International congress in Madrid, October 20th and 21st, 2012
In an informative, straightforward and entertaining lecture, Daniel Meurois explains the role of the Elohim, our Brothers from the Stars, in spreading the Word of Christ on Earth. 
Elohim… „Those who come from the sky…“


Hello everyone!

Although I am the one lecturing, I must admit that I did not come forth so much as an official speaker but rather as a friend.  I think you understand that given the singularity of my testimony, I come as a friend wishing to pour my heart into the hearts of other friends.

I have to say that as I listened to the previous speaker whom I didn’t know, I was deeply moved and surprised by the similarity of our respective speeches, so much so that I ended up saying to myself: “My God, this gentleman is presenting my lecture!  “

Well, it’s quite amazing and wonderful, too, how the speeches of two lecturers can link so perfectly together. And I believe this is also what makes events such as this so interesting: seeing how a number of people who don’t know each other and who live in different locations across the planet can have similar but not necessarily identical experiences that lead to exactly the same reflections and the same conclusions.

As you know, the title of this conference is «  the Role of the Elohim in the Christic Mission  ». Why did I choose the word Elohim when most lecturers prefer to speak of Star Brothers or extraterrestrial entities? Well, being of French origin, I chose the term Elohim because in the French culture, as soon as the word extraterrestrial is mentioned, meaning entities living outside the terrestrial sphere, there is always a somewhat pejorative connotation akin to science fiction. In French-speaking countries, as soon as you say “extraterrestrial” people stare and laugh at you because they think of all the movies that no one really takes seriously. I use the term “Elohim” because it is, after all, the term classically used in the Bible to refer to the galactic Brothers, or Star Brothers, who have been guiding us in our evolution since time immemorial(1).

So, how did I become interested in this subject? Well, this is simply due to the singularity of my experience. For those who know me, this is no secret, but for the others I will explain it here very briefly. About forty years ago, I was led to experience the out-of-body phenomenon or decorporation, which is a projection of consciousness, and hence of the soul, outside of the physical body(2). After a period of about seven years, during which I learned to control what is commonly called “astral travel”, I had an encounter with a number of Light Entities outside of my physical body. Some of these Beings introduced themselves to me as Brothers from the Stars, and particularly from the galactic Brotherhood issued from Venus. And this is where we come very close to the previous lecture. The Entities I met during out-of-body experiences immediately introduced themselves as ambassadors of the will of Christ to be incarnated on Earth.

Of course, when I began having these experiences, I was still very young. I had my first experience at the age of 21, and the first contact with the Elohim at the age of 28. So you see, seven years had passed in-between. I immediately began investigating the notion of “Elohim”. Of course I had already heard of the Elohim during catechism classes at school, but I still didn’t know what the word really meant. In the catholic tradition, “Elohim” is translated as “God”, but in fact it is not God because the word Elohim, for those who don’t know it, is a plural, the plural of Eloha. According to experts in Hebrew language who have studied this question, Elohim simply means “those who come from the sky”, or another plural) “those who come from the sky and in whom we can find shelter”. So there is really a notion of protection. And this notion of protection has been revealed to me over the decades by these Entities. The first time this was mentioned, they said that the Earth, our planet, had been under Venusian protectorate since the earliest antiquity. They actually used the term “protectorate”.

At first, when I was still very young, I did not understand clearly how extraterrestrial life could be connected with the coming of Christ on Earth, or with the teachings of Christ. And then I increasingly became aware that there are two types of heretics on Earth: those who are interested in extraterrestrial phenomena, and those who are interested in the hidden aspects and the secret teachings of the great traditions like the Christian tradition, for example. And in my mind, when I was 20-25, I could not conciliate these two positions.  That is when I realized that there was work to be done in trying to reconcile the interest in these visitors who have been trying to guide us since the dawn of time and the teachings of the great masters of wisdom, in particular the teachings of Christ.

When reading the title of this conference, you may have asked yourselves:  What does this actually mean – the Christic mission and the role of the Elohim in the Christic mission? This is the heart of the subject: What is the role of our Brothers from the Stars in spreading the Word of Christ on earth?

