There are many who talk about the coming of a new era on Earth. They speak of a change of consciousness and of all kinds of upheavals affecting us as well as the balance of our planet. How do we come to grips with all this? Is there a major force and a realization that could make us grow amidst these questions and constant challenges of our daily life? In response, Daniel Meurois shares his experience and his understanding of the great mutation we are currently living. Here are a few keys for awakening, acquiring a sense of responsibility, and for pacification…

Marie Johanne Croteau: Hello Daniel!

Daniel Meurois : Hello!

Marie Johanne Croteau: All who are interested in the question of a change of consciousness agree that we are at the beginning of a new era. How do you see the years to come?

Daniel Meurois : You know, I have never been among those who thought that the passage of the much-touted milestone of the 21st of December 2012 would radically change the face of the Earth and its humanity. I always thought this transition would be progressive. In fact, it was heralded I think around thirty years ago and I believe we can expect at least another twenty or thirty years for it to become truly effective.

Some may be disappointed because they were expecting a kind of quantum leap. This much-touted quantum leap that was to occur in 2012, the 21st of December precisely, it circulated all around the world, on the internet and in the literature, but I think this might have been something that was misunderstood.

Indeed, when we transition from night to day every morning, for example, there is a moment that is officially decisive which is the precise moment of sunbreak when the first ray of sun shines in the horizon. But even so it doesn’t mean that daylight has begun. Only a few species of birds begin to sing in the dark, yet it is officially the beginning of the day. I think in the new era that is looming, we are at the stage of these very first rays of sun.

The day has been heralded and the day is not yet there simply because the 21 of December has passed. In fact, I think it is good thing and that it is logical to come to an understanding of the fact that metamorphoses don’t occur just like that from one day to the next nor even from one year to the next; it is a very long process.

Globally, consciousness awakening whether on Earth or elsewhere, whether in the human reign or other reigns, is necessarily a progressive birthing process. Also, the presence of Spirit on Earth in our humanity does not occur brutally. The revelation of the divine presence always occurs progressively. It is a maturation process.

So yes, there are obviously determining moments and ours, which we just lived and continue to live, is a decisive moment. Yet it isn’t the moment by which all will get resolved just like that. I think this is easy to comprehend otherwise where would be our free-will, where would be our own personal effort to improve our self if it were nature that dictates absolutely in its cycles our way of being and our resonance with the Sacred, our expansion of consciousness and the expansion of our heart?

Where is our merit in growing from within?

It’s up to us and I don’t think there is really a precise moment that can fundamentally be the moment of our rebirth.

It is for me something very clear and I think it should become increasingly clear for the majority of us who hope to grow within. There is no waving of a magic wand over our head, even though in the months and years to come there will certainly be decisive events that will enable us to make important leaps of consciousness, but we have already had a certain number of these important leaps during the past thirty or forty years approximately.

There have been inner revolutions, social unrest, schools of thought, and also spiritual movements that have allowed us to make great leaps forward spiritually, perhaps not as decisive as those that await us now but it is always the result of maturation. So how do I see the years to come?

I see them in any case filled with upheaval, with disruptions at the Earth’s level, at the climactic level, at the political level of course, at the economic level also, because I think we are not the only ones to be in mutation… our planet is also in mutation.

I see them therefore as made up of a certain number of successive burgeonings. It is in relation to these transmutations that we need to prepare ourselves internally. This is where we get the much-touted expression “change of consciousness”, “expansion of consciousness” from. What does it mean? It simply means that we need more and more to prepare ourselves to become more true, more ourselves by taking down our mental barriers, by simply being more loving and getting to what is essential, being capable of living a certain number of mutations that are required of our species and of our planet. I personally see something very exciting. Exciting does not necessarily mean that everything will be very easy because efforts will be required, but these efforts will require from us to truly go back to what matters essentially, to real human values and to the real sense of Sacredness.

Marie Johanne Croteau: In your opinion, Daniel, will this change reach us all or only the most sensitive among us?

Daniel Meurois : I think we can answer this question in several different ways. At first, everyone on the planet will necessarily be affected because the balance of societies and of the Earth’s ecology inevitably affects all people. Stepping back a bit, I don’t think anyone can deny there have been, and still are many things happening.

