In a private session on February 22, 2012, Daniel Meurois channels our Brothers from the Stars. An universal teaching free of dogmatism.
Thanks to Marc Medvesek for his collaboration.

You are most welcome, dear friends, brothers and sisters!

Thank you

We welcome you among us, as always, to offer you the best of ourselves and to bring out the best in you. Speak, we are listening.

Question: Thank you, Brothers, for answering our call. You are called Elohim or Brothers from the Stars, but how do you define yourselves?  

Answer: These names suit us very well, or you can simply call us your Friends, your Guides. We also like the expression “Gardeners of the Earth”, which accurately describes us. As you know, we have been looking after your world for millions and millions of years, just like you look after your gardens. We cannot remain insensitive to what happens in your world, on your planet, and in your hearts.

On a galactic level, we are neighbors. You just live in the next village over, please understand this… If there is a significant problem in the neighboring village or town, you feel concerned, do you not? Well, it’s the same for us. We are interdependent: your life concerns us and our presence beside you, among you, should concern you.

Question: Do you still intend to appear and make yourselves known to a large number of humans?

Answer: But of course! It cannot be otherwise. It is in fact urgent that humans on Earth begin to realize not only that we exist, that we are real and connected to them, but also that they are far from being alone in the Universe.  In a very near future, our Presence will need to become more and more familiar to them. This is a must, a necessity. It is of vital importance in order for them to reach even a slightly higher level of awareness.

As inhabitants of this Earth, you can no longer remain isolated from the rest of the Universe. You cannot go on navel gazing and minding your own little comfort! We say your own little comfort because you actually think of yourselves as the center of the Universe, which is a very serious mistake… Considering oneself to be the center of anything causes a great deal of suffering. By thinking only of ourselves, we amplify all our problems. This is true at the level of the individual, the community, and also at the planetary level.

Feel yourselves part of an interstellar Community. You need to increasingly develop this state of mind. You are part of a huge Family… an immense Family living in a variety of different abodes. You are our neighbors, our Brothers and Sisters; you belong to our Family just as we belong to yours.

Your mental structures need dissolving; this is absolutely necessary. It will not be that difficult once you realize that you are currently surviving but not really living. And under these conditions, you cannot expect much else than increasing suffering and disharmony. Upon hearing these words, you might think we are extremely pessimistic. We are not; we are just being realistic! We are fully aware that you cling to the values of a world which you KNOW to be in danger, and that you are not ABLE to imagine different values! There is a deep contradiction within you.

So yes of course, we want to manifest to you in a clear and striking manner! This striking manner of manifesting, we are searching for it… because we do not want to cause any emotional outbursts, or at least we would like to minimize them. Of course, we know that in a certain way our coming will be spectacular, yet we don’t want to be sensational. We want everything to go as gently as possible. You have reached a deadline, and all this must become a reality.

Question: Does your coming depend on a quantum leap in human consciousness or will your coming bring about this quantum leap? 

Answer: Both; definitely both. Our coming, our appearance will tear apart veils in your consciousness, but at the same time, by taking a number of steps in our direction, you are the ones who make our coming possible and necessary. There is an interaction here, do you understand? It is the wedding between YOUR renewed energies and OUR renewing energies that we await.

Question: Since you wish to appear to us in an increasingly tangible and obvious way, are you considering a short or medium-term collaboration with us, and if so, in what way?

Answer: A long-term collaboration, you mean! Certainly. We don’t just want to come to you and say: “See, we exist, look at us!” and then leave again. We wish to settle down among you, at least that some of us settle in and help you reorganize. Not by interfering with your affairs, but by acting as ADVISORS, by showing you our way of life, not so that you can copy it, but so that you can draw inspiration from it; because every World has its own particularities.

It is very clear to us that we do not want to establish in your midst a way of life that is akin to ours.  Let us just say that we would like to share with you the FRAGRANCE of the most outstanding of our achievements, so that YOU can reorganize yourselves according to your own sensibility. Of course, for that to happen, we will need to, say, penetrate all the layers of your society and make you aware of it.