So all this matured in me. With the help of these Entities, I came to understand that the notion of Christ and Christic teachings is in no way subject to a notion of religion, and that Christ is not the property of the Christian religion but a force field, a field of consciousness of very high vibratory level. A field that is omnipresent, not only on earth and in all earthly traditions, but also in the whole universe, whether known or unknown. The role of the Elohim is to teach us to perceive this Life energy, this transcendent energy, beyond the person of Master Jeshua who was the receptacle of the Christ Energy at a given moment of our history(3). So I had to go through a whole process to understand that Christ is actually a universal force that is not bound to Christianity itself. Christ is a field of consciousness towards which we are steadily progressing; it is the One announced by all events since the beginning of time. A field of consciousness that is reflected by the emergence (the word was used earlier by another lecturer) of a state of consciousness that the Christians traditionally call the outpouring or the descent of the Holy Spirit. The Christ field of consciousness and the descent of the Holy Spirit are truly very closely related, and the role or mission assumed by our Brothers from the Stars is to separate this from the religious context. Of course, religion was up to a certain point necessary for mankind because religion is a safeguard. Religion has been necessary to mankind because it is a safeguard, and many people on earth still need it because it provides them with rules for living and a structure they cannot do without.  But what is certain is that at some point the Entities from the Stars simply say: “You must have a much broader vision of the Christ Energy that has been showered upon the Earth since the beginning of time. You must now become adults and fully receive the Energy of Life that permeates the whole universe, the nature of which leads you to blossoming from within and to the expansion of your heart”.

So my contact with the Elohim began more than three decades ago and still happens on a regular basis. I can contact them or they contact me; it goes both ways. I can initiate contact, but sometimes they come to me when I don’t expect it. Through them – in particular through the Elohim of the planet Venus, who are privileged partners for our world – I learned that the first time they had taken over supervision of the planet Earth was approximately 18 million years ago. Of course, over the last 18 million years, the Earth has undergone a great many transformations. It is as though the Earth and mankind had written drafts, deleted drafts, torn out pages, etc., until they reached the present era.

Anyway, until quite recently, the world generated by the Elohim 18 million years ago was situated in an ethereal zone of the Himalaya. This space is currently known by the name of Shambhalla, as you are surely aware of. The pole of Shambhalla that was situated in the Himalaya has now shifted. As the previous speaker mentioned it earlier, there has been a shift towards the Andes. This process has taken place during the last 4 or 5 decades. However, one thing is sure, the Himalayan pole is not yet inactive, but there is just a transfer of power between the two, according to the information I have gathered so far.

Whether Himalayan or Andean, it matters little what name we give to Shambhalla.  The name made known to us is always the name of that space in the previous era because as you know, when a space is highly sacred, knowing its current name gives us a kind of psychic or moral hold on it.  This of course cannot be allowed, because these poles are spaces of vibratory government, even if the term “government” tends to frighten people because in their minds government means hierarchy and nowadays most people are wary of anything related to government. But the term is practical, and says what it means. We could also call it “control station”. So the term Shambhalla corresponds to the name of this space in the previous era. What is the name of this Andean Shambhalla that is about to take over with a much more feminine sensibility? It has not been revealed to me and I don’t think it will be, or perhaps an alias would be revealed for the time being. What is certain is that these two poles of Venusian and galactic Energy on Earth vibrate on a very different plane than ours, simply because a space, a place, and by extension a world, is always generated by the level of consciousness of those who inhabit it. Therefore the world as we know it presently, with a certain definition of matter, of physical laws, etc., is simply the result of what we are able to conceive as being the laws of the world. In other words, it resembles us. We project our own limitations into our world. It is absolutely certain, and a number of scientists, especially quantum physicists, are beginning to realize that from the moment we are able to envision our world differently, in other words to conceive different laws governing our way of functioning and our individual behavior, the physical nature of our world will change. We may not realize it, but we live in a holographic world, one that corresponds to our inner universe. This hologram is generated by our consciousness and our collective level of consciousness.

So a world like Shambhalla and its counterpart in the Andes, of which we spoke at length this morning, are the forerunners of the world we are asked not to discover but to generate ourselves. The world of our Brothers from the Stars, or Elohim, is a prototype of what awaits us, you see? And this is why the Elohim regularly invite some of us to visit these vibratory spaces and impress upon these witnesses the heritage awaiting mankind. The real purpose of their coming to earth is to progressively reveal information and infuse our hearts and consciences so that we become increasingly able to grasp that Maya, the concept of illusion dear to the Eastern people, also corresponds to a reality that can be approached on a scientific level through holograms. We literally generate the world we live in and we are responsible for it.

