To varying degrees, we’ve all read works of science fiction. If not, then we didn’t escape seeing a movie or a TV series about adventures through space and Time. Whether through the written word or on the screen, those who juggle with the Unknown have indeed always been inspired by key themes that push the frontiers of knowledge.

We can see from the recent TV series “Stargate” just how enthusiastically the public responds to creators of this genre.

Should we see this as just a passing fad related to the search for new heroes and new dreams for our times?

Presumably, we could answer positively and move onto something more interesting. In my case, I doubt it… Instead, it seems to me that this time is in fact one of radical severance, and something about it, or rather about a growing number of those who are fomenting change, is pushing to an end with old patterns, the horizons of which are all too well defined and often sclerotic.

What motivates me to say this? Simply a glance at the latest research in quantum physics and of course from my own life experience, which has consistently taken me in most unusual directions.

Most of the literature and movies that fascinate our generation definitely have one thing in common: they make us travel at the heart of Time – or more precisely space-time – with the same ease with which we move around in our car from one area to another.

In passing, this fantastical option is as stunning to our consciousness as would be the discovery of depth perception, supposing we had only the experience of the two dimensions of width and length.

The scope of our consciousness finds itself radically amplified and likewise the sphere of possibilities within us finds itself surprisingly expanded. The fact of the matter is, the more we allow ourselves to get carried away by such an alternative, the more we realize that the time dimension constitutes what I would call a regal access portal to a universe that seems to take us closer to Infinity. Some might argue that I’m digressing and confusing reality with unbridled imagination… Yet little do they realize that by voicing this objection they go straight to the crux of the matter and raise the toughest scientific and metaphysical question to date.

In answer, I certainly will not venture too deep into the latest discoveries in quantum physics because I’m not competent to do so.

I will only say that according to the latter, it has become less and less likely that Time is a purely linear dimension, with an unalterable past, present, and future.

Time would thus be dependent first upon the reference set in which it is perceived and analyzed. Furthermore, according to certain calculations, it would be not only a plastic and pliable dimension but also one that is linked to the vibrational level of matter – thus to the consciousness observing it, and therefore of the Energy emanating from it.

Therefore, Energy, Consciousness, Time and Matter would be intimately connected like the variations of a unique Source, which we can conveniently name according to our sensibility or culture.

With further consideration, quantum physics obviously asks the question: what is Reality? This universe in which we live and which we persist in calling our unique reference point, is it not completely virtual? Thus it can be molded and remolded in accordance with our level of consciousness, in other words depending upon our perception of life and the temporal dimension wetted by it.

As we can see, what was yesterday’s Imaginary is making up our present and more importantly, the fabric of where we are headed.

From my perspective, I am convinced that as a species, we are akin to the readers of a great book arriving at the conclusion of one of its chapters, frantically getting ready to turn the page to discover the next and decisive chapter for understanding the intrigue.

Yes, I think this is where we are; more and more of us are called to make a tremendous quantum leap which will necessarily occur through the taming of the time dimension and bringing on a redefining of reality and of who we are.

I said “I think” but I rather should have said “I see”. Indeed, if my training is not of a scientific nature, it is somewhat refined in the metaphysical arena. My life path did not steer me toward elaborating theories but rather toward having intense mystical experiences. Through these experiences, I give testimonies that support a different conception of Time as being the key to an alternative approach to Matter, Consciousness, and of course to this Spirit that animates us while permeating the Universe.

Summarizing these experiences in a few lines is impossible. For the most part, they came about through out-of-body experiences. What I can mention are conclusions drawn from my soul’s incursions into certain spheres of space-time, and which have nourished it for more than a quarter of a century.

Joining me into the maze of this reflection will soon seem like a meditation, which presupposes the acceptance of a basic principle that will serve as a take off point. It is the principle of reincarnation, and I will not expand upon it here. As there exists in any kind of research including scientific research, it is a postulate. Taking it as a base point, we hope to go forward.

During a great number of experiences in which I voluntarily projected my consciousness outside of my body, it often happened to me that I would visit my own past – that is, access the unfolding theatre of some of my past lives. To recount this phenomenon, I often refer to seeing a movie from the past.