In this sense, everyone will become conscious of the fact that we are passing will go from one era to the next even if officially it isn’t or won’t always be welcome to say it since, according to a certain “orthodox thinking”, there have always been things like that and since we will always eventually return to the old equilibrium. So there is that perspective and then there is the perspective that will affect those of us who are most sensitive. Of course it is always those who are most sensitive and who are on an inner path who will be touched the most in their daily life. Because everyone will be affected in their daily life, but some will be affected in their heart. As I said earlier, humans are in the midst of burgeoning; it is a soil that needs plowing, plowing, and more plowing and once we have already opened up to a certain plowing in our past lives and because of what we have already sought to realize in this life, hence we are inevitably much more sensitive to receiving energies of transformation.

So we must not expect everyone to evolve on the same level simply because we are entering in a new era. I don’t believe at all in this kind of standardization of consciousness. I believe we will continue to evolve each one at our own pace but in a way that will be exponential and quite spectacular.

Marie Johanne Croteau: Will this heralded change be forced upon by the new vibrational rhythm of the planet or will this rhythm simply be an invitation to change?

Daniel Meurois : Again, I think both answers are possible. You know I have always been conscious, and this has been confirmed by a certain number of perceptions that I would call mystical or extra-sensorial I’ve had over the years, that the planet is truly a living being, not just ecologically but also globally. It is a living thinking being that feels analogically to us but obviously on a completely different scale; it has its body, it has its soul, and also its spirit.

From the moment this planet enters into mutation because of a certain number of phenomena and cosmic cycles that are completely beyond our grasp, we can imagine that since it is shifting, it also forces us to shift. Simply at the climatic level or the stability of the earths’ crust, at the oceanic level, or the state of the ice caps, etc… When all of this shifts, we know very well that it forces us to reorganize ourselves also. There are necessarily impulses that will be imposed by the behavior of our planet.

At the same time, on a more subtle level, the much-touted vibratory modification of our world and home planet forces internal readjustments that will go hand in hand with purely concrete readjustments. And I am absolutely convinced that those who cannot or will not be able to readjust within, in other words people with mental barriers, emotional fears and affective blockages, who are closed spiritually because of their conditioning, those are people who will jeopardize their internal balance.

I think there is a great number of people who are very fragile psychologically and also health wise, and who are out of sync with what is currently happening in the world.

It is not surprising, if you will, that there are more and more people who take tranquilizers, neuroleptics, and antidepressants in our world.

It is the sign that something is not functioning between our inner world and what that world begs for and the manner of being that we’ve invented, or our way of behaving on the face of our planet.

So what has been asked of us for some years already, and this demand will become increasingly called for,

is this necessity to readjust ourselves, I would say to synchronize ourselves.

It may seem a bit frightening when we announce all this but on the contrary, I don’t think we should fear these great inner changes that are demanded. We must be deeply delighted by them. You know, these are birthing experiences we are asked and we cannot forever be in a state of permanent or semi-permanent dissatisfaction, as our humanity is currently.

Just listen to anyone talking around you. I don’t think there is currently one country where people are completely happy about what is happening to them. We can see the need for change whatever the culture, the country or the climate. Wherever I have been in the world, I’ve noticed that people wanted change, and even felt a real need for change. At the same time, if one talks about change, one gets the sense that one is being told “oh no, it has to keep on going, don’t talk about the mutation of our species, the mutation of our planet.. everything will get back to normal…as it was before”. But this “before”, was it satisfying for us?

I think no one was really satisfied because it was a “like before” filled with conditionings, with other kinds of suffering, with worry also.

So, we should be a little bit coherent with ourselves. We don’t want the world of the past centuries or the past millennia but at the same time, it is as if we feared any change, so what is it….

I personally am very happy that things are beginning to really shift and I think we should smile at this occurrence. Giving birth is sometimes painful but it is for us to decide in our hearts, in our minds, I would say in our conscience, how this giving birth should happen.

The more we find refuge in our fears, the more we will brace ourselves, the more we let our emotions and I would say our very basic reflexes take over, the more we will suffer. I think we are urged to really let go, to have faith in what we call Life with a big L or the Divine, will come to propose, and is already doing so, more and more explicitly.

Marie Johanne Croteau: But if we talk about giving birth, we are talking also about a pregnancy …

Daniel Meurois : Yes, precisely, it has been a while that we have been pregnant. Evidently we have been in a state of pregnancy for millennia since our conscience expands;

except that there comes a time when the pains of labor are felt, and we are at that point now.