Gatherings such as the one we are having today reflect the fact that we are truly beginning to realize this. We talk about a new era, a change in vibratory level of the planet, etherization of the planet, but what does this actually mean? It doesn’t mean that the aliens are going to appear tomorrow to use a magic wand on the earth; it doesn’t mean that Christ is returning tomorrow morning or that Buddha Maitreya is going to impart his teachings that will unite us all. No, it does not mean this at all. It means that you are really heading towards an inner revelation. And this inner revelation simply means that you are co-creators of your world.

The world you live in and that you currently dislike – and many dislike the world today, except maybe those who are completely out of touch with certain realities and who have everything at their disposal – this world is you, it is we who generate it every minute of our lives.

In this sense, as it was mentioned in the first lecture, we certainly have no reason to act as victims of our present state. We are the generators of our universe.

Now, the Christic mission of these Light Beings, or Brothers from the Stars, is precisely to teach us to become aware of this and to integrate this knowledge within our hearts. The intellect is one thing, but the realization of this in our hearts is another. You may agree on the basis of all kinds of scientific or esoteric theories, or even pseudo-esoteric New Age theories, which definitely confirm the facts, and still nothing happens. By contacting a number of people and by taking advantage of the natural cyclic increase in vibratory level of our planet, our Brothers from the Stars would bring each one of us to a new level of sensibility of the heart and closer to our supraconsciousness. This will generate a critical mass that will be contagious to the whole of mankind.

Of course, should someone who does not share our approach come into this room and listen to us, he would say: “What a bunch of jokers! How many people are there on earth sharing the same opinion? One or two million, maybe three; but we are 7 billion people on earth! So how much does that represent? They claim to be able to change the world with a few million people at most.”
In fact, that’s not the way it works. It works in an exponential manner. And we are all currently engaged in working towards this goal, in this same direction.

I suppose most of you have heard of morphic fields. I’m not sure, do some of you know about them? Oh, not many… Well then, I am going to explain. Ah, here are a few more, but not so many.

This experiment was carried out some thirty years ago by a researcher named Rupert Sheldrake. Rupert Sheldrake did a number of experiments with monkeys living on small isolated islands; I believe in the Pacific. From a helicopter, he had dropped potatoes to a tribe of monkeys who lived there fully isolated from the rest of the world. At one point, his attention was drawn to a female monkey who had apparently discovered something new: she had taken a potato, had dipped it in water to clean the sand off before feeding it to her young. This type of behavior had never been seen before. It meant that one individual of the monkey species had discovered the notion of hygiene, the notion of cleanliness. That was already a discovery in itself, because no one had witnessed this before. But when they returned a few months later, the scientists in charge of this experiment found that all of the tribe’s monkeys had imitated the female monkey. They had all begun to develop a reflex that implied for them a leap in their level of consciousness: the discovery of a bit of hygiene. It is more pleasant to eat a potato without sand than with sand, of course. It seems quite simple, but for the monkey species, this was a leap forward. Anyway, a few months later, the scientists were stunned to discover that monkeys living on distant islands and who hadn’t had any contact with the first monkeys had also mutated and were doing exactly the same thing. Now that was an extraordinary discovery made by Rupert Sheldrake. It meant that when a group of individuals reaches a level of consciousness superior to the average level of its species, it becomes contagious to the whole species, without the necessity of any contact. Rupert Sheldrake called this the discovery of morphic fields. Yet, this discovery is just the scientific illustration of what we have been calling egregors in the disciplines we study. Egregors are collective thought-forms.

This is how, like these monkeys, we are changing our world. We should not expect to be 7 billion people agreeing on the same principles in a year, ten years or even fifty years. We simply need to reach a small mass of individuals who are sufficiently permeated by their discovery, by the discovery of new inner spaces, to contaminate the whole human species. It works exponentially, you see. In the end, this is the goal towards which our Brothers from the Stars – with whom we have been in contact for years and for decades – are working.

