Master Morya – or El Morya – is one of the ascended Masters of the Himalayan Brotherhood of Shambhalla. His mission has been to guide humanity since ancient times. He is traditionally associated with the first Divine Ray on earth, representing willpower. Together with Masters Jesus, Kuthumi and Djwal Khul, he works for the benefit of our world.
Daniel Meurois was filmed during a channeling of Master Morya who speaks through him in front of a small group of about thirty. This message concerns us all.
A universal teaching free of dogmatism, transmitted by Daniel Meurois on October 15, 2010 in Provence, with the support and love of Marie Johanne Croteau-Meurois.

Welcome to you, dear friends.

This is your Brother Morya speaking. Your Brother Morya who would just like to ask you: Why are you here? (Why are you here, really?) Is it because you want to learn to be therapists, to learn therapy techniques, or perhaps to learn to love better, to live better?

If that is what you think, well, you’re not entirely right. You came together here – not just tonight, but each time you came together – you did so deep within you, more or less consciously, for the Truth. I am not saying “to learn the Truth”, because Truth cannot be learned. Truth is an experience that must be lived, and which is revealed. Truth is the Christ Presence in you. Living the Truth does not only nor exactly mean that you should never tell the smallest lie. I know perfectly well that during your earthly life, there are sometimes little lies that are there to prevent great sufferings or needless torments.

No, I am speaking of the other Truth, the real Truth, which is Transparency. A transparency with is such that all masks are removed. And all the roles we play progressively fade away, to allow the nakedness of our being, which is its most beautiful garment, to play its essential role of healer, of miracle worker, and of Christ.

Do not be afraid of the word Christ. There is Christ our Brother whom you all know but there is also the universal and eternal Principle of Christ. It is this Christ Principle that every life worthy of its name is intended to integrate, manifest, and express.

Yes, it is this Truth, the Christ Truth, the Principle of all principles that you came to discover. The therapies (you learn) are in a sense pretexts.  Albeit very useful on a physical level and for the world you live in, the therapies remain pretexts because the real healing agent and true factor of reconciliation is the Christ Principle which lives in the power of Truth.

I ask you therefore, if your presence here really means something to you, to drop all your masks, all of you. Oh, I know this is a decision you all made coming into this world to sow the seeds of awakening of your consciousness. But old roles and masks die hard and in a group like yours, or in any group of people, even with the best intentions, even the most awakened and most loving, there always remain old personality reflexes which prevent the energy of Truth from fully unfolding.

Do you understand what I am trying to tell you? There are still too many roles, too many habits or reflexes that grow weary of their own game and tire out others.

I sometimes watch you all through a window of Light, working here and there and as you’ve been told already, I can also hear the screeching noises made by your egos. “I don’t like him”, “I don’t like her”, “I will not treat this one”, “oh no, not her”, “my energy and that person’s do not harmonize”, “I will not make an incision”, “I will not lay my hands there”, “I don’t like it”, “it doesn’t feel right”.

You cannot deny this.

You may find me very severe or exacting but you must realize that this is exactly how the vibration of Truth can and will manifest itself: through Intransigence. That is why you must absolutely abandon the reflexes of your old masks. As you know, a group such as yours is like a miniature world. Therefore you should see to it that your miniature world be different from the world you live in; that it be different for its insistence on truth, its selflessness and lack of armor.

This is how groups and gatherings of hearts such as yours can hope to sow the seeds of awakening in mankind. This is where you have to start, each of you individually, beyond all the excuses you might find and which may seem justified or which you feign to believe are justified. It is beyond all these pretexts that you must move ahead and be.

Throughout the times, my demanding nature has become my banner and guiding light. Indeed, it is through rigor and consistency that the energy of Truth can express itself, to reveal Christ in each of us.

Rigor as well as coherence. This is the fire you do not yet master, the fire of Coherence. You sometimes talk about it amongst yourselves, and you are sometimes taught that coherence is like cement that allows you to work better. That is true. But let me also describe Coherence as the cornerstone of the edifice of any human life wanting to grow, to realize itself and be worthy of Life.

