Although in the Western world, most of us are still far from able to recognize the reality of an animals’ soul and all that it implies, we cannot ignore there has been considerable progress…

Admittedly, we could regret that it be so late and that the damage caused by our civilization to the animal reign by shamelessly exploiting it be irreversible.  Yet, we believe that any realization, albeit tardy, remains important and should give hope.  This is not to be naïve in evoking a revolution of mentalities, but at the very least confident.

There exists in fact an intelligence that is specific to each reign of Nature and this intelligence deserves our respect and our love.

We can affirm without any hesitation that we can speak of an animal civilization just like we speak of a human civilization. To penetrate it, we simply need to show humility based in the hypothesis that our species does not have the monopoly over the definition of Intelligence.

What do we know of the knowledge that is conveyed from one animal to another? Nothing…because we never bothered to try to understand the profound nature of what we call “instinct”.

Our Western world begrudgingly respects forms of life where it can find neither durable writings nor architecture.  It is a rather unfortunate attitude that reveals a very narrow view of the notion of civilization.  A civilization is not measured by the tangible material traces it produces; it exists from the moment that it generates a collective way of “being”, a sensibility that is specific, and deep knowledge that is transmitted from one soul to another. For example, whoever tries to send precise mental images toward the animal with which he lives would likely be surprised to find how much his thought is received.

It is obvious that some animals, whatever their species, just like some humans are more evolved, more sensitive, and more cultured than others.

Animals have their initiates and we could even say their own gods… in varying degrees of openness, exactly as for humans!

These gods (devas) are responsible for the evolution of their species and also for allowing its identity to be preserved through the transformations imposed upon the planet by mankind.

We don’t sense that the animal world is calling us for help.  Animals have a sort of dignity and pride, the breadth of which we don’t even suspect. Rather we could say that there is a sort of hope on the level of their collective consciousness. Their guiding spirits and initiates know well that we humans have come to the end of “something” and that we will have to redefine ourselves in relation to theirs and other reigns. There could be another entire book to write on this topic…

Prior to knowing the human state as we know it, we actually went through states during which we felt the animal level of consciousness… after having gone through the vegetal and mineral levels of consciousness.  Our individualized soul therefore participated in collective thought forms and experienced the group soul…just as it continues to do so in its current state every time it renounces its personal freedom and its critical faculties… as is generally the case during a war or during a public manifestation that oftentimes deprives it unknowingly of its autonomous reactions.

We must understand that when we went through the state of animal consciousness, we didn’t necessarily resemble animals as we know them today.  It is a question of type of consciousness and not of physical form. This Force of expansion and Love that we call God experiments all kinds of expressions of life through the ages.

It is certain that all forms of life, and therefore all souls – whether individualized or still under the exclusive influence of a group soul- have the mission of growth by advancing towards more autonomy.

As soon as a group of animals takes a step back from its “guardian god”, it comes closer to the human state because the sense of freedom exuded by humans is to it a source of inspiration.  This approach toward man often happens through a kind of accepted and even sought after domestication…but a domestication that our species regularly abuses by the establishment of servility and exploitation.  It seems to be the price that certain groups of animals accepted to pay in order to advance.  It is also what other groups refuse. Only their guiding soul knows the tenets of this attitude, which certainly reflects a different evolutionary route.  So it is for human people, animal people don’t all go through the same path.

Daniel Meurois