Nastiness exists, that is a fact…

I’m not talking about the one spread across front-page and expressed daily through a thousand acts of violence all around the world.  To me that is best-called barbarity or monstrosity.

No, I’m referring to the “small-scale ordinary wickedness”, the one that floats banally in the air every day and that can affect anybody.  It is the kind of treacherous small talk, the side glances and hurtful acts too many of us pick up, engage in, and foster around our living space and where we work.

It behaves somewhat like a sort of virus against which there would be no vaccine.

What is most surprising is that we find all kinds of excuses for it such as “It’s human!”, “Nobody’s perfect…”, or even “It’s my right!”

To each and everyone, it seems that its presence and its various aspects have become a fatality; it’s normal to coexist with it without being concerned just as we would with a few weeds in our garden.  Personally, I must admit that this attitude towards a pernicious form of evil having reached our species always made me react.  I can’t quite accept it…

I always wondered whom it could possibly benefit in the end that would justify that nothing ever be done in our society to curtail its wild spread nor to find a remedy to the “home poison” it disseminates.  Is there any delight in venomous gossiping and propagating slander? Is there malicious satisfaction in lying at the drop of a hat and manipulating situations?  Is there hidden enjoyment in rigging life and inventing trip-ups of all kinds to give ourselves the impression that we are the first in this or that?

At times, I wonder whether this “small-scale ordinary wickedness” could be result of a very old well-entrenched societal culture.  A culture that has us convinced, all the way to the level of our genetic structure – some more than others – that life is just a constant battle where any blow is justified. It seems to me that this is where something has to change.  This is where it is even urgent we react, as our current world suffocates by dint of underhanded tricks and selfishness.

We talk about a “change of consciousness”, about a “major mutation” of our species and its planet; we talk about a new era and the inevitable “revolution of mentalities”; some even go so far as to speak of an “ascension” awaiting us… This is all very nice but who is there to speak simply of the thousand little things of daily life that we should first have the courage to do or not do just to become better human beings, men and women no longer centered upon themselves and their pseudo local powers.

To get away from meanness, lies, hypocrisy, backstabbing, tyranny, in short the nagging array of unpleasant acts… wouldn’t that be the first task we should commit ourselves to?

This “purification” of our inner and our social being is more urgent than ever in this undeniable critical juncture.

Why then all this unpleasantness? Why do we end up playing with it as if we were playing ping-pong? This is the real question …

Perhaps individually, we should simply admit that we’ve slipped into a collective impasse, that we have sufficiently explored it, and that it would be time to learn to read life differently.. Not with our regulations and our decrees, but with its own vocabulary and its laws of balance.

Difficult?  Certainly… However, I am convinced that we don’t have any other choice.  To create a better world isn’t just the responsibility of rulers that we choose or passively accept.  It is first our responsibility, by deciding to clean up our inner universe.

To extract ourselves from our pettiness, to cleanse our soul, recalling its original destination and the regenerating simplicity of a true smile, this is our ultimate challenge.  It isn’t a matter of belief but of common sense!

From my end, considering the manifest evolutionary transition we find ourselves in, I am not interested – contrary to what some might believe – in proving the existence of the soul, of invisible worlds, or of God.  My real commitment is different.  I believe in the express necessity of “disinfecting” ourselves from within.  This is what I work towards and why I express myself, for it is certain that the world that carries us can only ever be the reflection of the world we sustain inside our hearts.

We expect it to bring us peace, joy of living, love, abundance and happiness? Then let us plant these seeds through our words and our deeds.

… And how about we started talking about goodwill?

 “Goodwill” is a rare word these days and what it denotes is even more so… even in so-called spiritual circles!

Do we want this to change? Do we want to sow this kind of loving-kindness within and around us?  The ball is decisively in our court!

Daniel Meurois