In an exceptional interview, Marie Johanne Croteau and Daniel Meurois speak freely and abundantly about their common book, “The Great Book of Essenian and Egyptian Therapies”, and about their training courses in France and Quebec.


Guillaume Dalzil : Daniel Meurois, you are known for your numerous books. Your last book, entitled “The Great Book of Essenian and Egyptian Therapies”, was published a few months ago. Why did you decide to write this book in collaboration with your wife, Marie-Johanne Croteau?

Daniel Meurois : For a very simple reason. From the moment we met and started living together, it became clear to us that we shared exactly the same approach regarding the therapies. As a matter of fact, when we met, when I got to know her, I realized that I was not the only one practicing energetic therapies according to the Essenian and Egyptian method but Marie-Johanne also had this capacity. She had not acquired this knowledge and come to the same conclusions by the same means but I was surprised to see that we ended up using the same method. It was really amazing, I had never seen that before and it surely played a significant role in bringing us together.

Ever since we started living together, quite a few years back, we have worked and taught together. She was the one who initiated a training course in energy healing and then it became clear to me that I could not write this book alone and that it should be the fruit of our work together. It could not be otherwise, it was just normal and logical that this was the way it should be.

Guillaume Dalzil : Marie-Johanne, what prompted your involvement in writing this book that has already become a reference in the field? Was it a feeling, an impulse, or a necessity?

Marie Johanne C.Meurois : A bit of everything. I would like to stress the fact that I was not introduced to these therapies through Daniel Meurois because I had become his wife, but that I was born with a gift for therapy. At least I have had it for as long as I can remember.

I studied literature, fine arts, and pharmacy. For 11 years, I worked in various units of a major hospital in Quebec: traumatology, recovery, intensive care and emergency. I have cared for dying patients accompanying them at the end of their lives and I also saw patients in my house very simply and discreetly without being known.

By chance, but of course everything happens for a reason, I heard of Daniel Meurois’ books around 1986.

At the time, I was pregnant with my daughter Virginie and my gynecologist recommended me the book “Les neuf marches” (The Nine Steps”). He asked me if I had read the book “Les neuf marches” by Daniel Meurois. I said I hadn’t and he advised me to read it. So I read it and it was a great help through my pregnancy… But I became curious about that name Daniel Meurois… And then I read every book that had already been published: The Way of the Essenes, “Récits d’un voyageur de l’astral” (“Tales of an astral traveller”), “Terre d’Emeraude” (Emerald Land”), etc but without ever meeting the author, because until “Les neuf marches”, there was never a picture of the author at the back of the books so I had no idea of who Daniel Meurois was.

“L’Evangile de Marie-Madeleine” (“The Gospel of Mary Magdalene”) was published in 2000 and that is when I felt an irresistible call and started thinking about ways to get in touch with Daniel Meurois.

I ended up writing him an email with the heading “The Magdalean”.

Don’t worry, I am not saying that I am the incarnation of Mary Magdalene, but I wanted to draw Daniel’s attention to the fact that this energy meant something to me and was driving me to act. It was an awakening… an impulse.

I sent the email and Daniel’s answer came within ten minutes. I then asked him if he was interested in giving a conference in Quebec on the subject of Mary Magdalene. His answer was yes, and so we met. He showed me some of the therapies, we discussed our respective methods, and it finally became clear to us that we shared the same knowledge. I have never taken a training course in energy healing; I just have an innate knowledge of the therapies, a knowledge that comes from inside, a bit like a channeling. I realized that it was the same thing for Daniel, but I didn’t know the story behind his knowledge of the therapies.

Marie Johanne Croteau and Daniel Meurois

So we talked about it and compared our therapeutic methods. Then in 2003, we gradually lost sight of each other, until we met again in 2005 and decided to live together. Some encounters in life are really important and cannot be denied. Even if we have to leave our old lives behind, they bring us forward on the path. When we start being too comfortable it’s time to move on and that’s just what we did.

In our house in Estrie I saw that he had put in the closet all the tapes of his early channelings and teachings on Essenian therapies that he had received from our “Friends from above”, the Elohim, and everything he had written was also carelessly stored away.

When I opened the closet, I asked Daniel why he had left all this material unused. He answered that he thought it wasn’t important anymore. I told him I didn’t agree; that there were messages from Morya, Djwal Khul, Kuthumi, and the Elohim about all the therapies we practice and that he should not just leave them unused

So I went over all the subjects, selected the best therapies and the best excerpts from the channelings, and we conceived the book “Ce qu’Ils m’ont dit” (“What They Told Me”). After that, in 2008-2009, we had the idea of initiating a training course in Essenian and Egyptian therapies in France.