At this point, I would like to make a small digression because we saw earlier a number of very beautiful and eloquent slides, all of which were of Celtic origin or from Central and South America. I’ve been wondering about this because I have often focused my attention on the Middle or Near East, on Africa, and on Asia also of course. And I realized, although it may be more obvious in Central and South America, that in all cultures there is a reference to these Beings from the Stars who come to open wide our hearts and our consciousness, affirming: You are not alone and you have inherited a capacity for realization, for self-realization and for the creation of an absolutely unfathomable world based on love, based on opening of the heart and eyes. So I turned to cultures relatively close to our own. I am speaking of the Muslims, who live among us in great numbers and yet, we Christians know very little about Islam. We certainly know less about Islam than the Muslims know about the Christian religion. They acknowledge Jesus-Christ as a prophet whereas we don’t acknowledge their prophet as such. I will not dwell on this since it is not our subject. But my point is that as I turned to the Coran, I noticed that in the Sufi Tradition, in other words among the mystics of Islam, they make extremely precise references to celestial interventions that cannot elicit anything else than extraterrestrial interventions. I jotted down a few sentences on a piece of paper that I am going to read to you because it really shows the universality of the imprint of the Elohim on earth.

In the Coran, for example, a Sufi wrote several centuries ago: “I saw a cloud above my head (well, we have seen many clouds today!) in which there were some kinds of lanterns (of course, we can guess what these are) and the cloud rose up into the air until I could see it no longer”. Another says: “There are several earths in Heaven. There are several earths and each one has a prophet like ours”: an Abraham, a Jesus like yours, etc… This really shows that mankind has received this type of information for ages, despite the fact that the great religions have kept this silent. In black Africa, there are many legends alluding to the Elohim, too. Same thing in Japan, among the Hainus. Then, there is the solar cult mentioned earlier. To them, their teachers came in a vessel resembling a silver cradle and taught them the solar cult. For the Tibetans, whom I know well because I have been in contact with them for many years, the existence of the Elohim is such an evidence that they don’t even talk about it. For them, Shambhalla, whether in the Himalaya or in the Andes, is a vibratory level. A lama I once spoke to referred to it as a piece of another planet that had been grafted on the earth; in other words, a piece of vibratory energy, a state of consciousness that implanted itself on our planet. And more recently, among the Christians, I was surprised to read some press articles that showed that the Vatican was starting to feel the heat, in other words they felt the need to open up to this reality. About a year and a half ago, I believe, they published an official declaration in the press in which they opened up to the possibility – they are always careful – of the plurality of worlds. Well…With these few words, they took a major step forward.

Of course, people who believe in the existence of our brothers from the stars, the Elohim, and in their mission of awakening, and have not had any direct contact with them (which remains the privilege of a few persons only), might ask themselves what are the reasons for such discretion. There are lots of videos and photographs of them from various places, but the vast majority of the human population on earth has never witnessed such phenomena. There are even among the witnesses those who say it is an optical illusion or a trick, etc. As we know, special effects can be used in films to create an illusion with amazing realism. So why such discretion? It is quite easy to understand, really. In their task of initiators of a movement towards a new consciousness these Entities do not want to act like parents who do their children’s homework. In other words, they are determined to give us, to leave us our free will. They can make suggestions, of course, but leave us full responsibility for our actions. If we fall, then we learn from this fall. We will have to learn from the way we get back on our feet, etc. This is how they have accompanied us and helped us get back on our feet countless times throughout history. Each time, they also left their imprint by guiding or inspiring a number of great Beings on earth; Masters and Avatars who have marked history.

The Master Jesus, whose life – for those of you who know – I have been able to study in great detail through the great universal memory of the Akashic Records, was constantly in contact with the Elohim. This fact is not sufficiently known and I try to mention it often. Yes, he was constantly in touch with them until the very moment of his resurrection, when they performed treatments to allow him to regenerate. I have written about this in “The Way of the Essenes”, a book that is already 32 or 33 years old. Two thousand years ago, He revealed to a few chosen apostles who were able to hear such things that his soul was not of Earthly but of Venusian origin. The same is true of a number of masters of wisdom whose earthly base is Shambhalla, whether Himalayan or Andean.

