A channeling of Master El Morya, received in April 2016 by Daniel Meurois. El Morya answers a number of questions transmitted by Marie Johanne Croteau on various subjects of current interest that concern us all and have been on the mind of many (Galactic Brotherhood, climate shift, etherization of the planet, « channels », terrorism, atomic weapons, photon energy, theory of the twin sun, etc…).

Welcome to you again, eternal friends and brothers!

Once again we sense you that you are full of questions, even bubbling with questions, also tired, and having many doubts and fears. For this reason, we come again to answer your questions, which are quite numerous, I believe. I say “I” because it is your Brother Morya speaking now on behalf of the Brothers of the Galaxy. For some time now, this is how the Fraternity of the Stars calls itself simply because it has grown. It has expanded to include not only a certain number of solar systems of which yours is a part, but also to include the whole of the present Galaxy which is shaken by the same kinds of changes that you are currently living. It is the entire Galaxy that needs to be considered now rather than simply your solar system and your planet. It is a whole, which is a good thing. Therefore I will express myself in these terms today for the first time.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: Thank you Brother Morya and I salute you!

Please excuse me if the reading of the questions is lengthy. I’m trying to be as clear as possible for those who made the effort to compose these questions to you. So I begin… You just spoke of the Brotherhood of Galaxies and we have questions about this. We hear more and more about the Galactic Fraternity. Could you speak to us in more detail about this Alliance of which you are part? Of course, let us speak only about our Galaxy since there is a vast number of them… To understand what happened, we need to go back to the beginning of Time. Yet, inasmuch as during the present Wave of Life free will was given to all self-conscious creatures, then certain forces of separation were inevitable. From this centripetal force of separation that played havoc during not just thousands, but even millions of years, a Fraternity of beings was born within the present galaxy. Having experienced repeated falling and pulling themselves up again, these beings developed wisdom. This Fraternity has existed and continues to exist far beyond the reaches of your solar system. We could say that from the onset, it was in large part organized by the wisdom of our Pleiad Brothers. The Pleiad Brothers initiated a Galactic Fraternity mission specifically on the scale of your solar system. The Pleiad Fraternity essentially entrusted the guardianship of your planet to the Brothers of Venus. But you already know this… The Brothers of Venus are not acting alone, of course, but have a sort of priority in the decision-making due to their proximity to your planet.

More than 18 millions years ago, within this Brotherhood directed at the helm by our Pleiad Brothers, there was a schism that can be explained by the motion of free will. This schism occurred soon after the embassy of stars of Shamballah was implanted on Earth. And this happened simply because among the members of the Brotherhood at the time, some saw the evolution of earthly humanity as very slow, almost inexistent, at least compared to what they hoped for. So there was a rupture there, in that Brotherhood as well. All this is so you can understand that these Beings are also entirely free, of course, and they are neither gods nor demi-gods. Nevertheless, those who opted for the split wanted to implant themselves on earth to intervene, as they would have it, on the genetic code of humanity. From their passage, one can find many traces in your humanity in the form of demi-gods, precisely, or heroes with superhuman powers in all of your civilizations’ antiquity. Those who remained in the original axis of the Fraternity watched them act until the day came when the damages resulting from such an excessively radical intervention on the development of humanity caused them to intervene by the precipitated sending to Earth of a certain number of Avatars, apart from the mutations that the dissidents were attempting to put into place. As you may have expected, the culminating point of the intervention of the Galactic Fraternity on Earth was the coming of Christ. Schematically, this is what happened. This is not new to a certain number of you, however, the question was asked. Also, there are more and more new open ears and hearts to inform.

This is a very short story, as you might have guessed. So be aware of the fact that there was a schism in this initial galactic Fraternity, as there are continuously among humans.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: Thank you! We read here and there on the internet or in books that there would in fact be a real “star war” in our Galaxy, in which the planet Earth would be one of the stakes. Is this true?

It is absolutely true and is the consequence of what I just explained to you.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: So what would you say to those who would feel disoriented or discouraged by such information?