Be coherent in your actions, your thoughts, and of course, in your feelings. Without this coherence, no progress can be accomplished on your path.

You cannot speak words of peace and smile, and all the while nurture thoughts that are like venom, and continue to frown deep down in your soul. There is only one position: either you really are what you say and you are your smile, or all this does not mean a thing.

This is what I demand of you.

When I say I “demand”, I do not demand for myself as Morya.

I speak of the energy of Christ that dwells within me, in other words the energy of Life, real Life – no more, no less.

Be yourselves. Do not be a sneer, do not be a lie, nor an armor anymore. We can see quite often, and I also surmise and see that you aspire to become masters or at least disciples worthy of this name. Deep down inside your hearts, you can already see yourselves there, but this may remain a mere image for a long time to come if you do not firmly plant the Principle of Coherence in the soil of your soul, of your consciousness.

You may have noticed that I have not yet mentioned the word Love… for a very simple reason: without this, without the decision to live in Truth, in Transparence, in Rigor, in Coherence, there cannot be any Love. There are parodies of Love, maybe even commendable parodies, but they are still only a hint of the real Love and that is not enough. I know you understand me.

Our Brother Christ did not become Christ because he had been appointed as such. All his companions on the way did not become what they are because they had been appointed so. They have become what they are through Rigor and Righteousness. It is that simple, you see?

Love is Willpower. Love is Tenacity. This is what I came to tell you today. I did not come to say: “Lay your hands in this way, open your heart wider when you send this or that colored energy”… You have to learn that, of course, but behind that, you must have complete abnegation and truth in your heart, in other words you must be transparent like a diamond, act selflessly and abstain from innuendos, otherwise you will remain much longer in the state of suffering which is characteristic of the current world.

Be as the leaven, not because you know or because you understand, but simply because of what you have lived and experienced inside. Love is not a great principle. Healing is not an energy that is mastered by learning. The Christ state you have to work on and manifest in yourselves is a state you live in throughout the Universe without even knowing it. The curtains of your heart and of your soul are still drawn. You live within the energy of Truth, within the energy of Love, but your lack of Rigor and your incoherencies do not allow you to open the blinds of your consciousness. This is what you have to work on.

I say it again: Drop your masks, abstain from innuendos and from lies that you tell yourselves and end up believing. Don’t say: “I’m doing as best as I can, this does not concern me, it’s my neighbor, my brother, my sister, my aunt, my uncle, my father, my mother”. This does not make any sense. THIS DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!

When you smile, when you look at someone, let your look be a look and your smile a smile, without any pretense. So long as there are pretenses, whatever the excuses you have for doing so, you are and will remain outside the Energy of Christ, even if you are bathed in the constant presence of this universal energy… because you are being blind and deaf to its presence.

The lies you tell yourselves are the worst kinds of lies. If you want Love, if you claim you want to give Love, be demanding of yourselves. In this way, you will realize yourselves and one fine morning of your soul, you will be able to say: “I am. Yes, I am!” But this “I am” will not mean that you have reached the heart of the Sun. It will just mean: “I have the Key. I have the key for which Christ my Brother came to meet me.”

Furthermore, be Forgiveness, beyond all that, beyond all your pretexts, too. As long as you are not Forgiveness, the seeds of all wars will continue to grow.

I am now listening to you, my friends. Speak and do not hesitate to come to me. Let there be no distance between us if possible.  Come forward and come closer.

Question: I have a question about what you just said… 

Morya: May I interrupt you, my Brother. You said: “about what you (polite form) just said”. I am YOUR (familiar form) Brother Morya, not YOUR (polite form) Brother Morya, Bruno. Do you understand?


Morya: What I mean by that is that we are all close, we all belong to the same Family and none of you should exclude himself for a variety of inconsistent reasons from this great human Family and this great heavenly Family that I represent here. I am listening to you.

Question: What can we do to find ourselves while we see ourselves through filters that are different for each of us according to our life experiences?