Daniel Meurois : Anyway, all this period really brought to light the fact that we worked in the same way, maybe more intuitively for her, and for me on the basis of the data I had written down; I’ll explain this later… But it was fascinating to see how everything fit together perfectly. So we simply had to work together, because it was absolutely the same thing.

Marie Johanne C.Meurois : So we conceived the training course and had students in 2009-2010-2011. Meanwhile we were receiving new information from our Friends from above, the Elohim, “those who have always stood by our side”. You mentioned it in “Ce qu’Ils m’ont dit”, and in various other books… We wrote this information down.

These new practices focus a little more on the diseases of the XXI century, diseases that have developed over the last decades, and we have adapted them to treat asthma, sleep apnea, diabetes, infertility, and prostate disorders. We added the practice of surrender which was taught to Shlomit, Mary Salome.

If you have read “Le Testament des trois Marie” (“The Legacy of The Three Marys”) by Daniel Meurois, you may know that Mary Salome was one incarnation of my soul and it is partly through her memory that we have been able to revive these therapies, in addition to Daniel’s memories as Simon in “The Way of the Essenes” and Nagar Têth in “La Demeure du Rayonnant” (“The Abode of the Shining One”).

We put all these data together with the help of the Elohim, and with Christ’s help, too, because He is who brings us together. We feel very close to the Christ Energy, not in the sense that we are taking ourselves for the Christ, but His message means a lot to us and His Energy is always with us.

Daniel Meurois : The Christ Energy is indeed essential to us.

Marie Johanne C.Meurois : So this is how we compiled this information and started to teach.

Guillaume Dalzil :  Daniel, where do these therapies actually come from? What is their origin and how did you access this knowledge?

Daniel Meurois : My case is a bit unusual because I acquired this knowledge in two different ways: first by channeling, as Marie-Johanne mentioned a moment ago, that is to say through the presence of Light Beings who gave me information that I then scrupulously wrote down, and then through readings of the Akashic Records, the Memory of Time.

Akashic photo of Jesus

That is when I really understood that this therapeutic method was known to both the ancient Egyptians of the time of the pharaoh Akhenaton and the Essenes. For those who don’t know much about them, the Essenes were a group of mystics from which the Master Jesus originated.

From the historical point of view, it is not clear straightaway what was the connection between the Egyptians of the time of Akhenaton and the Essenes, who were Hebrews of Jewish origin, and how the knowledge about the therapies was passed on from one people to the other.

The answer is simple: the knowledge was transmitted through Moses and his close ones. Everyone knows the famous story of the Hebrews wandering from Egypt to the land of Palestine. That is when the knowledge was transmitted.

There was actually a strong relation between the knowledge of Moses, who was of Egyptian origin,
Akhenatonand the sensitivity of a faction of the Hebrew people.
All of this happened unofficially, secretly, and in that way, this common knowledge wandered from one land to the other. Over the years, I have been able to receive a large amount of information by telepathy and through readings of the Memory of the Past, and I gathered it with Marie-Johanne’s help into a real body of information that is still likely to grow as she pointed out before.

Personally, I didn’t realize straightaway the importance of this information and it was only after her intervention that I began thinking that it would indeed be a pity to leave it all in a closet. After that, the idea of a book written jointly slowly took shape until we just knew that we had to do it.

Guillaume Dalzil : What about you, Marie Johanne, how did you acquire this knowledge, this know-how? Can you tell us about your experience of this healing method?

Marie Johanne C.Meurois : My experience of this method is rather special. First of all, like Daniel, it is based on readings of the akashic records, and in my case of the memory of Mary Salome or Shlomit, as I mentioned before, but also on Christ’s support. When I treat a patient, I become one with Him, that is to say I establish a triangular, Trinitarian connection between heaven, the patient and the therapist. I have proceeded in this manner ever since I was very small, it is an innate knowledge I have had from birth.

So there is a continuous exchange between heaven, therapist and patient. The energy goes through the heart of the therapist and back to the patient.

When I treat a patient, I become completely oblivious of his or her skin and body becomes like a luminous map where I can see the nadis and the sub-nadis, and I hear inside of me the voice of Master Jeshua who accompanies me through the whole procedure and tells me where to go. Mastering a technique is good, knowing the right gestures too, but above all that, there must be a connection with the Sacred and there must be compassion. Daniel and I insist a lot on that.