Simply to not worry about this. Leave to the stars what pertains to the stars and take care of your own village, which is the Earth. We see far too many of you going into what we would call outlandish paths, worthy of science-fiction novels, constructing all manner of hypotheses, exploiting either true or false messages from the stars, and thereby wasting their time. Of course, we won’t hide the fact that this galactic or stellar dissention exists; because the notion of freedom potentially induces also the notion of straying for a certain period of time. And on all levels –even at the archangelic level, as you well know.

Yet, in terms of where you are today on Earth, this is not really where you should be turning your attention or your heart. How can you help your Galactic Brothers, Those of Unity, of Integration? How can you help them to help you if you become dispersed inside you by trying to understand problems that are entirely beyond your reach, not for lack of intelligence, but for lack of credible information? You already know not to spend your current life looking in this direction. What you need to do is make peace in your home and in your heart; and by doing so, you will help your Brothers of the Stars, of Unity, to also create this union on a cosmic level and to nourish it through the force they deploy. So don’t worry about what is out of your reach. Know it exists, and that is all. Flourishing occurs on a cosmic level and not simply on an Earthly level. Therefore do not take everything coming from the stars, or everything seemingly coming from the stars as necessarily radiant and luminous.

Marie-Johanne Croteau:Thank you! Could you talk about this energy we call plasmic or photonic, which would be flowing forth to us since 2012?

There isn’t much to say about it without entering into scientific frameworks or quantum physics that would elude most of you. There isn’t much to say other than you should understand this photonic or plasmic energy as that link that will enable scientists to understand what is prana. In fact, we are talking about “seeds of life”, and behind these “seeds of life”, well, most of your scientists have not gotten that far, but there are seeds of akasha. So generally speaking, photonic energy is pranic energy, which completely nourishes the ether of this universe. The discovery of this energy, the delving into its mode of functioning, will enable you little by little to understand how the etheric world works; its molds, the precursor forms of which matter is born and beyond this, the notion of parallel universes and existences.

It is a first step in that direction. But here again, don’t go too much into wild ideas because lots of rubbish is said in research circles we would call serious, as well as in more amateur ones. Let them do their work and ideas will mature. Don’t try to go faster than they can go with shaky hypotheses in a movement we could call “New Age”. There is just as much nonsense in those circles as in scientific circles. Remain centered on your inner experience of prana and akasha.

Marie-Johanne Croteau:Brother Morya, are the current climate changes a result of the etherization of the Earth, of pollution, or of artificial manipulation to subtle political ends?

The answer is very simple…of all these things taken together. It is a mixture of all this, and what we would add is that should men and women develop more wisdom and love, the aura of this planet would be considerably changed. We should say it would be turned upside down, in a good sense. All these changes and disruptions would be lesser and would simply manifest as inevitable adjustments. Yes, we could say that because this contributes to these disruptions, the role of man in this should be a modulating one.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: So you are saying that with our aura, our capacities, our evolution, also the growth of our consciousness toward being more realized and more mature, as man or woman…

You would counterbalance all of this…

Marie-Johanne Croteau: So we could modify climatic conditions, harmonize…

You could modify the planetary aura and the different energetic strata that make it up. And not only its aura, which makes up also its atomic structure, but also everything that you are currently living as disruptions would balance itself out and be far less serious. It is your incapacity to change your attitude, generally speaking, that makes that all these manipulations take on such breadth and magnitude.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: Thank you! We often hear about evolution on Earth, and we have the impression that man, who has inhabited it, has evolved little since the Beginning of Time. If it is true that a certain number of us are able, little by little, to modify our level of consciousness, it appears that new souls, younger ones who have an animal-like behavior, appear regularly. We then have the impression that the Earth remains a sort of kindergarten populated by immature children. Would those who guide us have the Earth become a university of awakened adults? What of this?

It is true that for a certain time, and particularly these last decades but for several thousand years, a certain number of immature souls have been coming to comingle with more mature souls of your planet. That is a fact. Currently, this is being precipitated simply because the Earth is experiencing a growth spurt that enables the multiplication of learning experiences for these young souls. It also enables older souls the elimination of old karmas, and therefore faster growth.