Morya: First of all, you have to realize that they are filters. It is already a major step when you realize that you see through filters. For this, you need to stop and genuinely make a list of these filters; if necessary, you should name each of them on a sheet of paper and then endeavor to overcome them one after the other. What you clearly perceive, filters or other, will eventually be overcome. The most difficult thing to do when we are engaged in a path of self-realization is to become aware of our blockages, of our lies, of our filters as you say. Once you have identified all this, you can start setting yourself small challenges in your everyday life. Not necessarily big challenges, but very small ones which will eventually diminish the importance of these filters – since we are talking about filters here. Do you understand?

Go where your Spirit is, every evening in your prayers. It should not be Bruno’s incarnation praying every evening or every morning; it should be the Diamond from which Bruno originates. Each of us stems from a Spirit as pure as diamond. You should always remember that. This diamond has no need of lies, roles, truths, or sufferings. Seek shelter in the diamond of your Spirit, all of you, as much as you can. You will then have the necessary altitude to overcome everything that slows you down, everything that makes you suffer in the vicissitudes of your everyday life

Being you means identifying yourself more and more with this diamond that is the Spirit. It will take a bit of practice to do so, but it will become as easy and as spontaneous as the act of breathing which sustains you.

Question: Dear Brother Morya, thank you for being here with us, it is a great pleasure. I have a question on behalf of Ricardo who would like to thank all Brothers for the therapies that were taught to us students, and also for the problem which Ricardo exposed on the (incomprehensible word) of the Sun, and he asked me to tell you the following: With the grace he has received from Sai Baba and the Brothers, he has changed a lot.  Above all, he notices that he is easily inspired on the mental level. He has the feeling that his various subtle bodies are not in harmony and that it prevents him from being grounded and consistent. He asks if you could give us information on how to harmonize the different subtle bodies, because for him the problem lies in the mental body, while for others it can be the emotional, the physical or the causal body. He also asks if you can give information on the different subtle bodies and also on the physical body, because it is far too little (regarded) and not enough honored in other worlds.

Morya: Now that is a vast question! A complete course would be necessary in order to answer this question as Ricardo wishes it. Indeed, most of you, if not all, feel and experience a disparity between the different levels of reality – and that corresponds to what I have just told you. Their feelings, their emotional world, their physical impulses sometimes get people carried away, and even though they yearn for the greatest of accomplishments, there is always a part of them which tends to get out of synchronization. I fully agree with that. And we could say that therein lies the whole drama of humanity, of the Consciousness aware of itself and living in a constant state of dissociation, which is just the expression of duality, the expression of borders. Not of existing borders, but of borders that living beings who are aware of themselves tend to invent in order to feel that they really exist.

There could be a large number of techniques…  and there are a large number of techniques taught in many schools on Earth and experienced by students. You have already been taught many, here or elsewhere in other schools or books. But the truth is that there is not a single technique which can make you experience and live the unification of all your bodies, in other words of all your states of consciousness: physical, affective, emotional, mental, and that pertaining to the causal reality.

I am speaking here as a witness of what He awoke to Solar Unity… Solar also implies Lunar: the reconciliation of the poles of the battery. I am speaking in my own name, as your Brother Morya. If you had asked another of my Brothers, perhaps he would have given you a slightly different answer. There are indeed as many ways as there are beings. And through a multitude of lives, we experiment a multitude of ways. My way, the way which has been my revelation and which could also be yours, is the way of Prayer, simple and complex at the same time. Your Brother Morya speaking here to you, points to Prayer as the Key to Unification. But what is Prayer, you might ask?

Prayer is the offering of your whole being in the moment, to the Energy of Life, to the Divine, I should say. Be living offerings, in this moment, right now, all of you just as you are. Be bold enough to tell yourselves, to repeat inwardly or simply to say out loud: Father, Thy Will be done.

Oh, I know, this expression is almost worn out now, having been repeated in so many ways in churches and in all languages of the world. But living this affirmation is something else altogether. That is what I invite you to do. To offer yourself is a Prayer. This Prayer can of course be accompanied by all the words that come to your mind, those that have been coined by traditions, or those that spontaneously come to you by the impulse of your heart. But if these words are not pervaded by this offering: “Father, Thy Will be done”, your Prayer will be diminished.