We all know that before giving birth a woman feels a certain internal tension related to pain and to the unknown when she has never given birth. We are at this point even if we have already given birth in other times and either don’t remember or hardly so.

But we should also speak of joy, of the woman who discovers her baby once she has given birth. And this baby in this case is us.

We are invited to give birth to another part of her that will not be perfect either. We won’t go from being little humans to being realized Masters. I repeat once again, we should not kid ourselves, but I believe today we have an opportunity to skip to the next gear.

This next gear requires efforts and a bit of self-denial, a bit less egotism and evidently a lot more generosity and lucidity, which is also extremely important. I think we shouldn’t continue on living sliding the issue under the rug as we have done for far too long.

Marie Johanne Croteau : We may believe we are giving birth to a new being, to a new way of being. It then concerns our selves and it is to our own selves that we must give birth. In the end, it is a call to leave the state of childhood and becoming parents, since we are not talking about Masters.

Daniel Meurois : That is exactly right. We are called upon to bear an aspect of ourselves, a form of self-realization that is far more important

and today, each time we suffer and are afraid it is simply because we are pushing back the moment of this birthing,

when it would take just a bit more letting go and simply speaking either to God, or to nature, or to the Force of life, saying: “Lord I place my faith in you, I give myself to you ultimately” and I invite each one to do this today. It doesn’t mean we should let everything down because no matter what there is a superior intelligence there that will come and resolve everything for us, it’s not like this.

We must do what we need to be better human beings, to feel more of the sacredness of life, to give back to life what it gives us, and this takes effort and commitment on a daily basis.

Also, at a certain point, it should not become a sort of fight against whomever or whatever. And then there is the sense that I do everything I can and then the Divine, or life knows where it takes me, where it takes us.

Even if the road seems a bit windy, as I’ve said several times, the destination is the sun, the sun of our heart essentially. Ultimately, we always move forward for the better.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: Daniel to you what is the first obstacle that our humanity must overcome globally, and also those who purport to believe and act toward this change?

Daniel Meurois: I think the very first obstacle to overcome is the obstacle of selfishness. We are far too many on Earth today having reactions of retreat that are coming from this fundamental egotism that we can’t leave behind.

We are constantly bringing back far too many things to our material comfort, to what we believe, to what suits us and therefore we often block our evolution and our internal movements simply because we don’t want to see too much change in this world of ours that we know and in particular in our own little cocoon.

We agree on the great principles by most of the time saying that we need to evolve, to make a better world, to have more justice and equality etc.. And as soon as it comes down to taking real decisions that go in this direction either individually or collectively then there are few volunteers, because of self-preserving reflexes that ensure our personal or immediate environment not be shaken too much, given that we never quite know what we are getting into.

I think that real generosity, which does not bring everything back to us and to our personal glorification, to the fact that we are constantly reassuring ourselves, is something demanded as a priority. Even in so-called spiritualist circles, the strength and potential for incarnation of these beautiful principles and thoughts is lacking.

You know, I think that even among people who are extremely committed on a public level in spiritual circles, there are still far too many that are working towards self-glorification; I have already somewhat denounced this. It is not to throw the stone at anyone; it is to say: “ watch out, what do we really want?”

We truly want because there are beautiful principles to illustrate and because it is pleasant to converse about them or do we make a concrete step to change ourselves and to change the world?

There is no possible half-measure in these matters.

Either we work for ourselves and for our immediate environment or we work for the world, and I am convinced that this is absolutely key. This is generally true in the spiritual world, but also in the world in general, whether the humanitarian or the political world, where we parade our great principles.

This is what our humanity and our Earth suffer from: this kind of self-deception, I think this is the right term – which means that we are not really lucid about the situation, about what our world needs, and about what we want. We want to change, but it is as though we were saying “though not at any price because this will disrupt the comfort in my life”. We are back to the notion of giving birth, and when we are faced with giving birth we must pay the price in some way. The term is not very nice but it means what it means; something needs to give. Somewhere there is an amniotic sac that must open and spread.. there is amniotic fluid. Now we are at the level of the conscience: the placenta, the amniotic fluid exist and are ideal elements that give us life and in which we swim, but at the same time we have to take responsibility for their reality when it is time to give birth. There is pain and suffering both for the mother and for the baby. We are now both the mother and the baby in the sense that we want to give birth and we may understandably be afraid of doing so; and then we are the baby who wants to come out of its mothers’ womb by piercing the amniotic sac because it is natural, yet it also involves suffering because he will find himself in a world where everything has to be discovered.

