In May 2015,  while channelling certain Beings of Light, Daniel Meurois delivers a timely message about the meaning of committment and its necessity for any lasting individual or collective change of consciousness. The channeling is followed by an exchange with the audience. It is a call to mobilization and to joy in action.


Welcome to you, eternal friends.

Of course, some of you will say: ‘we have heard (this expression) a number of times before.  It is easily said’.

But it isn’t because it is our expression or because we use it freely that it is without significance.

It comes from our hearts, a heart that we offer without measure to humanity since time immemorial.

Here we are tonight, and for some of you for the first time a bit closer to you than what we have been until today.

So yes, truly, welcome!

You know that it is not by chance that you are here together, and that you have formed this group of human beings.

But do you really know why you are here?


You don’t know?


Simply, to become better humans.

And to become better humans, in our times, is in itself a big challenge.

The therapies you have chosen are a path among other paths, a path that suits you, and for some, one that suits you particularly well.

But they are also a kind of pretext to come together, to find one another,

to find your essence and to find the purpose of your presence in this world.

In these years, precisely.

So you are here to become better humans. And to do this, in this day, one needs first to manifest a real will for commitment.

It is easy to make resolutions and say that we will read a certain book, take a certain class, do a certain seminar or a take certain trip.

It is pleasant, simple, and comes from a good intention.

But a will to commit, in these times, is really what will make you better humans.

Humanity is, as you well know, in some way in a crisis.

And when there are signs of distress, to be able to respond, there is a need for committed beings.

Not just people who say: ”I’m going to help and do good. I’m going to do this and that”.

Committed human beings. That means stable people who do not let themselves be distracted from their commitment.

Will you be among these people?   That is the question we are asking primarily.

That is the real question.

And commitment is not simply a few hours per day, per week, per month or per year.  It isn’t just one seminar or two, one or two conferences or books.

It is a reform of one’s consciousness but also of one’s concrete actions in each moment of life.

How do you imagine that those whose footsteps you follow and who have been guiding you for thousands and thousands of years achieved the state they have come to?

Simply by being men and women of action, present in the field, as well as being men and women of great heart, conscience, and knowledge.

There is no other way, in reality, to blossom from within.

Commitment is an absolute necessity. And today more than ever, at this crossroads you have all come to. There is no half-hearted effort that is acceptable. You understand this…

And so this path you have engaged on here, let it not be a sort of momentary pastime that satisfies a need for good conscience.

Let it be a service to life on your behalf.

And when we say service to life, we also mean of course to life within you.

Because inasmuch as you are on a path to offer health and to foster an in-depth reform of the soul, you should be conscious of the fact that you have also taken this on for yourself.

The one who gives receives. It is a universal law.

So be conscious of the fact that what you will be offering to others you will also be offering to yourselves.

The tilling of one’s consciousness is inevitable and desirable as well.

Perhaps you have already begun to understand that the path you chose together here is not a leisurely one. It will till the soil of your soil and has already begun to do so. But this is nothing compared to what may follow.

It is a reform from within, much deeper than what you may think awaits you.

The way of service is a way of inner dismantling. It is one that tears us apart within.

Therefore you should measure carefully the significance of this commitment.

If the world in which you live has come to this state of asphyxiation, it is precisely because there have not been enough committed human beings. There have been and are still are people of good will. But have there been and are there currently enough people of willpower?

And what is willpower?

It is not stubbornness, nor doggedness. It is confidence and perseverance.

It is therefore with confidence and in perseverance, eternal friends, that we suggest you follow this path – in all its aspects.  For without confidence and perseverance, your inner field will not foster the germination of what it is being offered.

These are the ingredients you must cultivate in you.

It’s easy to say: ‘I love, I am compassion, I call upon love and compassion. I call upon our brother the Christ, and I call upon the light’. But what is all this?

Ponder this, friends… deeply.

What is this force that you call to yourselves?  Make it yours and realize fully what it is, what it signifies and induces – that toward which it will lead you.

So that is the commitment that we ask you, yes, that we ask you – because in a certain way you have asked it of yourselves also.

This commitment requires more lucidity than ever before. Love is not a beautiful word written in pink and blue colors. It is a word written in fire.

It is fire that should inhabit you. One cannot do anything without this fire. Nothing that needs to be accomplished to make your world grow today – and you in it – can be accomplished without the force of fire.

The Fire is also the Breath. And the Breath is also the Spirit.

And what is the Spirit?

You are a part of the Spirit. You are the whole of the Spirit also, in power.

