Messages from above

The sense of being True

Daniel Meurois channels the Beings of Light in May, 2015. Their message emphasizes the need to become responsible and authentic beings along the path: 20 minutes of intense focusing on a major aspect of our spiritual growth. A warm welcome to you among us, lifelong...

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The Meaning of Commitment

In May 2015,  while channelling certain Beings of Light, Daniel Meurois delivers a timely message about the meaning of committment and its necessity for any lasting individual or collective change of consciousness. The channeling is followed by an exchange with the...

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Conversation with Master Morya

Master Morya – or El Morya – is one of the ascended Masters of the Himalayan Brotherhood of Shambhalla. His mission has been to guide humanity since ancient times. He is traditionally associated with the first Divine Ray on earth, representing willpower. Together with...

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