There will come a time when all these souls we will call young — and you at times used the term animal-like to describe their behavior — will not necessarily continue their evolution on Earth. They will leave to other universes from which they came, with wisdom and understanding, with an accumulation of data that will enable them to spur growth in the world or worlds from which they came. Therefore, at some point the Earth will find itself with a much-reduced population of older souls, some very old, as they were those who initially inhabited it. From then on, having purified their karma, these souls will effectively be able to live on this planet as a kind of university of thought with a blossoming spirituality.

What you are currently living is a sort of culminating point; a phase of necessary welcoming that is indispensable. It should not be lived as a permanent invasion. There are young souls who come here to learn, to allow the elimination of old karmas, and who then go on to sow in other places. That is what is going on. You are simply at a culminating point of this phase of affliction, but also of accumulation of seeds for growth. That is what I can tell you.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: I will venture a question.. Two thousand years ago, Christ already spoke of young souls, animal-like souls. Where do they come from?

Not only from this region of the galaxy and the solar systems not far from yours, but also from the confines of the galaxy. There is no real distance. Distance is a mental prison that exists up to a certain point in the evolution of consciousness. Beyond this point, these notions are smashed to smithereens.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: In February 2012, you mentioned that you were looking into a way of making the existence of the Brothers of the Stars known to mankind through the medium of television, so as to establish contact on a larger scale. Is this still in the works; and if so, could you give us an approximate date for this event to take place?

I would not permit myself to answer this question for my Celestial Brothers, however, I believe this option is being pushed back in time; which doesn’t mean it should be discarded, but pushed back in time… but I cannot speak for them. Personally, I have an opinion and if I say this it is to show you that we of the Brotherhood of Shamballah, and They, of the Galactic Fraternity, are continuously in contact to evaluate the situation. We have exchanges amongst us, and there is no definitive plan; it is constantly readjusted because you have free will.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: What is your opinion regarding the proliferation of mediums or channels in spiritual circles?

I believe the Celestial Brothers have already commented on this. If you wish, I can give you my opinion, but you should know that it reaffirms many things that were already said to you. We would say that out of one hundred channels, there are maybe fifteen to twenty authentic ones. But this doesn’t mean the rest of them are cheating. Evidently, there are falsifiers and cheaters but there are also simply those who translate or express something in them that is good most of the time but that is not something that comes from the stars or from Shamballah. It is their superior Self being expressed. So in these forms of expression there are also a certain number of errors that reflect simply the personal hopes or desires of these channels. Nevertheless, we could say that out of a hundred channels, more than half are impostors and personally, I feel a certain sadness when speaking of this because we are in a time that hardly needs anything less than the bare truth. But once again, no one is to blame because this all part of free will. Yet, it is unfortunate. Of course, even within their error, some of those who listen to false mediums sometimes are able to progress. The difficulty lies in that despite having a desire to grow, do well, and bring light to others, impure channels communicate a form of hypnosis and slumber. And it is neither hypnosis nor slumber that make one evolve; as they anaesthetize a bit more and persuade those who succumb that they are part of an elite that is more evolved.

What you are in greatest need of today is to become responsible, to see things as they are, to shake yourselves… and it is my role to shake you. This is why some call me strict and daunting. I am not. My heart is filled with love. Yet, when something needs to be said to correct something that is not right, it is my responsibility to do so and that is what I am now doing.

Continue to grow within you; be demanding with yourself and also with others. I did not say intransigent, as exigency and intransigence are entirely different.

Be loving but demand truthfulness and simplicity. You won’t find that I will go into teachings that are essentially of a mental type, with much esoteric or quantic data. It is not my role, neither is it what you collectively need. You need to shed your scales that are still all-too pettily human.

Drop all of your scales and become again what you were basically: simple beings. It is best to choose from an excess of simplicity than out of an overabundance of information.

It isn’t the quantity of information that makes one realized. The open-mindedness of which you speak so often is not the result of a multiplication of data. Many masters toward whom you turn and who incarnate regularly, leaving a very strong mark on this Earth–we won’t cite any names–never had an esoteric and scientific culture, nor an extraordinary education. This is not to say that there is no value in these cultures; but when they justify a sense of spiritual enlightenment and therefore submerge one, there is a mistake.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: So then what kind of attitude of discernment do you advocate towards those who supposedly work in the area of spirituality but who, in the end, are usurpers and manipulators? It seems to me that we’re mostly trying to build an alliance that works towards the Good and toward Light… If among them about half is fake, it is a bit discouraging. What attitude should we have? Kindness toward all?

