“Can you prove what you are saying?”

This is a sentence I have often I heard during my already thirty years as a witness…

I have an envelope hidden somewhere. In it, I wrote a single sentence. “If you can manage to read the contents of this envelope during an out-of-body experience, then I shall believe you.” How many times have I been challenged to do this over the years!

I always refused to answer this type of question. I am only too aware of their perversity, or rather of the perversity of people who insist on subjecting the soul and spirit to the close scrutiny of what they call judgment.

What they call judgment? Well, yes, because I actually never found much judgment in those who claim to use it. Neither have I found impartiality, by the way.

About thirty-five years ago, I began to speak in private of my capacity to project my soul outside my body, and of course, I was immediately asked for proofs. I was naive enough to accept, thinking that this would really bring the reflection forward. So I provided proofs to whoever wanted them. I will not get here into the details; that would be too much. This went on for a year or two, the time I needed to realize the futility, or even stupidity of this approach.

People used to ask me almost every time: “Can you do that thing once more? I would like to be sure… I did not really understand or I feel I have missed a detail …”

In the beginning, I used to candidly comply with their request and give new proofs of my capacity and consequently of the reality of the subtle principle we call the soul.

I did this until I finally realized that nothing had changed in the eyes of my interlocutors; neither in their outlook on mankind, nor in their understanding of life. None of them ever expressed the need to know more. They had at most witnessed a good trick which proved to them that I was just a little bit weird.

Today, I am grateful to these former friends and acquaintances. Without even realizing it, they have taught me that few of us really want to know more about life and about themselves… for the simple reason that they are not ready to get moving.

Too immature or unconscious to understand and move on, they content themselves with a bit of spectacle.  Three decades later, I have stopped wasting my time and energy trying to prove anything, even if it means not being taken seriously. There is better to do: helping the heart to grow and pushing old boundaries.

In fact, the spirit world cannot easily be captured by our mind-driven society. There is no point in thinking that proofs can in any way change people’s attitude. That would be looking at the problem the wrong way.

Proofs of the reality of the soul and spirit are not something that Life owes us. We have to deserve them, they are offered as a bonus, they are given to us when we don’t need them anymore, when we have made enough progress towards the discovery of the Sacred in ourselves. The way is what counts and reveals the secret.

You see, a door will not open if you don’t bother to stand on the threshold and push it open. For that, you have to have courage, of course, and perseverance and love… in a word, real Intelligence.

In order to do that, you also will have to stop being a sniggering, mocking, cunning and cynical spectator of something you don’t understand and become an honest, humble and sincere actor in the harmonious development of our world.

Who has the courage to do it? Regrettably enough, only a minority among us.

As the song goes, “Life gives me what I expect”. In other words: “He who would reap beauty must sow beauty”.

Actually, these words are enough to sum up the core of what remains to be done today, at a time when people like to argue and criticize and when it becomes harder and harder to tell truth from lies.

No proof whatsoever outside of ourselves will ever make us better human beings who are conscious of the sacred aspect of Life. Our transformation takes place inside of us. The urgent mutation our species has to go through can only begin from the inside.

We may mock the Divine slumbering in us, out of bravado, pretentious reasoning or unconsciousness… but in the end, we will find out that it does not represent an option.

Daniel Meurois, July 2011