Now, this doesn’t mean that all those who are instrumental in spreading the Christic teachings on earth come from Venus. Some Earthlings have reached this level of consciousness too, fortunately; otherwise it would be rather discouraging for us inhabitants of the Earth. But we should know that these Brothers from the Stars, while assuming different personalities and adopting different traditions, have indeed been our guides for a very long time and do not intend to stop now. On the contrary, they are intensifying their efforts at this point in history as the Earth –in all respects an autonomous living being, endowed with a body, which is the concern of ecological science, but also with a soul, therefore an intelligence, and a spirit – is moving forward through the universe and being caught in an ascending movement. The heart of the Earth is beating. So the Earth moves, and therefore modifies its vibratory level as was mentioned earlier, with a frequency level that has risen from 7.8 to 12 or even a little higher now. And what does an entity of this dimension do? As every living being, it follows the course of its own evolution. It won’t stall its progression and go against the current of the spiraling ascending movement of our whole Universe just because the humanity it bears and nourishes cannot follow. So it’s really up to us to accomplish the work. And it is too late to turn back now.

In my opinion, all kinds of tensions and exacerbated emotions we experience today as well as the large number of depressions, burn-outs and resignations, suicides, and new diseases emerging here and there, and that, without intending to be unduly pessimistic, seem to be spreading at an exponential rate, reflect the fact that mankind, and certain people in particular, are not able to progress in synchronization with the planet.

What we are endeavoring to do here is to mature and integrate this reality of cosmic dimension in the best possible way, because nothing will prevent this reality that corresponds to the will of the Divine Intelligence; so not only should we work on ourselves, but we should also become contagious.

I am sure all the participants in this congress will agree with me when I say: When we leave tomorrow evening, we should not be entirely the same as when we first entered this hotel. That is, our inner and our cardiac energies, as well as our perception of subtle laws should feel energized and we should be feeling a little more responsible for the future of our world. It is not enough to say: “I know, I’ve understood it all and I am going to be saved when a spaceship comes, I will be among the chosen ones”, or “when Maitreya returns, he will recognize me as having understood”. This is not the way it works. We are all part of the same body. Each human being is a cell of the great body called humanity. And this humanity is itself a cell of another great body we can call the galactic body; and the galactic body in turn… and so on and so forth. You see, it is infinite. We must become cells of the Divine body, or rather we must become conscious cells of the Divine body because we are already cells of the Divine body, but we must become cells that are more conscious of the divine body to come closer to the Divine with a capital D.

So, how can we do this? It takes of course a bit of reflection, but not the mental reflection we are used to. I would say the kind of reflection of our supraconsciousness. Our supraconsciousness manifests on the level of an eighth chakra. As you know, traditionally, we speak of seven energy centers along the spine. But one of the elements of the teachings that Christ, through the person of Jesus or Jeshua, passed onto his apostles two thousand years ago, is the existence of an eighth chakra beyond the seven first chakras.

This eighth chakra is like a milky-white sphere floating about 50 centimeters above our heads. We saw something a bit similar on the slides earlier. This eighth chakra is embryonic in persons who are, say, not awakened; it looks like a little pea. But as a person matures and grows within, this little pea becomes like a small sun. And when this small sun develops, it gives birth to our supraconsciousness or what some Eastern schools of thought call the supramental. You may have heard of Sri Aurobindo in India, and of his partner called Mother. She used to speak of a state of consciousness that she named the Supramental. The Gnostic Christians would call this state of consciousness allowing a deeper understanding of the meaning of life than what is perceived through the mind, the Noũs. The Noũs is mentioned a lot in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, one of the key scriptures of the gnostic movement.

Anyway, whatever name we give it, this new state of consciousness certainly is reached through the opening of the eighth chakra, which is the result of the expansion of our heart and of our higher intelligence. Through the opening of the eighth chakra, we experience a state of realization that cannot really be described with words. It is the same process of awakening that the apostles experienced during the famous event we know as Pentecost.

Having had the privilege of being in contact with a number of ascended masters over several decades, and on the basis of my own observations of the aura, I realized that at a given stage of awakening, the sphere indicative of the presence of the eighth chakra and the blossoming of the Christ consciousness in a human being reveals two rays going out from each side of the sphere and simultaneously a ray descending to the top of the head in the area of the fontanel, and another ray ascending from this same area. When you see this image forming, you really get the impression of a dove coming and embracing the person you see. This is why the famous scene of baptism in the Jordan River is described by the Christian tradition as the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Jesus in the form of a dove. This was simply because the clairvoyants who witnessed this event got this same impression, while in fact it was the complete overshadowing of the Christ consciousness taking place.

