Filmed during an initiatory journey in Jerusalem, Israel in 2011, Daniel Meurois explains the concept of Jesus as an Avatar.


We cannot talk about the Christ Principle without addressing the concept of Avatar. This is a notion that was unknown to us 2000 years ago. Now thanks to contacts with the Middle East, we Westerners can begin to understand what an Avatar is.

For the Easterners, whether Buddhists or Hindus, an Avatar is a divine incarnation, that is, a bodily manifestation of an aspect of a deity. For the Orientals – and this is also valid on a global scale – an Avatar is an emanation of the second person of the Trinity. Thus for Hindus, it is a manifestation on earth of Vishnu, second person of the Hindu « Trinity ». There are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Shiva can globally be associated to the Holy Spirit, i.e. that which is going to stir us and lead us to transformation; Brahma is the Father ; Vishnu – of whom Krishna is one incarnation – corresponds to the Power of the Son, thus the second person of the Trinity which embodied Master Jesus, overshadowed Him and made Him an Avatar on earth. One does not become Avatar: one is born Avatar, i.e. with the potential of being embodied by that divine Presence.

One of the special features of Master Jesus is that He was in some way a double Avatar: that is, He was first overshadowed by the Presence of the Spirit of Christ, the second person of the Trinity, from His initiation in the Great Pyramid, back from his journey to the East. Secondly, He was overshadowed by the Logos, the Christ of our cosmos, our universe, from His baptism in the Jordan.

At the cosmic plane, we can say that there is one Christ per solar system. The expression of Christ in our planetary or solar system is the Sun. It is its expression, its manifestation. The Supreme Consciousness of that Highly realized and unlimited spiritual being is what we call Christ. It embodied all Avatars through history, among which Master Jesus, 2000 years ago, during an initiation ceremony in the Great Pyramid of Cheops. First embodiment, thus, by the Supreme Consciousness of our solar system, then second embodiment by the same type of consciousness, i.e. Christ Consciousness, but at the level of our whole galaxy -the Milky Way- during the baptism in the Jordan.

It is a bit the principle of Russian dolls. There are two types of enlightenment: one is the enlightenment as Christ in the Great Pyramid and during the second baptism in the Jordan, then there is the sublimation of that enlightenment at the time of the Crucifixion, when the two Presences which have embodied Him -the Christ of our solar system and the Cosmic Christ- leave the body of Jesus. This is what has been interpreted as a cry of despair or cry for help: « Why Have You Forsaken Me?»

No one knows the exact wording, nor did anyone at the time. But something had obviously deserted Him when that Christ Presence, raised to the 100th or 1000th power, abandoned His physical body and when it is said that He « breathed out His spirit ». He did not really release His last breath, but there was in Him a sense of extreme emptiness.

Why was such an externalization necessary? Simply because the energy that was freed out of His body at that very moment, the energy of those two great Christ Presences -Christ and Logos- was such that it allowed the collective karma of humanity to be cleansed. The collective karma of humanity had reached such a saturation point that human consciousness could hardly move to a further stage. It was a bit like an aura cleansing. This is in fact what is meant by the fact that He « delivered us from our sins » during the Crucifixion. How is that to be understood? Very simply, on an energetic, global and vibratory plane: this was about cleansing the Planetary Aura in order to allow it to create a new Breath and move forward.

See « The Secret Life of Jeshua », Book 1, Daniel Meurois by Ariane books