So there is a kind of internal tension and this tension requires efforts of adaptation that can’t be half-hearted.

We, who claim something in this world that is concerned with open-mindedness, consciousness, and spirituality. I am speaking to you in particular who are part of this world. You must really accept all that this entails and not say tomorrow “well, yes, I will reform my life and start helping my neighbor and start loving a little more”. It is now. There needs to be instantaneous realizations, and it needs to be today because only words are not enough.

I know that in a way it’s very easy for me to say these things to you, but it is in the street, in our family, in our couple, with our children, with our colleagues at work that all this will play out and it will happen at an exponential speed if we listen to the calls from the earth and from the cosmos.

If our earth is currently living what it is living evolution wise it is because it is included in a planetary whole, a cosmic system that itself place a certain number of cycles in motion that fit into one another. The earth evolves according to an evolution that also goes beyond it, and so on ad infinitum. We ourselves are not anywhere near the finish line, we are at a certain point in the cycle of our evolution and it is for our free will to decide: “we’ll pretend, or we won’t pretend”.

We have the right to say we pretend but then we should expect far more suffering that than we expect and it is entirely normal.

Marie Johanne Croteau : There is some euphoria when saying that the 21 december 2012 has passed at last, that not too many suffered from it, and in any case we survived. It is kind of like opening a little door at sunbreak and having finally severed the umbilical cord to the old world. We must create the new world and therefore grow…

Daniel Meurois: We could say that on the cosmic level, the umbilical cord is in fact severed, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the work is done. The work is not done and truly remains to be done. There is something at the level of our profound structure that has shifted to a different potential. The seed is there; now we have to know what we will do with it. Either we do something constructive with it or we will again desperately hang on with all the best excuses to the reflexes of the old world.

It is understandable because it’s not from one day to the next that one can let go of the side of the pool to try to swim better, I understand this completely, and most everyone can understand this. But we need to dare to throw ourselves into this new space that now presents itself to us. Absolutely nothing has been gained simply because the 21 December has passed and in the end nothing happened.

Nothing happened officially but inside we received a kind of different type of programming. It is for us to know what we will do with it since we are apparently responsible beings. I believe that our cheating, false-pretenses, and pretexts will have much less longevity in the new era that is opening before us. I am absolutely convinced that all the heavy karma we can sow, even in the small things of life, will be repaid very, very quickly. It will no longer take centuries or sometimes millennia to gather what we have sown, whether it is good or no so good.

I think this world that we are beginning to discover will be sending us back what we have sown more and more quickly. It is the characteristic of the times that are coming. You know, I’ve often used the analogy of the pendulum. For 26000 years, we have been in a descending pendulum movement and you know that when a pendulum does that, when it comes to the bottom of its descent, the closer it comes to the lowest point, the faster its descent. This is what we have been experiencing these last few decades. We had the impression that a certain number of things were being broken up, and that somehow everything was losing its value on a certain level, even though there were a number of technological advances. But as we all know, technological advances are not necessarily tantamount to progress on a human level.

Now we are at the bottom of the pendulum’s descent, which will be thrust into ascending to the other direction from the momentum. We then begin a period of many millennia in which we will be ascending. It is the cycle of life that functions this way; we do not decide it. Analogically, as fast as the pendulum came down, it will go back up rapidly under the effect of its thrust; it is a very simple phenomenon of physics.

What I wanted to arrive at is that what we will be sowing will come back to us more immediately and in every way, whether in a good sense or a less good one, as this movement of the pendulum goes back up, and the more we go into the ascent, the slower this progression will go.

On the human scale, these are extremely long periods.

The period that we today call apocalyptic is precisely this period of the bottom of the pendulum. It isn’t a period of the end of the world- as we’ve clearly seen- but the end of a certain inner world, the end of a certain equilibrium between the planet and its humanity. We well know, even though it needs to be repeated sometimes as old ideas are tenacious, that apocalypse does not mean “end of the world” but “Revelation”. “Revelation” of fundamental things that affect our daily life. What have we seen specifically in 2011-2012 on the social, political and economic levels? The uncovering of a certain number of schemes and scandals, the explosion of authoritarian regimes that no longer had their place on earth; this is the revelation, also for people who are beginning to take matters into their own hands and realizing that they might be able to change their destiny. All this is part of the revelation, which doesn’t mean the revelation brings luminous effects that are easy to live from one day to the next, once again, but it is the passage of a door

and our freedom entails finding out how we pass these doors and what kind of light we want to incarnate. It’s as simple as that.