When I treat a patient, I am with Master Jeshua. I say this very humbly. He accompanies me through the sessions and I always wait for a sign from Him before removing my hand and going ahead with another gesture. I can see it in His eyes; yes, I can see His eyes and His look tells me when enough energy has been infused and when I can move on to another part of the patient’s body.

This is how I proceed.

Guillaume Dalzil :  According to you, what is the difference between these therapies and other methods of energy healing?

Marie Johanne C.Meurois : The Sacred aspect, the precision of the techniques, the gestures, the connection with energies from above, the solar circulation as we described it in the book, where the energy that is renewed in Heaven flows through the heart of the therapist and back to the patient, and so on and so forth…

Essenian-Egyptian Therapies

We have really emphasized to our students the necessity of acquiring this posture, of learning the art of dancing with both the subtle and the dense matter, because we don’t just work with the subtle matter, we also work on the physical body; I teach them to touch the body because a lot of people are lonely, without love, and suffer from not being touched. Illness is also a lack of love, and that is why we touch the patients a lot.

And I am glad to say that the students have really understood and integrated the Trinitarian and Sacred aspect. It is really touching to watch them performing this dance, because in the beginning, they all said: “But, Marie-Johanne, we’ll never be able to do this dance, to master this art, this sacred aspect. We don’t have the capacity to learn that”. And now look at them, the first group has already yielded therapists and teachers, and all the students of the second group also have the capacity to do it and this makes me really very happy.

Daniel Meurois : Yes, this is what is really amazing with this method, the fact that it combines a great precision in movement with a detailed knowledge of the subtle anatomy of the human body, and at the same time a kind of fluidity that is all-encompassing.

When we teach, we try to show our students how the very precise gestures they are learning should flow together like a dance. It is really amazing. I would say that there is something very graceful in this manner of transmitting the Sacred Energy.

Of course, this method is only one of many. Nowadays, there is a large number of different therapeutic methods. However, I believe that the sacred aspect is really the fundamental characteristic of our method. If the Christ Energy in the broad sense of the term does not inhabit the therapist then nothing will happen. Personally, I think that all great traditions attest to the same Presence that can be called Christ, Buddha, etc… The name does not matter because it is the same Sacred Principle that we must learn to integrate and transmit through our hands. The accuracy of the gestures is extremely important at first, but there comes a time when the therapist transcends the techniques and his moves become much more intuitive. But this requires a lot of practice.

This training course extends over a period of three years at the rate of two intensive sessions per year. However, completing the training course of three years will not necessarily make you a therapist. This requires a lot of practice and is also a question of personal development. Besides, our book and our courses are not only meant for people who want to be therapists… A large number of our readers or students just do this for self-improvement. They want to understand what life is about and learn about the constituents of the light that permeates our reality and causes our hearts to expand.

What is life? What is the movement of life? I would say that about two-thirds of those who become interested in our books or courses are doing it for reasons of self-improvement and it really helps. As a matter of fact, there are two levels in the way we can receive this Tradition today, because knowing how our body works at the subtle level also means learning to live better, having a better understanding of the difficulties of others, and sometimes knowing the right attitude or the gestures that will help us or others.

It is a deep understanding of the subtle laws of life.

Marie Johanne C.Meurois :  There are no preliminary requirements for attending our training course in Essenian and Egyptian therapies. I rather go by intuition. I always ask for a photograph, look at the eyes and the resume, but especially take into consideration the intention of the heart and the will to open up.Essenian-Egyptian Therapies

The therapies bring about an inner purification, and our students have all gone through phases of tears, joy or discouragement.

Daniel Meurois : It is a method of self-transformation as well as a method of learning the therapies. The students really experience a personal change and this is really noticeable on those who complete the three years of training. They are not the same as when they started the course and it even shows physically on the photos.

Marie Johanne C.Meurois : Yes it does…

Daniel Meurois : A transformation takes place in those who take the training seriously and do not content themselves with taking notes on the correct position of the hands. Of course, this is a necessary phase too, but I would say it is quite insignificant compared to all else that happens.

We also need to point out that we are currently in the process of passing on the torch as teachers of this method.

After completion of the current training course in the spring of 2014, we are going to withdraw from teaching, at least in France and in Europe. We will set up a new training course in Quebec, but as far as the European continent is concerned, we are going to delegate the task to some of our former students who were among the best and whom we trust entirely.

