We recently heard that there have been meetings between quantum physicists and pioneering biologists following which it was postulated that the standard daily 24-hour period would be reduced to about 18 hours.

It is obviously not only the Earth that is concerned, but also our entire galactic sector. This means that even though the alternation of the duration of day and night doesn’t seem affected and is still measured mechanically the same way, there would be a compression of space-time. This compression affects the vibratory rate of the planet (measured in Hertz) and the level of consciousness of everything that lives there, not just that of humans. This could mean that values change and that the psychological perception of time passing is altered.

Analogically, if the space dimension (distance) has, in a certain sense, contracted by way of much more rapid means of transportation and communication, the dimension of Time has also entered into transformation.

Basically, we all vibrate faster and therefore experience, without clearly realizing so, what we call the etherization of our world.

To become etherized therefore doesn’t mean to become hazy and fluffy as some believe, but to gradually participate in a transformation of everything that pertains to density. This is why, when we are outside of our body, the worlds that appear to us seem just as material to us as that of our physical body.

By extension we can understand what has already been taking place for millions of years for the Venusian civilization, in parallel with ours. It is also conceivable that the entire sphere of Venus and the planets of our system have their vibratory rate increasing in parallel with ours.

Is this tantamount to saying that there will always be a hopeless gap between these spheres of life and our own? No, because their experiences are designed to act exponentially on our rate of development. We must however admit that all current inhabitants of our planet are not at the same stage of evolution of consciousness and that only a portion of terrestrial living beings will be able to fully benefit from the present invitation to cosmic growth. What will happen to the others?

They will gradually be attracted and drawn to reincarnate in worlds that better suit them. In this context, the sudden demographic explosion on Earth can be partially explained by massive incarnations of souls coming from other planetary systems younger than ours in order to benefit from the array of experiences that our planet has to offer, particularly in the last few decades.

This gives a better understanding of how much our planet is not only a teaching ground but a place of welcoming.

If all spheres of life necessarily evolve upwardly, ours finds itself at a particularly crucial point regarding the opportunities for evolution it has to offer.

Daniel Meurois and Marie Johanne Croteau