Question: How can we know that you are here presently and how can we observe you and draw inspiration from your behavior and your wise decisions? Will you wait until after some major events have taken place to you show yourselves, and help us get back on our feet and pass this milestone? 

Answer: There is some truth to what you say, but there is more to it. Of course, we will be there among you after some major changes; I think you know this. But we are already there among you, inspiring and diffusing certain messages and principles… You have noticed that more and more people on this planet are asking themselves real questions, fundamental questions about life, about the nature of being, of the soul and consciousness.

You are going to say: “But we don’t need you for that, we have our own wise men and women who have already covered this”. This is true. But understand that your own wise men and women have always been connected to us, since time immemorial. We have guided them also. Not because we thought we were superior and saw them as little brothers in need of help, but simply because we have always worked through these ambassadors of Light who have been your spiritual Guides, towards a plan of Enlightenment on Earth.

We have always been in communion, whether consciously or unconsciously, with your spiritual Guides. When we say “unconsciously”, it is on their part, of course. When interpreting the origin of the voices visiting them, some of your guides simply called them “God”. They were not necessarily “God”, as God is not a person, but an Energy Field. It was simply some of us supporting them in their work.

You see, it is time, high time, that people in your world learn to reconcile the so-called spiritual path and the path of reflection that brings some of you to ponder the reality of life on the stars. It is important that you do this. There is only ONE TRUTH that has guided you since the beginning of time, and this one truth takes different paths.

Less than a century ago, nearly no one mentioned us and yet, we were present through your Guides. Now that we have found a few rare channels and contacts who allow us to be actually present among you, you are driving a wedge between those who interest themselves for what we globally call the “aliens” and who apparently have very fanciful spiritual interests, and those who follow an “official” path of spirituality. This is ridiculous! Ridiculous because this is one and the same.

There are loving, wise people, with an open mind on both sides! And we could say that there are eccentrics among the traditional spiritualists just as there are among those who deal with the galactic world through a number of channels. Bring it all together. Reunite all this to bring out the best in each! This is what we ask of you. There are no distinctions to be made, there is only ONE WAY… and different colors.

Question: Talking of spiritual Guides, there is a rumor that the avatar Babaji is about to incarnate again. Can you confirm this information? 

Answer: Yes, this is correct!

Question: Which role will he play in the current course of events?

Answer: He is a very important relay of Light on Earth. That is, Divine Light. His soul comes from stars very distant from your world. He has made a vow – an absolute vow – to remain among you as long as necessary. We are of course in contact with him and we revere him very highly.

Question: What is it that prevents mankind from making progress at the moment?  Can you help us identify these stumbling blocks so that we can overcome them faster? 

Answer: What prevents mankind from making progress?

Question: Yes

Answer: We could simply say that mankind is lacking in INTELLIGENCE. What we call Intelligence is cerebral intelligence TOGETHER with emotional intelligence. This kind of intelligence is related to one’s level of awareness. You cannot go faster than you are going now (globally speaking, because individually, it is obvious that some of you stand out from the crowd). You cannot move on faster because you don’t have the capacity to do so, globally speaking. Due to this lack of Intelligence we speak of, you go on navel gazing and create difficulties where there are none.

To pinpoint the issue, we could say that your lack of Intelligence is caused and driven by pride and conceit. Pride and conceit are what make you, individually and collectively, see yourselves as the center of everything, feel you can judge everyone and everything, and attempt to draw everything to yourselves. This is the disease you are suffering from, the disease which undermines everything, absolutely everything in your lives.

Question: Buddha Maitreya is designated as the future Guide of humanity. Do you think that he could reconcile all cultures? 

Answer: He will not succeed in doing it any more than Christ or Buddha – or anyone else on Earth – has. He won’t be able to do it either.  He will serve as another step towards the awakening of human consciousness. He will not be able to offer more than your humanity can receive. It is the same pattern that repeats itself. You are offered only what you are capable of receiving. Not only what you can receive in the moment, but even also what you are open to absorbing which will slowing grow within you.