The light always has a bit of a disembodied connotation.

But everyone, even atheists or those who call themselves agnostics know in the bottom of their heart what the light refers to in principle. The light is joy; it is peace, it is happiness, it is basically what everyone not only wants but fundamentally needs.

Marie Johanne Croteau : So do you think that forces external to our planet will intervene in this announced mutation and if so, will they be decisive?

Daniel Meurois : I think that inevitably, forces external to our planet – let us call them as such rather than extra-terrestrials because the term has been misused – intelligent beings external to our planet, Brothers having human form and living in other worlds will intervene and obviously it will be a decisive event because it will definitely shock human minds to such a degree that they will begin to understand that we aren’t alone and that there are other forms of life. It will be like an element that will shatter our inner barriers.

I think it will be important for some of us to learn to stop being negatively prejudiced about everything pertaining to the extra-terrestrial sphere. In movies we are always presented forms of life that would come to Earth as invasive forces…it’s not at all the case. They are teaching forces. We are likely going to have great Brothers among us, Friends that have wanted to lend us a hand and who have been teaching us since time immemorial. If they have been discreet in the Earth’s recent past, it is simply because, as I often say, it is not for them to do our homework. Yet there comes a time when some of the teachers wish to appear, because it will be like the little push that forces the passage through the door and the ultimate dissolution of certain mental barriers. That is not to say that it will resolve our problems as these beings are not there to reorganize our societies in our stead. From the communication I’ve been able to have with some of them, I think they will show us certain outlines, models, yet also clarifying the fact that these models will need to be adapted to our personalities, our terrestrial sensitivities, and to this Earth’s past until this day.

So these beings will be like signposts. It’s a term I’ve been using for a long time because it seems very eloquent to me. But certainly not like Masters of wisdom who will take our hand to pass us through a door, a gate of fire behind which we will find an idyllic world from one day to the next.

No, their presence will certainly be decisive but it won’t solve our problems, which are internal problems of perception of life, of who we are, of the Earth, of others, and it is all this that will go into profound transformation.

They will show us a path but they certainly won’t take us from within to operate a great miracle on our consciences. I’m not saying that for some people it won’t have that kind of effect, but generally speaking, they will surely first make us face our responsibilities and face important choices to be made. I, personally, am looking forward to such a perspective, but at the same time I don’t idealize it because I’ve always been absolutely convinced of the fact that the way out of our problems lies through our own doors,

and that none other than our selves can find the way of pacification; it seems obvious to me.

Let us be happy to be living at a time like this when really great events can occur and when the earth can come out of a sort of ostracism in which it has placed itself, not only at the level of the entire solar system but also at the level of our galaxy.

We have ostracized ourselves from a certain number of other worlds simply by withdrawing into ourselves, by navel-gazing, and by placing values of egotism, sclerosis, and violence foremost in our mental sphere.

It is all this that we need to leave behind now and I think that these Beings will not intervene until there is a certain percentage of us that is ready to make a very significant inner step to react positively.

At that point there will be great fears on a planetary level, and also great movements of joy. It will be important to simply try to stay very stable and outside of our emotions when this revelation will be made to humanity.

So how will this revelation be made? That is the question. It’s up to them and so the surprise or staging effect being prepared for us, the quality of the orchestration will grasp out attention heighten our sense receptivity. Understand that if we place from their point of view, it is a great challenge to open a door like the one they are preparing to open. It is not trivial at all.

Marie Johanne Croteau : If we take for example the Brothers of the Stars, they had announced that they were considering appearing on television channels together with the Galactic Brothers to try to help us better integrate what was going to happen. Do you think it is still possible and that if they were to appear, they would not just simply appear? I imagine some of them will stay among us to give us models to create our new world, new concepts of creation and of integration of new data according to the times…

Daniel Meurois: From what I’ve understood from them, the final scheme, if we can call that final, the transition scheme is still not known for certain. It isn’t known because it depends also on our free will, on our collective attitude.