Prospective students in Europe should not expect to be taught by us directly. Teachers who have been trained by us personally and who have earned our trust will offer the courses.

Marie Johanne C.Meurois : And nothing prevents the residents of Europe who are interested in this method from coming to Quebec to learn with us…

Daniel Meurois : Yes, we already have some prospective students willing to cross the Atlantic.

Guillaume Dalzil :  Daniel, can you tell us about the challenges you faced and the values you wanted to prioritize when writing this book? Was it an adventure?  

Daniel Meurois :  Writing a book is always an adventure, because you know the starting point and where you want to go, at least approximately, but you never know how you are going to get there.

As far as I am concerned, the greatest challenge in writing this book was clarity. I wanted to be as clear as possible in view of the fact that the method Marie-Johanne and I have been trying to explain is very precise and relatively complex technically speaking.

The real challenge has been to clarify the explanatory text and then to conceive the illustrations. For that, we first had to work on a living model, and take photos with the correct position of the hands etc… After that, we asked an illustrator to translate what was expressed in each photograph and then to add symbols, points of reference, arrows, circles, numbers, etc… We wanted the drawings to illustrate the text as precisely as possible. We really had a tremendous amount of work during Essenian-Egyptian Therapiesapproximately one year, so much so that this is really what I’ll remember this book by. We wanted everything to be perfect.

Of course, it is always possible to do better, but we set high standards right from the beginning and insisted on large drawings in close relation to the explanations. The technical part of the book was the most complex, but at the same time, we didn’t want the reader to lose sight of the sacred and metaphysical aspect.

For this purpose, we selected a number of quotations from my other books to match the therapies and the illustrations, and to set them in the philosophical and historical context.

We also endeavored to give the reader a clear perception of the concepts developed in this book. I am speaking of the whole metaphysical part and the information on the subtle constitution of the human body, in other words all the preliminary notions which had to be developed prior to explaining the method itself.

For this reason, writing this book was like giving birth, with all the labor involved. I think our readers understand this. At least, the book has met with considerable interest so far. After all the work we have put in it, it is a great reward for us when our readers tell us that they consider it a very useful working tool that is also pleasant to consult.

This book is very special to me among all the other books I have written. It is also Marie-Johanne’s first book and I think it was a marking experience for her, because writing a book together and giving birth to a working tool is really an adventure. It is no little matter, it isn’t just storytelling. We provide a working tool and there is real satisfaction in doing this.

Marie Johanne C.Meurois :  There is one thing Daniel has forgotten to mention. Among our students, we have physicians, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, and osteopaths. One of them, Dr Marc Medvesek, helped us define clearly the different pathologies and explain the indications for the different therapies and all the references to organs.

I think the result is perfect.

Daniel Meurois : Yes, it really is. Besides, we also wanted to show both our readers and our students that we don’t think that any type of medicine or therapy should exclude other methods.

As far as we are concerned, as teachers of this particular method we would never advise anyone against consulting a physician practicing traditional western medicine. In our opinion, it would be best for patients who opt for this type of therapy to be at the same time under the care of a qualified physician in allopathic or homeopathic medicine. There should always be a medical supervision because we should not take ourselves for what we are not. We are not physicians; we just practice a wonderful method that has been offered to us and it is our wish that our work should be examined and supervised by a qualified physician. There are more and more physicians, physiotherapists and psychologists today who are interested in this type of therapy.

I think the medicine of the future should be able to embrace all the different therapeutic approaches to the human body.

Anyway, we wanted to stress this point because this is surely not about saying we have the one and only solution. No, this is a wonderful therapeutic approach but it does not exclude any other form of therapy.

Marie Johanne C.Meurois : We are not miracle workers.

Daniel Meurois : We are not miracle workers. However, we teach a very beautiful method to help human beings improve their health, understand the purpose of their illnesses, and find out what they are made of.

Guillaume Dalzil :  Do you think it is important that the knowledge you have been entrusted with should be disseminated as widely as possible?

Daniel Meurois : Yes, I think so because it is not only a matter of spreading a specific knowledge, but also of a change in consciousness. When we tackle concepts such as those developed in our book on Essenian and Egyptian therapies, we start seeing the world differently. This new perspective does a bit of tidying up in our heads regarding a lot of things we have learned, regarding the pollution caused by our emotions, regarding the rigidity of our outlook. This is why we think it is important to disseminate this information as widely as possible because it contributes to the current mutation towards another level of consciousness that we need so badly in our world.