As you’ve taken notice of this already, in each moment of your life you are in close contact with this Father; this Father who is of course a Mother as well.

You sometimes say or hear others asking themselves: But where is God if he really exists? Well, you have your nose on Him! You live in Him. You are so close to Him that you don’t perceive Him. You are erecting a barrier: “There is me, there are the others, there is nature, and somewhere, there is God.” This is where you start going astray, when the mind creates dissociation.

The mind is as much a tool as it is a self-defeating weapon. Therefore do not silence your mind as it fulfills a purpose. Enlighten it by an inner “disarmament” which is conveyed in these words: Father, Thy Will be done.

Let it no longer be your “I” personality seeking to be satisfied, but your “I Am” that is calling for Peace and Reunification. When your “I Am” speaks through you, in other words when you give your Spirit a chance to manifest itself, all barriers come down.

Your Father, your Mother are here. I would say they manifest immediately. Ask and you shall receive. Do not project the promise of a better self into the future but bring the best of you into being right now. Ask the seed of Christ to flourish in you now.  By abandoning all your reflexes of protection, your reflexes of self-assertiveness, of concealment, and self- aggrandizement on a path you claim as yours and which brings you honor. How many of you, in fact, display a false humility. All this must be taken apart. My mission is to point the finger to the most sensitive places, those where you can no longer afford to cheat.

If you really want what you claim to want, then rid yourselves of all the armors of your egos and repeat: Father, Thy Will be done. Then you will discover yourselves, perhaps first feeling entirely alone and naked. But there is a price for everything, yet it is not necessarily suffering, because suffering is yet another armor, another layer of scales. The price is the acceptance of the rigor or exigency asked of you by the Divine Energy in order to come together with It. This rigor has nothing to do with a Divine scheme, but rather it is the inevitable impulse that will raise you up to reach yourself.

Question: Good evening, Brother. Will the ageless therapies that are taught to us eventually be transmitted much more freely and widely, perhaps in the next wave of humanity? Are they destined to become accessible to the masses, or will they remain a bit of an ideal to be achieved in the art of therapy?

Morya: These therapies are certainly intended to spread widely in a relatively near future. But do not expect them to be accepted by a vast majority. Let us say that they will increasingly be recognized as a value, a value referring to a fundamental aspect of the human being. In this sense, yes, they will be further taught and diffused, and even made commonplace as homeopathy or acupuncture have become today.

Nonetheless, once these therapies have spread to the point of no longer being secret or at least not considered a secret or suspicious by some, then another form of healing knowledge will arise from their use.  Because the ways in which the heart can open and continuously look beyond the horizon is infinite.

Simply said: when a truth is accepted, or when a set of principles or knowledge base is officially recognized – and this will eventually be the case for these therapies – then another path towards healing emerges bringing healing to an even deeper level. This path also will be as old as Time.

Question: Brother Morya, in the world of ascended Beings, are there therapies and needs for healing? Are there healing places, just like on earth, clinics, and hospitals for those who need it? 

Morya: Of course there are. Every world has its weaknesses and its necessities for learning. But little sister, why do you ask yourself such questions? Each world has its challenges, but the real challenge in each of these worlds is simplicity. Indeed, I am not here to talk about anything else than the initial simplicity you need find again, the simplicity that leads to the alignment of a being with itself. As long as there are techniques to be learned, it will indicate there is still a path of density which has not been given up.

Of course, paths of density are there for a purpose, and it is one of these paths that brings you together in this place. But actually, everything you learn – and I come back to what I said earlier – everything you learn must be used to unlearn what you think you are and unlearn your erroneous relationship to the world. At some point of your progression, not only in this life but in other lives as well, all the techniques you learn, which help you and also help you to help others, now and in the future, will progressively vanish as you move on towards yourself. Do you understand? Unlearning what we think we know is the way of Christ.

Question: Oh Brother, in various circles of energetic therapies, protection rituals are mentioned. Is this consistent? When we try to be Love, do we still need protection?