Spirit is what never separates, that which embraces the seemingly opposite and works to unite it. Spirit is what makes you live at every moment.

And you confuse yourself with a force external to yourselves. This work you are taking on is a work of service but also of reunification with yourselves.

It is the great building site to which you offered yourself.

Did you offer yourself and commit to this in full knowledge of these facts?

It is the question we ask you today, and the question we ask you to answer today without deception. Your world does not need more cheaters but sincere and truthful artisans who accept to stumble, to make mistakes and recognize them, and finally who elect to stand up again. Men and women who speak the truth and who are not sparing with their time or with their selves.


Did you realize to what degree you had opted – at least apparently, and it is for you to determine whether it is as real as you say – you opted for a path of rectitude, and of willpower?

It is not a sugary path loitered with blue flowers. It is a path of service and offering. A path that demands all the generosity that you are capable of.

And you are capable of great generosity in reality.

We do not say this, friends, to soften our message to you or these gestures from us to you, but because we are capable of seeing the richness of your heart.

And if our words are exacting, it is precisely a function of the richness of your hearts. We ask much of those who can give much.  Do you realize this?

Did you think you would simply come to relax and learn a few techniques twice a year? If that is what you thought, you were very mistaken.

In the depths of your soul, you made a promise to yourself.  To become better human beings but also to serve humanity and the Christic presence in this world. Did you realize what all this implies?

It means that for those of you who will have fully lived these three years – or rather two that remain now – all will just be beginning. Here, you are in kindergarten.

We spoke a moment ago of the Christic force in this world.

Again, do not associate this force only to your common tradition, the Christian tradition. It is being repeated to you over and over. The Christ presence belongs to no tradition, it is universal. It is a name among others.

It is the transformation presence, the presence of the manifest Divine Breath, as it is in need to come through your humanity and come through you, to bring you to a space where you are more fully yourself.

So stop dilly-dallying.   Stop finding a thousand excuses and saying ‘I didn’t know, was tired, I didn’t want, I preferred not to look, not to listen, my head hurt, tomorrow we will see..’. In all aspects of your life.

With the step you have taken, you have no excuse not to take another, and a third and a forth, and so on to infinity.

That is why we spoke of commitment. Because the force that makes you breathe in each moment, the force that makes you desire the light, this force is increasingly calling you.

Will you be true to yourselves? This is the question we ask you.

Eternal friends, we feel that now is the right time to give you the floor.

Have you any questions, nothing personal, but questions that may benefit all.

We are not here to give you lessons, but to call you back to your selves, to your essence, to support you and to stimulate you.

Question : One of the problems in our society that causes lots of problems is the lack of self-love. What could you suggest to help people develop more self-love?

The love of ‘me’ or the love of Self? Therein lies the problem.

Your humanity does not lack love of itself. Or rather, it does not lack love of what it believes itself to be. It lacks love for that which it does not know that it is, for what it doesn’t conceive that it is, that is, love for its essence.

Well, friends, to discover this self-love, there is really only one solution.

To become conscious, all of us, of our immersion in the Divine.

There is no space of separation between everything that is and the Divine, since everything that is is part of the Divine as the Whole.

It is in this sense that we must speak to those who are thirsty.

To eliminate the barrier between the ‘myself’ and the Self, that is the Divine self.

All words of unification must go in this direction and with this breadth. There is no recipe for this.

It is not about what we should do but about what we should be.

That is, when we begin to ask ourselves this question it means– do I decide to become a question mark – that those who encounter me desire to be better human beings?

Learn to become a seed of change yourself rather than to look for solutions outside of yourself. There is no technique for that.

You could pray and meditate for a thousand years, if your heart is dry and cultivates separateness; your Self will always be a ‘myself’  It will be ‘myself’ and the world’. How am I in the midst of this world?  Does the world recognize me for what I am worth?

We must work on the abolition of all forms of separateness.

And also to stop asking ourselves incessantly: ‘How may I be better, myself’.

Do you understand what we are suggesting?

Human beings are at the center of their own preoccupations. And that is the problem. Of course, you will say we must change ourselves in order to change the world.  But we can change ourselves without being the center, or the epicenter of all our concerns.

To change ourselves is to embellish the world around us, and not to bring it back to ‘me’.

It is the offering that is healing and the offering is everything except a centrifugal movement.  It is a centripetal movement. If the offering is simulated, it generates a centrifugal action.

Do you really understand the essence of what we are transmitting?

Stop focusing so much on yourselves, on your little personalities, on your personal development. Personal development is a fad.  The offering of oneself to the Divine, the inner search for the Divine is not personal development

It is the answer to the infinite search.