They don’t want to please by saying “here we come as your saviors and we will reorganize your societies” It’s not like that at all. They don’t play with these kinds of things and are constantly measuring the pros and cons of such an intervention, all the while knowing that at a certain moment they will necessarily have to intervene because it is in the order of things.

Just as we discover a new continent, we are called to discover life in other worlds, and this will go all the more in the direction of the expansion of this same life and the growth of our conscience. Now how will all this happen?

It isn’t known for certain and I think this is very well since the surprise effect always generates the most beautiful upswings.

Marie Johanne Croteau : In the context of this change of cycle, some speak of the return of Christ or of Maitreya. What is your view on this and do you believe in the possibility of uniting religions or having a unified spirituality?

Daniel Meurois : Yes, it’s true that for several decades we’ve heard talking about the return of Maitreya or of Christ. The two ideas converge since they refer to exactly the same thing.. In fact we could also speak of the return of a decisive Master of wisdom that would come to put the whole of humanity in agreement.

I think we can expect at some point the coming of a Master of wisdom, a divine messenger we could in fact call a prophet and who will fulfill the expectations of some of us. But I am also absolutely convinced that if this return occurs and manifests itself in an incarnated being, then it can only happen when there is a sufficient amount of energy streaming out from the heart of humanity to create a sort of calling or drawing up.

In other words, there will need to be enough loving forces and faith in our hearts to in a way condense the forces of which this being will be the representative; but the problem is not really this one. The real Christ we can expect, beyond the incarnated Master, the real Christ we can hope to touch, is the one of our heart that we can call the inner Christ, and which I have spoken at length about, that is related to the heart of our planet and to the heart of our solar system. The heart of our planetary system is simply our sun, the one Akhenaton called Aton.

In some of my works, I spoke about the fact that the conscience of Christ is present at the center of this sun that we see and that this visible sun is the most tangible expression of this energy that is not a human energy but a divine energy, that through the ages has been called Christ, the energy of Krishna, or even the energy of the Son if we want to use a universal term. What is going on nowadays?

Astronomers and astrophysicists will agree with me. The sun, in particular since 2011-12, has entered an extremely important phase of activity that we will be calling without precedent in living memory. This sun is starting to emit a certain number of radiations towards the Earth – and other planets are also affected – that force its terrestrial crust to move and beyond this, also the balance of all life living there. This means that when the Christic force – if we consent to associate the sun with the Christic force – is boiling, or in motion; when it manifests a vibration that we can compare to the descent of the Spirit, it means that everything that is of the domain of life in our planetary world but also in other planets, enters into movement and is necessarily going to change. That too is the birth of Christ such that we can receive it. It is a solar movement on all levels of creation.

So why are there currently solar eruptions? Again, astrophysicists give us a material answer. Simply because at the confines of our galaxy, and I will add at the central sun of our galaxy, there is a cloud of cosmic dust arriving which is crossing our entire planetary system and is actually affecting the stability of the sun.

If we consider the sun as the Christ, in other words the second person of the Trinity, well this sun is receiving an impulse from the Father. That is how I understand things.

Aton, the Christ, it is the same thing, retransmits an impulse coming from the very depths of the cosmos in the form of a mutational wave from the Holy Spirit in the direction of our humanity. But again, caution, as Holy Spirit does not mean illumination; we can see it and we know this: it means an impulse to change.

The descent of the Holy Spirit – and you know that my vocabulary is not particularly religious yet there are terms that mean what they mean – is an inner awakening, a stimulation of what is most beautiful in us, to spread our conscience and expand it. At the same time, such an awakening is to our conscience like an earthquake, but it doesn’t mean that everything is clear and easy from one day to the next as we said at the beginning of this interview. It is a soul quake. In so-called spiritualist circles, in the last few decades, we heard a lot about India and its fashionable concepts of the awakening of the kundalini and we heard many say: “Oh, I want a kundalini awakening and I will see clearly and ascend immediately”. That is not at all the case because most of the time, those who experience an awakening of the kundalini, when this happens – and it is much more rare than we think – experience a very painful tearing apart of their being.

When great realizations occur, you shouldn’t necessarily think that all is rosy from one day to the next, no. We blow up certain shells inside us and we do this for our good, for something wonderful. But we should also be aware that the pains of giving birth exist and that we are in this phase.