Morya: If you can manage to be Love, then indeed, why would you need protection? The difficulty lies in really being Love. Really being Love means that your radiance has reached a pure Christ level. This simply means that when you help others, when you offer yourself and you endeavor to transmit healing energy to another there is always possible to be reached by something hurtful. Self-offering always comprises an element of vulnerability so long as the Christ Energy is not purely and entirely rooted in oneself.

But this vulnerability is also a leaven for the soul. I say to you, every soul on a path which has voluntarily set out to follow such path will always run risks. If a soul does not accept taking risks, it does not progress. Caring for others, offering oneself in a thousand ways in life means taking risks and also sometimes exposing oneself to being destabilized. Our Brother Christ himself experienced all these stages of fragility. If the Christ became Christ it is because He went through all these learning phases of Life. So you should not be weighing up: “Do I risk this, do I risk that?” We are always risking something! The more conscious we are, the more we are able to minimize the impact of risks on ourselves, as we have gained altitude.

As for the performing of certain rituals and protective practices, there is something there that does not fit with the path I, Morya, am showing you. The need and the search for protection denote fear, do you see? Not being afraid does not mean being reckless, it just means that we are leaving it up to the Will of our Father. I move on, I take risks, I offer healing; this may be dangerous on a certain level. This is self-offering. But the Will of my Father be done. I move consciously forward without sparing myself and try to overcome one by one all my fears.

This is how you can develop real Strength. It will not be through what I will call mental matches or firecrackers you would ignite around you and which are akin to magic formulas. Perhaps you are surprised by these expressions I use but each time we see you reciting prayers for protection, wearing symbols around your neck and saying “this is a protection, I’m protected from this, I’m protected from that”, we also see in your auras, my Brothers and I, something that looks like ridiculous little bombs. Do you understand? We are not making fun of you, even if it might seem that way just now. We want to say that there are too many illusory things you hang on to. Rather than raising protective walls all around you, you should endeavor to overcome your fears. In any case, these walls will explode like so many Bengal lights, bringing you much surprise.

Move beyond that world. Move beyond the world of protective objects and rituals. I am not saying that they are of no use; it’s not that. I am saying that you have to look beyond. I am not denying the existence of certain wave forms, archetypal forms, and prayers which are connected to great egregors which can provide protection. These things exist, of course, but you can aim at something so much more beautiful, more authentic, by the nakedness of Truth, the nakedness that entails boldness, do you see?

Know what you really want, even if in the moment it may be harder to go the way of nakedness. Is that clear?

Question: My Brother, are the mantras taught by some instructors in the course of initiations what you call “mental sparklers”?

Morya: Yes, they are. But you sometimes need sparklers, too. Understand that my Brothers and I have we do not say they were useless. They can accompany you for a while along the way. These mantras were made for that purpose. But ultimately, because I am a man of rigor, I always aim for the Ultimate, therefore this too must be surpassed. Use them if you need them until you feel they’ve fulfilled their purpose. Yet these mantras are not an end in themselves, just as meditation is not an end in itself. A number of those who meditate have not yet understood this. Prayer is not an end in itself either. Nothing is an end in itself.

You are the goal, you in your Christ state. Everything else will vanish in the course of eternity. Accept the rungs of the ladder for what they are.  Climb them one after the other. Take as many tools as your personality requires you to, but never cling to the ladder nor to these tools.

Father, Thy Will be done. I am calling You to me now.

Realize this fact and you will see how the Light will soon be coming to you. This Light may have you feeling as though you were imminently disintegrating, or feeling scattered inside, not knowing exactly who and where you are or what your life means. This is just a phase. Will yourself to merge with your Father. Place this desire at the very center of your heart, at the center of your hopes and your requests.

Thank you, dear friends, for the eagerness you are showing. Thank you for being little flames that yearn to become a real blaze.

Please be thanked but do not take this as gratification.

Your Brother Morya, you know it, stands for Rigor and Coherence.

Be at Peace.

All persons present were asked to come forward individually before the Energy of Master Morya. Each one of them received a personal blessing to help him on his path.