Question : Does that mean that we must at the same time be and forget oneself?

It is somewhat like this. But we must not forget ourselves in the sense of denying our needs and necessities, but forget ourselves at the level of our egoism.

It is logical for us to aspire to our wellbeing and it is normal to cultivate and seek out this wellbeing. But may this wellbeing not become a fad that is ever more ingrained in our world and that becomes a form of egocentric search of what would resemble an accomplishment but that would be another egotistical exercise.

Yes, it behooves everyone to be at peace with oneself. But let this peace not be the absolute center of all our concerns.  Real peace comes to one in a gesture of giving. We did not say of exhaustion, but of giving. Offering or giving is a gesture of the intelligent heart.  Not a gesture of waste, not one of tiredness, but one that seeks to increasingly generate the regenerating sun within oneself.

There is a little secret to be learned.   It is to learn to inhale while simultaneously exhaling. Both in the physiological sense and in the metaphysical sense.

Life is a constant exchange.

He who decided to first perfect himself so that he may then give back to the world really only sees out of one eye. Of course, we must build ourselves. But that does not mean we should not help the world build and rebuild itself, and reveal itself.  The interaction of everything must not leave your consciousness.

Question : How can we recognize the Divine or the lack of separateness in very stressful situations and when we are faced with peoples’ nastiness? How can we see unity in these situations?

By first avoiding to ask too complicated questions. By being simple. And by not trying to resolve all antagonisms in the mental sphere. By smiling.

By striving to judge the least we can, which doesn’t mean we should obliterate our opinions. By affirming our opinions.  But by removing as much as we can any vindictive desire while at the same time affirming our inner strength.  It is a subtle thing, but which does not involve the mind.  It only involves the heart.

What is right? What is not right? What is a gratuitous action, and what has a goal?

There are many things today that seem right but that are unjust, and there are many things that appear unjust but that have a constructive purpose also.

We should not adopt an attitude of disengagement, but one of de-dramatization and of absolute confidence in personal commitment. We must not think we can resolve everything with a few formulas and dialectic.

Simplify as much as possible.  What makes us improve? What can I do that will make the other more at peace, that will make me improve, so that I inspire the other through this improvement that I am offering?

The real question is thus.

Currently, on your planet, the stakes are very complex.  So do not portend to have a righteous view of why and how things are the way they are. Simplify everything in your heart, and you will help the human community to simplify itself at its own level. There is no one answer but a multitude of small answers, every day.

For not one day passes where it is not proposed to you to pacify something within you or around you, which ultimately amounts to exactly the same thing.

Question : In our daily lives, despite a sincere intention one can fall into a certain slumber, into the mundane, into conventionality, and be taken back by this.  Do you have any suggestions?

This is why we are speaking to you firmly today. So that you feel shaken and this feeling remains with you. The drowsiness, the comforts of your society are truly among your worst enemies. We are not saying your adversaries but your enemies because really, this is the direction in which we are asking you to work.

It is absolutely necessary that you not forsake this impulse, this energy you felt that made you commit to the path you are on today.

Our call is a call to mobilization, a call to centering.

Remember these words. Each day, upon retiring, ask yourself: ‘What did I do that was constructive today?’. Have the strength and the intention to ask yourself this question. What did I do that was constructive? What was the whip that snapped above my head and that did me good?’ ‘Really, in what way did I mobilize myself today to bring about something positive to humanity?’

It is a question of will, little sister.

Will power must be called upon and cultivated. It is definitely not a divine grace. It is a fertilizing agent that we develop out of our experiences and out of the memory of our experiences. What do we want to see happen, today? We are not speaking merely of our own persons but of our world.

For rarely in the history of humanity have the stakes been so important. So as much as you are responsible for your own advancement, you are also responsible for the advancement of this world.  There is no recipe for will power. This is the reason for which we are sometimes like whips that snap, now and then.

Question : Can you speak to us of our capacity for self-healing?  Are all of us able to self-heal or can sometimes our soul contract limit our potential? 

What could you tell us about this?

Self-healing is a potential that is common to all living beings. We do not say just to all human beings, but all living beings, conscious or not conscious of self.

But the difficulty lies mostly for those who are conscious of self rather than for those who are not conscious of self. This indicates that consciousness of self, which goes back to what we said earlier, is confused with consciousness of the ‘me’.  And consciousness of ‘me’ is that of separation. You will be ready to self heal – and not simply offer palliatives but to truly heal yourselves and regenerate yourselves – when you have fully realized, in a different way than intellectually, your unity with the Divine Breath.  That is, the Breath of the Divine freely circulating in the universe.