This is the state of realization we are heading for. Jesus was the historical Christ, but the promise of His teachings and of the teachings of the Elohim or Brothers from the Stars, is that we are all called to experience a similar event at some point of our evolution because we are children of the Divine, just like He is. This means we have the same potential of creation, generation and regeneration. This is the line of thought our Brothers from the Stars have been teaching in the context of the mission they were assigned on earth: the Christic mission. There is absolutely no difference between the mission of Christ, the mission of all great Masters of wisdom and the mission of the Brothers from the Stars. On the contrary, there is complete convergence between them.

And this leads us to become increasingly aware of the role of our superior consciousness, of our supramental, but also of the major role of our heart. Symbolically speaking, the heart is the meeting point of the horizontal and the vertical axes. The ancient Egyptians had discovered – and this is now confirmed by certain modern scientists – the presence of an extremely small point in the human heart consisting of approximately 40,000 cells. 40,000 cells in the heart is indeed a very small spot. And every heart surgeon today knows about a specific spot in the heart that they are taught to locate ant that must be avoided at all costs lest immediate death should follow. [This spot was named the life point by the ancient Egyptians, who of course knew about the subtle anatomy of the human body. For them, this spot was made of condensed Akasha.

Akasha is the memory of the universe; it is the material support for memory in the universe. Akasha is where the Divine is best expressed. In Western culture, we traditionally call this life-point the primal atom. So there are cells that are the physical counterpart of the condensed Akasha that constitutes the primal atom.  And this primal atom contains the entire memory of what we are, as well as the memory of our divine spark.

When our life experiences stimulate this point, or when certain Masters of wisdoms or great Avatars stimulate this point, they act as a geneticist who would stimulate, using stem cells to generate an organism.

 These beings (our great initiators, our great Masters of wisdom) are there to awaken the memory, the primal spark, the initial stem cell containing the information of our divine origin. And when this point is stimulated, we experience expansion of our whole being and illumination. This is what some call the ascension of human consciousness.

There is something I want to be very clear about, and I think many things were said that go in this direction: We should not expect our Brothers from the Stars – or Christ returning, Maitreya or the Imam Mahdi for the Muslims – to simply appear before us to stimulate our deep memory or our hard drive, to use a very contemporary term, in order to make us ascend. No, this job is ours to do. They act as relays and reminders, they push us in a certain direction, they are like sign posts on our way, as I have often said, but it is not they who will do the work.

The reason we are gathered here today is to fill our hearts with a little more energy in order to be able to accomplish the real work on ourselves. It  is a work of meditation, of internalization (and we have a multitude of techniques at our disposal), but also a work with the concrete aspects of our daily lives. The concrete and the sacred finally merge together as they are the two aspects of a single force endeavoring to stimulate us: the Christ Energy.

It’s up to us to know whether we want to prolong the state of duality in which we have lost ourselves since time immemorial or whether we really want to change our way of functioning. I believe that if we are here today, it is because we want to change the way we function, because we no longer want to react according to the law that dictates “an eye for an eye”, because we know there is a way of life that is infinitely more beautiful and much lighter than what we have been taught, I would say both genetically and traditionally to this day.

We urgently need to highlight the notion of service, the notion of compassion, the notion of involvement in the transformation of our everyday lives. The notion of acceptance and the will to understand the meaning of our trials. This is what is asked of us today. If we remain at the stage we are now and in which we’ve been stagnating for a very long time, it is obvious that we won’t entirely be capable of understanding the real significance of the universal Christ Energy, nor the invitation to transformation from the Universe. An invitation that the Earth, our Brothers from the Stars, and all the great Masters of Light are presently extending to us.

Practically speaking, what must we do? As was mentioned before, there are implications at all levels of our world. The respect for matter, finding the sacred within matter,  the will to understand what we are and why we find ourselves in a particular condition; and finally, we should aspire to truth and drop all our masks. Too often have we hid behind masks throughout thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years, or even millions of years, through a multitude of forms we embodied. This is over now. Now we need to aim directly at the target. And if we go here (pointing to the heart), the blossom will open there (pointing to the 8th chakra). This is really the message I wanted to convey today because this is what it all boils down to in the end; this is the heart of the message I have had the pleasure of receiving for almost forty years now.

In this spirit, I put in your hands – no, we put in each other’s hands the responsibility for the evolution and the progress of our planet, so that love and compassion do not remain empty words but become a real force, an energy of transmutation that we set in motion without delay. Not tomorrow, today.

Thank you all!

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