Today, however, the more I advance in my practice and reflection and the more I analyze this kind of experience in depth, the more I step back and distance myself from the static aspect of the perception of past lives and Time. Indeed, the notion of a movie from the past is found in the context of a linear form of time. The fact is, when I visit my distant past, I have the sensation –or should I say the certainty– that this past is just as tangible and real as my present in the 21st century. At times I am convinced that my travelling soul could decide to stay and to not reintegrate my current body.

Let me say that the experience is always very lucid and that in addition to living in the body and mind of another side of me belonging to the past, I preserve the consciousness of who I am today. If I am highlighting this point it is because it ends up inducing very singular perspectives…

This experience, repeated hundreds of times, brings me to seriously consider the hypothesis of simultaneity of all lives and therefore all periods, hence of the illusory aspect of Time as we understand it.

It is during one of these unsettling experiences that I was given what could in fact be a key to a different understanding of space-time.

Each one of us, in the ultimate dimension of his/her spirit, can be compared to the axle of a wheel. This axle is stable and pure as a diamond. The wheel surrounding the axle is made of a many spokes, each one of the spokes representing a life at a given time period and having its specific color overtones making up the design of that life.

The number of spokes of this symbolic wheel is a function of the number of times our spirit – its axle, close to the Divine – has projected itself beyond its space, thus creating the temporal dimension of density as we know it.

Based on this analogy, the perception of time we experience from the moment of incarnation is the result of the precise alignment of one’s being immersed in matter–one’s soul–with the angle of sight adopted by one’s spirit, at the center of the wheel.

In other words, the fact that we are convinced we are living in a certain period rather than another and taking on a certain personality rather than another is the consequence of the synchronization existing between our incarnated inferior consciousness that is travelling along one of the spokes of the wheel– one’s life– and its axle, or one’s spirit.

If we further reflect on this analogy, we could infer that each one of our lives we call “passed” exists simultaneously in a global temporal sphere, a sort of absolute present, a “Supra Time”.

Each time our soul reincarnates, it is just interpreting a glimpse of intention of our spirit, thereby adding a spoke to its wheel.

The question is of course to know why the sphere of spirit feels the urge to create a space-time that necessarily imprisons it. It seems to me the answer is simple… To grow! Because it is through the compartmentalization, the suffocation and the going around in circles that our being, whatever its dimension, feels the urgent compelling need to grow in order to breathe more fully and burst its shells. Because the linearity of Time – with the fatality it induces – is a hindrance to the supreme development of Life.

All this is of course only a hypothesis based on intense mystical experiences, yet one that likely merits further attention. Indeed it meshes with the essence of great spiritual currents that talk about the need for humans to return to the Self –the spirit– by going beyond the conditioning of the ego, the incarnated soul and illusory worlds of Maya that it generates.

All the traditions of the East, for example, mention a “satvic” universe –of the Self, in terms that suggest an expanded present and absolute, that of Happiness. Therefore the creation of virtual worlds and of linear Time would serve the purpose of this supreme universe…

Let us now pursue our advance through Infinity and let us suppose that the wheel of lives that we just used as an analogy doesn’t develop in a planar fashion but rather by forming a spiral.

Let us therefore imagine we are facing a sort of helicoidal stairway each rung representing one lifetime… This is the exact image that was revealed during an out-of-body experience. Each rung of the stairway was made of crystal… When climbing up the stairs, I immediately realized that being they were trans lucid, I could see the steps directly under me and also above me. The idea that lives were communicating with each other, letting information filter through the apparent veil of Time, came to my mind as a hypothesis toward which “they” were guiding me.

All of this obviously raises many questions; for example, the question of determinism within the sphere of an enclosed yet virtual –and therefore illusory– space-time. A few lines would not suffice to address them… our mind would quickly become trapped at the limit of a world for which only our higher consciousness holds the key of peace…

As far as I am concerned, by recounting my personal experiences, I don’t claim to have the absolute answer to all the questions I raised. My goal is first and foremost to define new doors to our consciousness, and also to push back some bygone horizons.

There is urgency… in our space-time, of course!