You are in the midst of this Breath. It is in you as much as you are in it. Do you understand?

It is this state of Spirit that you must constantly seek.

Every time you inhale you inhale the Divine. It is that simple.

It has been said to you, but you don’t really understand what it means.

It means that each time you inhale, you breathe in something very different than just a mixture of gases. You inhale the ether, you inhale the prana and the akasha,  that is, three states of the Divine Presence.

If you simply believe this, it is already something, but it is only a belief. A belief is just a belief. It is not a state of intimate perception. So you need to go in this direction, and it does not happen with a simple decision, as you know.

It is done through a multitude of immersions into the experiences of life.

The Christ, and all the realized masters, – here when we speak of Christ we speak of the historical Christ – whatever their name or their tradition, whatever it is they initiated, were not designated by some higher power.  They are beings who built themselves, we never cease to repeat it. They built themselves and learned to merge with their essence. That is the reason their state is one of total health.

Accept to go up one step up at a time, never losing sight of the goal.

Question : What would you say would be the most beautiful gift we can make to another human being?

That of sincerity. Because sincerity translates the essential elements of the spiritual food a human being needs. Sincerity is simplicity. Simplicity is the absence of a will to control. The absence a will for power implies love, sharing, and generosity.  It translates spontaneity also.

The problem, or one of the major problems, is falsehood or deceit. If you come out of deceit, at every level of its expression, you come into the simplicity of truth. Of what is not complex, or at least that does not thrive on complexity.

And then there is blossoming.   That is what you should look for. To be yourself, in your own spontaneity, in the freshness of your soul and without having to prove anything.  Stop having to prove yourself.

Q: If the Spirit has the central role in defining our path, what is the role of the soul?

The soul is your obstacle. It is what enables you to become individualized and say ‘I’, to think of yourself separate from others.  It is your obstacle but also your springboard as this obstacle is necessary. It is the space of dialogue between what you call in a simplified way, above and below- knowing that ultimately there is no above and below- but a space for exchange between this above and below.

And this terrain is the soul, where the real confrontations take place.

It is a tool we must respect.

But the real obstacle is not matter or density; it is the ‘myself’ that seeks constantly to express itself through the soul. The soul is the place of free will, of choice.

You will not always have a soul. It will be dissolved, absorbed by your Spirit.

Question : So the soul is only here so that we might question ourselves?

To allow you to become conscious of Self. To allow you to express yourselves and make choices, and to delve into certain truths. To allow you also to experiment matter as a zone of encounter of the forces.

It is a place for training, but where learning takes place is not a place for a permanent stay. It is a springboard.

A last question.

Question : In the context of this call for commitment, what is the place for other activities such as having children or even having distractions? How do we reconcile a call for a complete commitment with distractions of this sort?

Commitment can manifest in all areas of life and not just on the path officially called spiritual.  Service to life presents itself in every aspect of life. By commitment we meant also, not in this path but also beyond this path, it means to be true and strong in your choices. If having children is on your path of life, do so fully and not half-heartedly, and with strength of heart.  By commitment, we also imply going beyond half-heartedness.

Of course, it is logical to want a family and prolong our life by having children. We do not suggest going against this natural desire or not to choose to distract oneself regularly and have a good time. That is not what we meant.

We mean to find a harmony between all these things that all of it be a service to the Light.

The path of service, of spirituality, the Christ path, the path of therapies – since this is what brought you here- is not a path of austerity.

It is a path of joy that does not reject the pleasure of life, the pleasures of family and children, friends, etc.

One needs to learn to blend all that because nothing is in opposition.

Do you think we are hermits somewhere on a cloud or on some spaceship somewhere, protected from bad weather?

We have our own lives.  Our friends and people we care for especially.

We are human beings like you, just a bit more mature than you.

So enjoy everything that life in this world can offer.

But that this joy you live not make you forget what is your center, and what is the nature of the center you want to offer and communicate.

Live fully and not half-heartedly. To live fully in joy is to serve the healing force and the force of universal health.

Do you understand? Everything is a question of balance and of harmony.

Eternal friends, brothers and sisters, we are going to propose now, as we sometimes do, that you come one by one before us so that we could impose certain marks on your subtle bodies.

(Energy work on participants)

Eternal friends, remember these moments. Take notice that a stronger connection between you and us has been weaved. This makes you more responsible, and with that much more joy in your hearts to incarnate what your heart and your spirit long for.

We will meet again.

Receive all our love and all our peace.