Kindness, and the all-important preservation of personal free will; that is, fundamental freedom. Don’t let yourself be taken into whatever movement. Simply say to yourself–without necessarily trying to unravel each one’s words: “I am not here to judge, it is not my role. I retain my free will and ask myself simply whether this or that person’s line of thought helps me, and others, to blossom”. This is the foundation, you see?

“Does this make me purr, or does it make me grow? Does it make me feel like I am part of an elite that knows it all, or that will soon be enlightened and taken on a spaceship to a dimension where all is beautiful and wonderful? Or, am I simply becoming aware that I am a human being; growing, preserving my autonomy, and developing as best I can at the rhythm of my own heart? »

That is the essence.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: So it is a personal matter?

It is entirely a personal matter.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: Thank you! Brother Morya, how should we behave in light of the wave of terrorism that is taking becoming more and more widespread?

Some answers are obvious, like having faith and not going down a path of fear and hatred; praying for the victims, and some say also for the terrorists. Can we and should we do something for them? Would collective prayer and meditation be useful in this sense?

Individual prayers are always welcome. Whatever the atrocities they commit, don’t think that these are happy beings that are consciously acting for the good of mankind. Most of the time, they are manipulated and feel lost. They possess a conscience, albeit at times in an embryonic form. Nevertheless, you should realize that they come from the same place as you even if a great majority of them have a young soul. Be firm with the movements they organize. Don’t fall into a sort of New Age melting pot in which everything is welcomed and so on… You know their line of thinking and we do too. Firmness is needed to confront these beings, but you must not forget: they are not on Earth without purpose. Of course, you should pray for them as well, because in a way they are developing willpower. And in however many thousands or millions of years, this willpower will convert, proportionally to what they are now accomplishing, into good actions of a luminous nature. Do you understand what I am trying to say?

In their infamy and their erring, they are the opposite of half-heartedness; and when this opposite of apathy finds its right direction, many things may be accomplished. But it is obvious that you should not be taken into their ploy, nor respond with weakness and fall into a sort of light pinkish or bluish energy. You must know what you don’t want, not let yourselves be submerged, and above all avoid the way of hatred.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: Thank you! We would like you to talk about the theory of the twin sun. It would seem that we are living in a planetary system with two stars, with a brown star as companion of our sun.

It is entirely correct!

Yet it isn’t yet time to say much more about this on Earth. It would destabilize too many concepts at a time when many of you have trouble readjusting to relatively simple new concepts currently taking shape. In any case, it won’t be my role today to talk about this; but know that it is a reality.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: Should we expect the imminent approach of a celestial body in the future?


Marie-Johanne Croteau: And…

That is my answer…it goes back to the previous one.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: During times of great turmoil on our planet, you already intervened to help humans. Yet, it seems that we haven’t learned from our mistakes and that our immaturity is again prevailing. This time, will you let us fully live the consequences of our errors so we might finally learn… even if it leads to our extinction?

The Galactic Fraternity, the Galactic Union, will take the observation phase of earthly humans one step further; even if they get burned a bit more than previously. It is about what we would call cosmic mathematics. You shouldn’t think of a final extinction, yet what needs to be learned needs to be learned. I have partially answered this question at several points during this conversation, in particular when I mentioned that very young souls would leave again and older souls would go on in this world alone. It means that this world is destined to carry on its path.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: When we see what is currently happening, it seems like a very small percentage of humans hungry for power and money are more productive in their efforts than the rest of the world. How is this possible?

It is simply a matter of cosmic pendulum, as was already explained by the brother whose voice we are now borrowing. It is a question of descending energy. Currently, you are practically at the bottom point of the cosmic pendulum; a pendulum of dispersion. You are almost at the bottom point of dispersion, which simply means that the forces of dissolution, generally referred to as dispersing or dark forces, are much stronger. It is easier to go down a hill than to go up a hill, which explains why those who are currently working toward explosion in the global sense, easily find feed. It is a question of celestial mechanics.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: A few decades ago, we thought that spirituality devoid of religion would allow us to avoid repeating our mistakes, but there also, money and power found their way in through false prophets, manipulators and the proliferation of all kinds of falsehoods.