Let us be happy and I repeat it because joy is something fundamental. If I say Christ – and I say Christ because I am of a Christian sensibility and because I am speaking to a maximum number of beings who are as well – if the Christic force is currently being felt, it is so that we don’t repeat the same patterns as before but so that we elevate ourselves above ourselves and so it’s worth the risk.

This is why joy is an essential ingredient for our transformation. Joy doesn’t mean being constantly on a little cloud. There are difficulties, and they will always be there, the difficulties that are the joy of evolution.

Joy is this capacity we must learn to fly higher and higher above the clouds. I know I am repeating myself for some of you who have heard many of my lectures, but repetition is how we finally get the concept.

We need to assimilate a certain number of concepts, and relearn immediately, at least this is what is asked of us, a new alphabet for life.

Marie Johanne Croteau : Practically speaking, what is asked of us in 2013?

Daniel Meurois: What we are asked, I believe, is to be true, to be increasingly true and not to play games whoever we are, wherever we are and whatever our responsibilities. To be authentic. I know the formula may seem commonplace and trite as it has been repeated for quite some time and is even at times a stereotype; yet it is in it that the solution can be found. To stop putting on an act about what is true, to not seek to show what we know, to stop juggling with great concepts and to be very present and incarnated right where we are, putting into practice what we say and purport to believe; to work on the scale of what is feasible and it’s great if the circumstances of our life give us a microphone or a certain visibility like mine now for example, but it isn’t everyone’s case and it doesn’t matter. But each and every one of us from where she or he is can do a little bit and that little bit may be a great deal. A great deal because it is in our surroundings that we can sow these seeds of a better future by not pretending, by being generous, by not seeking to control or dominate anything at all. There are still far too many of these personality games, these society games, this kind of cheating that even though usually essentially harmless, too often keeps us living within the bubbles of our illusions.

Let us be who we are, not having anything to prove to whoever it may be. And it is by not having to prove anything to anyone that we truly become the beings that we really are, beings that are beautiful in their essence, noble and having something to give to their fellow man.

We should not be fixated on great principles. All the better if we are able to understand them and talk about them, that is great, but practically speaking, every day, what are we capable of doing?

That is where we have a real challenge, and this challenge should also prompt us to stop being followers of rigid structures laid down by society and which we have been believing and feeling obliged to accept for a very long time

We are not satisfied with the social, political and economic structures in which we live. That is a fact.

Must we accept them? I think not any more. Must this happen in the midst of violence? Of course not, but at the same time we must be capable of transforming and saying no when we need to say no.

Let us become able to say no, let us show in which direction we no longer want to go. Let’s listen and let’s give ourselves the means to listen, to all those who have a good heart, who have soul, to those who don’t work for themselves and who are true Human Beings with a capital H and a capital B.

There is an effort to be made, an effort of daily volition, but this work of volition is also a work of coherence.

Socially and individually speaking, there are certainly great decisions to be made and I hope we will be able to make them peacefully; we must do so in any case.

Marie Johanne Croteau : So Daniel, if there is one essential message to transmit today for all those who are listening, what would it be?

Daniel Meurois: To me this message is very simple and it can be summarized in two or three words: “let us move”, and I repeat again, let us be coherent. What do we want? Love, beauty, tolerance in the true sense of the term, justice, justness? Let’s shake ourselves then, and allow these things to burst out instead of waiting for an external force to do it. Let us not expect a government leader to create all of this in our place. Let us first make it come forth from our own selves. You know, those who govern us are simply our extension, the extension of the good in us but also of the not so good in us. So let us try to be better humans, more beautiful souls, more loving hearts, and what will result will necessarily be at the top of the pyramid in every country and every society: beings that are more representative.

Let us move and really know what we want, and this time let’s not do what we’ve always done in the past: one step forward, followed by one step backward. I think we have done too much stand still, at least it resembled standstill, even if evolution obviously did occur. But let us know what we want and let us develop more love within us. Developing more love within us also means developing more willpower; this is extremely important. Without willpower, love is not much, or at least much less than what it could be. I think we should let this truth sink in because there is much to gain from it if we wish to go forth towards ourselves to give birth to our selves.

I thank you all and I count on all of you, on all of us who are working officially with a microphone for what we call the light. We count on all of you who are listening now to arrive at the realization of these beautiful values to which we aspire.

We are just speakers that also have a microphone within us, but it is all of you who are listening now who can truly make the difference.

Thank you!