves are the worst lies. Slowly but surely, they infuse in us pride, cowardice and arrogance. You don’t want any more of this, do you?

You dream of a world where Peace is not just a small lull between two wars. Well then, plant Peace in you! Do whatever it takes for this, without trying to convince anyone about anything, without worrying about the opinion of critics. Plant Peace in you, my friends! It boils down to that. Clear borders!

May this will of transformation which gathers you here today with enough strength and occupies a large place in your life, may this will occupy infinitely more place in you in tolerance – or perhaps among lots of intolerances – so that the birth of the world you foster truly enters its decisive phase. The decision is up to YOU. It is neither up to our brothers of the Stars, nor to Master Jeshua, nor to any external force that inhabited Him and which you would venerate as a Messiah. It depends on the attention that YOU are going to pay to the deep nature of your life, to the profound nature of your actions and thoughts, knowing that this a-t-t-e-n-t-i-o-n comes from your intention. What do you really intend to be and accomplish?

You have the ideal answer in you, of course. But it is not the ideal answer that I expect of you, nor that all my brothers and sisters of Light expect of you. It is not the ideal answer, but the ideal r-e-a-l-i-s-a-t-i-o-n of the nature of your heart, its consistent highlighting that we are asking you.

Resurrect Christ in you and receive all my Love. It is not YOU that count on Heaven, or what is called Heaven. It is Heaven, it is Life, it is the Earth, it is ALL that counts on you”.