In this way, it is a therapeutic tool, but also, as we were saying a moment ago, an instrument for global transformation that enables us to look at life differently.

This is what we need most today. This will help overcome our inner barriers.

Guillaume Dalzil : Daniel, do you not fear the dissemination of this knowledge will bring about pitfalls?

Daniel Meurois :  There are always pitfalls…

As soon as you do something, you always have the pros and the cons. Of course, when you publish a book containing precise information on a therapeutic method like this one, there is always a risk that someone is going to play the therapist apprentice on the basis of this information.

I think this cannot be avoided. When you reflect on certain things, when you publish certain information, there will always be a number of people who will try it out without being properly focused, without having the necessary skills. There are always two sides to the coin.

This is also why it had become important, even urgent, to clarify all this information, all the more so since we noticed over the years that a number of things people were saying about this or similar methods were wrong.

We thought it was important to clarify everything. And even if there are some people who “play a little”, who pretend to work as therapists without having the necessary experience, at least this method is not harmful and there are no risks involved except the risk of being entirely ineffective.

But these people will be sorted out eventually. You really have to be inhabited by this spirit for something to happen.

Either you are called to be a therapist or it will just be a flash in the pan. In any case, these therapies cannot do any harm.

Guillaume Dalzil : Marie Johanne, the great book on Essenian and Egyptian therapies is in direct connection with the training course you initiated a few years ago. 

How did your experience as a teacher influence the book?

Marie Johanne C.Meurois : I don’t think my experience as a teacher was relevant in writing the book. What was important was my knowledge of the therapies and above all my collaboration with Daniel and the fact that our views on the therapies with the Christ Energy harmonized perfectly. This is what made it possible to co-write this book and to agree on all the subtle and physical details of this book.

Guillaume Dalzil :  Daniel, what kind of development do you hope for in those who are using your book?

Daniel Meurois :  My wish, and I am sure I can also speak for Marie-Johanne, is that this book will contribute to the expansion of the heart of those who really want to be better human beings, to make life more beautiful and to improve their health. In this sense, I think that the teachings in this book go way beyond the sole practice of the therapies. I think we are heading towards an extraordinary expansion of the heart; at least, this is where I would like my readers to go. Everything else is secondary.

When something changes in our hearts, it also changes everywhere else. Our consciousness loses its veils and we open our minds to something new.

Marie Johanne C.Meurois :  In order to expand our hearts, we need compassion and not just empathy. Compassion means loving others like another self. We must try to achieve unity on a collective level. Separation is what our planet is suffering from. I think this book on therapies really shows how to accept others. It is like a cocoon of love. At least that’s how we’ve wanted it to be.

Daniel Meurois : At any rate, this is what we wanted to achieve and I have the feeling that’s also how our readers receive it.

Our training course is not just a method that has been printed on paper. No one is going to become a therapist by doing a few exercises, and this is not the purpose of this book. It is a basis to work on, but afterwards, it is necessary to learn with a teacher and not just play the sorcerer’s apprentice. It is a tool for transformation and metamorphosis. The image of a cocoon is really good; we enter a cocoon and slowly change from within as we assimilate the data and become permeated by an atmosphere that teaches us to breathe differently to understand the meaning of life.

Guillaume Dalzil : Marie Johanne, how does it feel to be a writer?

Marie Johanne C.Meurois : A writer…?

You don’t feel like a writer because you’ve written one book… I just take things simply and with joy, too; I now have to give interviews, which I don’t like very much… But there will be another book that I am writing alone and that will probably be published at the end of the year, so maybe I’ll be able to tell you then how it feels to be a writer.

Guillaume Dalzil : According to you, Daniel, would it have been possible to publish the great book on Essenian and Egyptian therapies a few years before?

Daniel Meurois :  The book could have been written before, because we have had this information for some time now, but I don’t think the result would have been as precise. We have progressed in this technique, developed a better understanding of the knowledge, and also matured as human beings. I believe that now was the right time to publish this book.

I have always thought that when books, or any other media for that matter, deal very intensely with specific subjects, they don’t just appear by chance. I believe that everything comes when the time is ripe and this also goes for our book. The result would not have been the same if we had written it earlier.

Marie Johanne C.Meurois : Besides, the book also contains some new treatments.

Guillaume Dalzil : Marie Johanne, Daniel, are you currently planning other books?

Daniel Meurois :  Yes, both of us are…

Marie Johanne C.Meurois :  As far as I am concerned, my next book will be written solo and will probably be out by the end of the year.