How can we distinguish what is false from what is true? How can we discern?

There is no definitive answer to this. Everyone must experiment with what is righteous and what is less so; which is what makes one grow, slumber, or stagnate. In any case, among these three possibilities, ultimately, everything leads to growth. But if possible, let us choose what nourishes our conscientiousness and our heart. There is no recipe, no operating manual. What makes one soul grow doesn’t necessarily make another grow. It would be a problem to impose what makes you grow to all around you. Everyone has his or her own rhythm.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: I hope you will forgive me for asking this question. Brother Daniel frequently asks it. Why is it so trying to work for the heavens, for Christ when dark forces advance without effort?

I just answered this question. It is simply the effect of the great cosmic pendulum. It is why all those who take a stand to help the forces of Union, of Light and Tenderness, and Compassion and Love, have such a hard time because they are going against the current in the last phase of gathering. They are going windward, and that is why, as our brother Daniel often says jokingly:

“When you enlist in Christ’s troops, you know it’s going to be difficult”.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: Could you shed light on the people who are in contact with the Earth? Some speak of nine races; others speak of eighty different species, some pacific and others belligerent. What truth is there in this? Could your help us stamp out the excess in all this contradictory information?

I would simply say that it has no importance whatsoever. I won’t, and neither will my Brothers of the Stars, go into a description of the races that visit you; there are even many more than what you cited. This number is still very small in comparison with factual reality, but this matters little. A multitude of beings from other worlds have visited the Earth from time to time, and this since time immemorial. Some were more interested than others in the Earth; that is all. Even if I were to tell you there are exactly thirty-three or fifty-nine, or one hundred and eight, it matters little.

Don’t linger on such approaches because it is not what will make you better humans. Nor is it what the Earth needs–as a living being that is complete and evolves just like you, its population. It needs compassion and love. So be those beings of love, compassion, listening, and sharing. Unravel the roots of your egotism, which despite the beauty of your soul, are still there somewhere. Seek within you what is most beautiful; that is all you need to do. The only door leading to your liberation and to the establishment of a world of real and durable peace takes you through this. It may not be for tomorrow morning, but at least make sure that it isn’t for after-tomorrow morning, or even the following morning.

Don’t be like those human beings who during their active life in whatever societies say: I’ll take care of spirituality or generally speaking inner growth when I’m retired. Then I’ll have all the time and I’ll be able to read, to study…”

No, it doesn’t work that way. It is in the thousand little details of daily life that you must change and learn to move yourselves, and my Celestial Brothers and myself have always said this. Don’t be numbers to one another any more. Don’t be strangers who maintain a sort of approximate civil peace. You need much more than that…much more than that. Offer your heart in your life, have truth in your life, help one another, and the doors will open. It is right at your fingertips…

Marie-Johanne Croteau: On the web, we read that supposedly you would have dismantled the atomic bombs. Is this a true fact?

It is absolutely false! It’s entirely false and it is against the entire Galactic Fraternity’s approach in relation with free will.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: Do you see that there is hope for escaping our humanity’s self-destruction?

I have been talking solely about this… If there were no hope, I would not be here now and my Celestial Brothers would not be doing all this work. That is the answer! Before concluding–since we must now conclude, allow me not an experiment, but a gift. It is a very simple gift; one of energy, and time and distance won’t diminish this gift of energy.

Through my hands, I will now transmit to all those who are listening, who have faith in humanity, in the light, whatever faith is theirs; I will offer this gift of energy. Even if it is five years from now that you listen to what I speak of now, know that you will be able to feel what the whole Celestial Fraternity and the World of Shamballah, through my hands and my heart, offer you in this moment.

Close your eyes and receive the Love, pure, pure…and our discussion will end with this in a few minutes.

Receive our peace; it has never been as true as in this instant.

Within you, place your hands on mine!