The real method and resurgence of the Egyptian-Essenian therapies by Daniel Meurois and Marie Johanne Croteau-Meurois.
This healing method is based on the knowledge of the Essenes and Egyptians and transmitted in the spirit of the holistic tradition by Marie-Johanne Croteau-Meurois and Daniel Meurois.

Q: The Egyptian-Essenian therapies have been transmitted by channeling…

Daniel Meurois: That’s right…

Q: Why this decision to revive them?

D.M: I believe that humans have a great need to connect themselves to the Sacred.  Generally speaking, we have collectively lost our connection to the Sacred due to the emergence of technology, of modern scientific medicine, which is interesting in some ways, but also deprives human beings of their subtle reality, their sacred reality.

From the moment our world started sinking deeper in a purely materialistic understanding of how the human body works, I think it was only natural that at some point a therapeutic approach should re-emerge by this subtle means.

The Egyptian-Essenian approach is actually one of many. There are of course other approaches of the energetic reality of the human body, but I believe that the Egyptian-Essenian approach is particularly interesting, because it stresses the importance of an approach from the heart. There are of course therapeutic techniques, but these are of secondary importance, even if they are extremely elaborated; they come second. All we learn in these therapies is primarily aimed at opening the heart as well as the eighth chakra. In my view, this is the reason why it was so important that they should reappear with force at this time.

As far as I am concerned, I have been receiving information on these therapies and the spirit behind them almost every week for exactly thirty-two years. I have now collected an important corpus of information and my wife Marie-Johanne Croteau-Meurois has also contributed to the resurgence of this method through her memories of ancient times.

For this reason, we are both currently working very actively at teaching these therapies, because I believe this meets a very strong need today. Yes, there are therapeutic techniques, even some extremely precise procedures, but they emphasize in the first place the bond between human and Divine, between the Sacred and what is traditionally called the profane.

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