This book deals with the world of elves, but not in the usual way as a legend or a tale. This is a true story I read in the akashic records with the help of our Friends from above. It is the memory of a female air elf who lived 11.000 years ago. This book permits us to access the world of elves and get to know them better through the eyes of one of them.

Daniel Meurois : What makes your work really special is that you penetrate the world of the elves with your consciousness and I think this has never been done before. This is why I think your project is just extraordinary. It will give us the possibility to understand better the forces of nature, where they come from, and how they live.

It is not just a question of satisfying one’s curiosity. I hope it will help us develop a more respectful attitude towards nature, or at least some aspects of nature.

Marie Johanne C.Meurois : It is an opening from our world into theirs. I think we have to make a step towards accepting the reality of this world and stop thinking it is only a legend.

Daniel Meurois : As far as I am concerned, I would say that I am working on two books at the same time. It has already happened to me before and it’s not always easy. At the moment, I concentrate more on the first book, which will bear the title “Les 108 paroles du Christ(“108 Sayings of Christ”). This book is the answer to wishes expressed by a number of readers throughout the years.

It is a selection of 108 quotations out of my 33 books, words that had been spoken by Christ in front of a small circle of disciples. I give a comment on each of these quotations and I interpret them for our current times. All pages on the left will bear the sayings of Christ and on the right my explanations as I understand them today.

This is a book that can be consulted at random as a tool for reflection and for meditation. This is my project for the current year…

My other project began seven to eight months ago and it is probably the most sensitive, difficult and impossible subject I ever dealt with. I won’t say much about it… I will just give you the title I have in mind for the moment. Maybe a lot of persons will find this book extremely presumptuous, but it came to me as a necessity, although I would never have dreamed working on such a formidable task before. The title of the book will just be “L’évangile de Jeshua” (“The Gospel of Jeshua”).

This book is the product of akashic readings. In its form, it may resemble “The Way of the Essenes” and even more “Le Testament des trois Marie” in the way it penetrates the intimacy of a person who lived in that time. It will also be a tremendous task because from what I have already been able to glimpse, I guess the book will have at least 600 pages, maybe even 700.

It is a long-term project and I feel at the same time a little intimidated and incredibly enthusiastic about it.

Marie Johanne C.Meurois : All the same, the work Daniel is doing is phenomenal, because he is going to read the akashic records through the eyes of Master Jeshua himself, and this is quite extraordinary in regard to the experiences and the feelings he is going to witness in this way.

Daniel Meurois : This is why I am very careful and guarded when I speak about it. This is a very difficult work that requires a really great amount of respect and humility and sometimes makes me feel I am walking on a tightrope.

At the same time, as I was saying before, this work may seem incredibly conceited, and it frightens me a little, but sometimes you just have to go ahead and it is obviously what is required of me at the moment.

So that was the work in preparation…

Guillaume Dalzil :  Daniel, you have now been working for more than thirty years towards the opening of the heart and consciousness. Looking back on these three decades, do you think your readers and listeners have evolved?

Daniel Meurois : They have certainly gained maturity. In the 80s, there was a tremendous craze that was felt by a lot of people and made them buy book after book, but then I finally realized that it had just been a trend that got people interested in mysterious things, etc… Today, this is not the case anymore, and people are much more circumspect about what they buy. The public is more mature now and I think there has been a kind of selection among the readers. Of course, there are plenty of books on self-development and spirituality and, alas, quantity does not always mean quality…

Sometimes it’s a disadvantage. But I would say that the outlook of many persons in the public is less the result of a trend than it used to be.

I think that over these last 20 or 30 years, a lot of people have been forced by life to work on themselves and to clear up some concepts in them. I am not saying that everybody has, but I am speaking generally. Yes, something happened in people’s consciousness, maybe in the collective unconscious too, and the result is that we can speak much more freely about some subjects today than 20 or 30 years ago. It is very subtle, but something is changing.

Generally speaking, I am rather optimistic about the outcome of our transformation. Not necessarily in a blissful way about what will happen in the short-term, because I think mankind still has a lot of work to do and a lot of things to understand.

So yes, I am fundamentally optimistic, but we still have to go ahead and have courage, and make a clean sweep of countless preconceived notions that sometimes clutter up our minds and our hearts.

Guillaume Dalzil : Marie Johanne, Daniel thank you very much for this lovely interview.

Marie Johanne C.Meurois :  Thank you!

Daniel Meurois : Thanks to you and all those who listened to this interview with their hearts. Thank you!

Intus Solaris 2014

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