DANIEL MEUROIS, 38 books in 38 years of writing.
Several million readers, 87 translations in 18 different languages…and loads of new projects…
Born in France in 1950, Daniel Meurois has made quite a name for himself over the last 40 years in the world of spirituality and contemporary metaphysical thought. Since his first book published, he has left his mark in the world with numerous translations of his books and hundreds of conferences.
A true explorer of new fields of consciousness, he encourages us to discover the many dimensions of our universe and to look at ourselves from a different perspective as beings in search of our identity.
However, behind the daring philosopher and teacher is an authentic writer, thoughtful of the beauty of the language… to better render the beauty of life.
This site invites us to discover Daniel Meurois the writer, thinker and mystic.

Daniel MeuroisHis books rapidly became international bestsellers, and with good reasons. Daniel Meurois’ literary work is impressive, varied, disconcerting at times, but always unprecedented and innovative. The poetry and subtlety found in the pages of his books have real power and make him the pioneer of a new consciousness with no boundaries, a consciousness revealing the vastness of human spirit in quest of the Divine.
To get back to the magic of writing, did you know that Daniel Meurois writes his books almost in one stroke, with a goose feather like in old times and hardly any mistakes? A truly amazing phenomenon!
Even though the act of writing seems to come from old times, the texts and concepts tackled in his books are ahead of our times.
Countless readers throughout the world confess that Daniel Meurois’ books have brought about a radical transformation in their lives and invited them to look further than the limiting and comfortable horizon of their life. A sign of strength and impact…
Significantly, all of the 38 books written by Daniel Meurois over a period of thirty-eight years are still available in bookstores.

From one reprinting to the next, we read them again and again and discover multiple levels of information and teaching.

Everyone finds in these books food for peace and comprehension. Amazingly, Daniel Meurois has an extremely diversified readership, including men and women, university graduates and blue collars, younger and older people.
Why? Because the extraordinary experience of life which is the subject of these books generates an invigorating thought that propels the reader beyond dogmas and preconceived ideas.
His entire work is indeed free of any religious or philosophical affiliation. The author respects those, but sometimes denounces their incoherence and constantly breaks the mold of mental conditionings.
This is probably why the oldest of Daniel Meurois’ books haven’t aged at all and are still asked for by the public who perceives their actual and visionary side as well.Akhenaton

The Essene Fraternity and the hidden teachings of Christ, the world of Shambhalla, soul survival, the process of incarnation, the Mysteries of Egypt, the plurality of worlds, the subtle constitution of the human body, the birth of supraconsciousness …these are the major themes of his work.

One thing is sure, from his first book to his very last one, “THE SECRET LIFE OF JESHUA », Daniel Meurois keeps on amazing us.

His discoveries on the borders of a universe with multiple dimensions, his live testimonies on the origin and the future of humanity, his unwavering course and the subtlety of his approach make him a reference writer and thinker.
More than ever, his work wonderfully illustrates this beautiful phrase of Teilhard de Chardin: “At the scale of the cosmos, only fantastic has a chance to be true”
This is how Daniel Meurois, the philosopher as well as the writer, tirelessly endeavours to connect man to his own grandeur and to the greatness of the universe, because for him, the human phenomenon can ultimately only be measured in relation to the cosmos.