The Great Book of Essenian and Egyptian Therapies

The Great Book of Essenian and Egyptian Therapies

The Essenians like the Ancient Egyptians had mastered the art of the energetic therapies in to respond to our society’s profound need to once again find deep roots and dimensions.

This book – which represents the quintessence of many years of research and practice – offers the public the most complete set of Essenian techniques and perceptions of the human being subtle anatomy ever collected.

The authors, Daniel Meurois and his spouse Marie Johanne Croteau, intend the book as an especially well illustrated, clear and precise teaching tool. All those who are interested in health and the harmonious balance of the being will appreciate the book because of its exciting content and training – in terms both the horizons it opens and its practical side – coupled with the reconciliatory philosophy that emerges.

Therapists and students in energetic therapies will discover a pleasant user-friendly manual, rich in working techniques and innovative elements designed to develop their practice.

Through its approach – based on the Archetypes and symbols that touch on the physical, subtle, psychological and spiritual dimensions of the being, and through its information on combining the internal development and global health of the organism – this book offers everyone new avenues of growth and harmony.

More than ever, the reader as the practitioner will be brought to understand the marvelous relationship unifying human being – body, soul and spirit – with the force of the Universal Life, the Divine that includes everything.

The Most Complete Guide of the Subtle Anatomy with Simple and Well Illustrated Treatments.

Publisher : SACRED WORLDS PUBLISHING     ISBN Number : 9780998741703
French Titel : “Le Grand Livre des Thérapies Esséniennes et Egyptiennes”

The Secret Life of Jeshua

The Secret Life of Jeshua

The Secret Life of Jeshua

Here is the first volume of a long-awaited work: The unveiling of the life of Christ Jesus through the detailed consultation of the Akashic Memory.

After several years of work, Daniel Meurois, best known for his book, The Way of the Essenes: Christ’s Hidden Life Remembered, presents here, in the form of an enthralling story, a true initiatory epic as fascinating as it is inspiring. We see through His own eyes.

Throughout the pages, we are invited to share the perspective of Jeshua—Jesus—on the first thirty years of his life. We discover his early childhood in the Nile Delta and what he studied at the Essenian monastery of the Krmel… up to a seventeen-year journey that led him to the Himalayas… to finally return to Egypt and be vested, in the very heart of the Great Pyramid, with the Breath of Life.

Through numerous events and information never before revealed, we accompany the Master, step by step, on the path of his touching unfoldment, a journey that led him, with the help of the Elohim, to discover the cosmic scope of his Mission.

The Secret Life of Jeshua is a disturbing and revolutionary work that will inevitably mark the path of all those who feel the urgent need to rediscover the original and universal nature of the Imprint of Jesus Christ on Earth.

His teachings awaken in everyone a vital need for real, unifying transformation.
This book, without a doubt, announces the imminent arrival of a new Breath of Light.

Publisher : ARIANE ISBN Number : 978-2-89626-382-0
French Titel : “Le Livre secret de Jeshua”

The Portal of the Elves

The Portal of the Elves

The Portal of the Elves

By consulting the Akashic records and piercing the veil that separates the worlds, Marie Johanne Croteau Meurois enables us to penetrate a thousand details regarding life in the elven universe and the elves’ relations with the Elements of Nature.

Rich with unrevealed information, her story shares with us the exceptional destiny of an Elf who chooses to leave her world to join that of the humans. The discovery of audacity, an unrestrained quest for freedom, a sense of love, and the need to expand one’s consciousness, this authentic testimony invites us, by its tenderness and its purity of soul, to a surprising multidimensional journey at the dawn of Celtic Times.

All who are sensitive to the subtle Presences that populate Nature as well as the relationships that can be established between them and our world will be happy to discover the truthful initiatory narrative of the Portal of the Elves.

Publisher : SACRED WORLDS PUBLISHING    ISBN Number : 9780998741710
French Titel : “Le Portail des Elfes”

The foreword by Daniel Meurois

“For months, I had the privilege of witnessing the writing of this book. I say privilege because this book is not insignificant as everyone will soon notice. It is even radically different from the majority of those books written on the subject.

Indeed, while the literature devoted to the Elven World and, more broadly, to the Invisible Forces of Nature is abundant, few works are in the form of testimony, even fewer in the form of precise testimony.

With The Portal of the Elves, we are far away from the fairy tales and legends that inhabit the world of children and the imagination of our society.

Blessed with sensory faculties, Marie Johanne Croteau brings here a deep memory long buried within her – a memory she wasn’t allowed to liberate fully, a memory that takes us by the heart to the “continent of the Subtle Forces” of our planet.

Through the pages of this unconventional text, seduced by the sensitivity that emanates from it, I personally discovered much more than a simple tale of life in the World of the Elves.

In fact, the reader is invited to enter this universe that is, amazingly, frames our own.

This work offers us a trove of information and captivating details from a very different perspective.

We approach another definition of Time, Light, and Sacredness of Life, all intermixed with the hymn of courage, freedom, and the “need for difference” that continually invites us to grow.

I will mention in passing the author’s talent to transcribe sensations, perceptions, and especially the nonhuman concepts in language that is understandable to all. This has not been the least of her challenges.

Finally, I must say that in discovering The Portal of the Elves, beyond the richness of its information, I was deeply touched by its freshness, its sincerity, its sensitivity at the soul level, and the great tenderness that emerges.

I wish you well as you dive into the wonder of this work, but also an awareness of the urgent necessity to do everything you can to protect the precious beauty of our planet and its tenants.”

The way of the Essenes

The way of the Essenes

The way of the Essenes

This is a major work; a work which many readers throughout the world say has changed the path of   their lives.

For many, this book was the basis of the reconciliation with the One who touched humanity forever.

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls has raised many questions…Who was Jesus? And who were the Essenes from which he appeared to have been so close?

This live testimony attempts to answer these questions. Indeed, Daniel Meurois and Anne Givaudan offer the astounding result of their experience in the Akashic Annals, after 2 years of astral voyage.

They give us the opportunity to read and discover with them in the Memory of the Universe surprising events kept secret for two millenniums.

Powerful and beautifully written, they allow us to revive, with emotion, the Essene community‘s daily life in the time of Christ.

A fascinating and surprising book, “The Way of the Essenes” quickly became a best seller in the many countries where it was translated.

Even though it disturbs many set ideas, it does not impose anything.

However the book touches the reader deeply while bringing him to reflect back on both the importance of the Essenes contribution to the preparation of the Christ’s mission and its comprehension in the scheme of evolution.

Publisher: INNER TRADITIONS   ISBN Number: 0892813229

French title: “De mémoire d’Essénien”