Daniel Meurois channels the Beings of Light in May, 2015. Their message emphasizes the need to become responsible and authentic beings along the path: 20 minutes of intense focusing on a major aspect of our spiritual growth.

A warm welcome to you among us, lifelong Friends.

Welcome to our sphere of awareness.

Our intention today is to talk to you about truth. “Are you true?” That is the question, a fundamental one. We do not simply refer to those small lies that occur on a daily basis, but mainly to what is true, to what you inwardly understand as being true. Yes, the question that we are asking you is: “Are you true?” In other terms, “Are you playing a role?”

Of course you will reply: “We all play roles as soon as we are born, all of us.” But the type of role we refer to here -and draw your attention to- is the mask. The mask of global lie that some people -too many people- are permanently wearing.Truly ask yourself that question: “Am I true? Am I pulling strings, am I manipulating? Am I myself? Or am I trying to dominate, to sneak by, to appear as someone I am not?”

Of course, each of you feels like saying “I am myself, I am true, and so on”. But the answer is not to be given to us, nor to your neighbors, only to yourself, to the core of yourself. Only you can know whether you are true or not, and what are the recesses of your soul, of your personality that are cheating. Because the key issue is ‘cheating’. Who does not cheat nowadays? You want to be different, better than others, more of this, less of that, while you -listening to us- are pretending to follow a spiritual path or have a spiritualistic approach. One cannot cheat the essence of the soul and the spirit.

Of course, everybody agrees on that point. This is why clear-mindedness is extremely important, not only when giving your opinion in public, but simply in the environment where you live and also -maybe above all- in your heart. Are we cheating… are you cheating in your heart? The need to keep up appearances is the issue.

Simplicity is at the core of such a debate. And that debate is fundamental today, as you can imagine, since you are reaching crucial times regarding your evolution and the global life of your planet. Truth with a capital T is a challenge for every being, a permanent one. Truth in the depth of our heart is inseparably linked to its luminous efficiency. You can no longer afford today to appear to others as what you are not. You need to be true in order to take a major step, not forward, but inside yourself. ‘Forward’ is often for the show that you want to perform, for the impression that you want to create. But in all truth, who are you? That is the question.

You are only students. Students should not consider themselves as the masters they are not. There is beauty in being a student, in being on a path. The teacher himself is always on a path, he is continuously a student. All this, of course, also implies humility. Learn humility and you will learn truth, you will learn simplicity.  You want to keep up appearances…, why? You want to know more…, why? To cheat? Don’t you think that this world has already had enough of that? You say that you want to rewrite life differently. Then start by simply incarnating a bit more truth, be a bit more ‘true’ to yourself. ‘To be true’ does not mean that you cannot make mistakes. To be true means to be authentic in your heart, to accept to fall sometimes, but not to cheat: be true not only to others, but mainly to yourself. One cannot cheat with the expressions of the spirit. In the current world, the spirit tries to express itself more and more.

You often have long and beautiful discussions between yourselves about the evolution of the planet, about the evolution of the human being, about a book that you are reading, about a conference that you have heard. But the question is to know whether your inner path, amid all this, is true. Or is it tinged with a certain number of cheatings?

We are thus asking you simply to strip away in yourself the varnish with which you regularly cover yourself up in order to keep up appearances to others. Spend a few moments each day looking at yourself from inside and ask yourself: “What have I done with my life today? Have I cheated? Is the path of my heart, the path of my body?” In other words, “Am I coherent?” Coherence is at the center of the debate, Friends, it is at the center of the debate!

You cannot handle big ideas, big concepts, if in the small things of every moment, you are not in accordance with the breath of your heart and the opinions that you give. There is a responsibility, the responsibility of being different today, exterior to all the forces that pull the world and humanity downwards. You say that you want to rise and we know that it is true. But in reality, what do you do in order to rise? If you move one step forward or upward, then do not go another step back, falling over and over again, and not being faithful to what you say you believe. Do you believe in what you believe? Do you want to live according to your ideal? Then reform your life totally. Commit genuinely, do not pretend to commit. Too many masks, far too many masks!

Friends, understand that we haven’t come here to give you a moral lesson, even if it does seem so at this moment. We are not lecturers, we are only the reminders that life puts in front of you. We sometimes flog, in order to awaken. Reproach or blame does not inhabit us. We know all too well ourselves what evolution and upward force require. We are only here to tell you: “Straighten up, careful! Be faithful to what inhabits you. Be faithful to Christ breath, in its broad sense, that tries to manifest a bit more every day.” Be in accordance with your words, be coherent in intention and in deed. You can no longer remain in tepidness and half-clarity. The times that you and this world are experiencing, are decisive times. It is too late to say: “Oh, I will start next year, once I retire, during the holidays.  I will read a bit more, I will meditate a bit more…”. All those good intentions are familiar to us.

The life that is now opening up to you requires not only beautiful ideas but also -and before all- authentic deeds, commitment from the heart and with the hands.  All this, of course, you already know. We never stop repeating it. It is not about knowing, but about being aware of what we are talking about. It is about knowing from inside the ideal that inhabits us. All the beings that left their imprint in the history of Humanity – we can say “a luminous, uplifting, teaching, reformist imprint” – have always made things happen on Earth. You may feel very small in regard to the challenge experienced by your species. But it is always the billions and billions of cells forming a body that give that body its strength, its power, its resolution. So there where you are, be the active cells that have no fear of asserting themselves, of committing. It is not about trying to convince: no one can be convinced, except those who are already deeply convinced in themselves about those things. It is simply about offering yourself as an example, in truth, in strength, in determination.

Say NO to painful things, like those happening daily, and make sure that it is not a no of withdrawal, but a constructive no. It is not about saying simply “no, it won’t be like that”, but by acting so that it will not be like that. Act in another way, in the direction of the sun, in the direction of what is fundamentally just and urgent. There is no need to discuss the notion of being just. We are not talking about justice, but about rightness, as you know. We all know deep inside what is luminous and what is not. So let us put an end to all the public debates that you often attend and which are going in circles. Our heart knows what lifts us up or pulls us down. So please be constructive beings, committed beings, beings of simplicity and smile. Yes, Friends, a smile is a strength that should not be neglected. It is a strength that makes one reflect: “Why is that person smiling despite overwhelming odds?” A smile amid lucidity, amid awareness, is a balm. Not a balm to heal the wounds that have to be treated in a firm manner, but a balm that supports the heart. A balm that does not give power, but strength. There is a big difference.

Friends, please breathe within yourself. Be what you really are. And do not cheat with what you really are. This is the message that we wanted to convey today, not as a moral lesson, as we said before, but as a nourishment, a might to reinvigorate your breath.

Receive all our Peace and do not forget to be happy in anything you undertake.

Bless you!