Do not think that this great Entity whose coming is certain – and already planned – is going to solve all your problems because he is called Maitreya and has been spoken of since millennia! This is not how things work, you know… You will be nourished according to your capacity to take in, to savor, and to feed on what He will have to offer. Too much Light is harmful and can lead to rejection of the Light itself. A direct glare is painful. This was the case with Christ our Brother. His Light scorched many people who were not able to receive it. They may have thought they were capable of receiving it, but in fact we could say that they were not worthy of it.

Question: Should we see in Maitreya an Entity of the same caliber as Master Jesus, that is to say an Entity filled both with the Spirit of Christ and of the Logos? 

Answer: This question almost brings us into a realm of duality (smile)! He will be inhabited by the Christ Spirit, just like our Brother Jesus, but not by the Logos. However, you must be careful not to get caught into a system of duality and comparison. You should not conclude: “Therefore he is not as important as the Christ who walked on Earth!” You shouldn’t look at things that way. But since you ask, his Christic dimension will be exceptional. Do you understand our answer? Your question sounds as though you were asking: “Were the Forces emanating from the Master Jesus more important than those from Gautama Buddha?” We cannot answer by yes or no, because this is not how the question should be asked. Each avatar manifests different sensitivities. It would be absurd to say that one avatar is greater than another or will be greater than one or the other. This is not how we see things and our Brothers from the worlds of Shambhalla do not plan things this way.

Once again, it will be given to mankind what is needed, when it is needed: the EXACT DOSE. We are not claiming – and neither are our Brothers from Shambhalla – to possess absolute knowledge and never fumble, that would not be true. We grow and learn just like you. But everything is implemented at all levels of consciousness so that you receive the right dose of Light. Then you will use your free will to work with this light as best as you can.

Question: Are you causing some of the crop circles to appear? If so, why?  

Answer: Some of us did in fact create these crop circles, as you say. Others were created by our Brothers from the Pleiades. These patterns have a balancing effect on your world. They are like mandalas generating waves of energy that prepare individuals and communities for the change in consciousness that is already occurring among you. Some emission sites are more suitable than others for this purpose.

Question: Which are they? 

Answer: We could give you a very precise answer, but we do not want to do so because our answers would be misinterpreted and lead you to think that these sites are more important than others. They are not more important but they fulfill a role of transmitter at a given point in time, and will end at another time. There are certain places in Great Britain, in South America… Others are located in North America. But you should not conclude that the chosen places are superior to others. They are just more suitable for a certain type of emission, that is all.

In a conventional radio device, all parts are important. It is exactly the same thing at the level of the Earth, your planet. All of its organs, every part of it is equally important.

Question: We hear everywhere that the consciousness of mankind has reached the conjunction of several cycles and that it has the possibility of making a huge leap forward. Is it really possible for us to change so many things in so short a time? 

Answer: Definitely. Because these “many things” which you can now change in you in a relatively short time on earth are the result of what you have been preparing for a very, very long time. Your souls have been harnessing a large amount of information, storing it and maturing it over hundreds of thousands, even millions of years. Everything is collected in your heart. There is a time for blossoming and the time has come, my friends! You have reached this point. Buds will open and blossom in time; but, once again, it will be your free will that brings this about.

Question: Can this time of mutation be measured on a human scale? In other words, if there is a leap of consciousness, will we be aware of a “before” and an “after”?

Answer: Yes, definitely! Definitely. It cannot be otherwise. We have always said, and some of you have said it, too: “This period is a turning point”. There is a “before” and an “after”.

Question: Some say that the changes that are about to occur have already begun. Could it be that they are taking place on an individual level? And that for a number of us, the changes are already there, yet we are not aware of them? 

Answer: You are right to ask this question. Of course, some of you are already in their heart and consciousness after the events, whereas others have not seen them coming yet. There is an individual time and a collective time. And the difficulty is living in our individual time while the collective time has not entirely gone by. This is the difficulty for people like you, who are listening to us now; you must live with the discrepancy between what you have understood or at least accepted in principle in your consciousness and what the collective consciousness of this world has not yet dared to let burgeon, bring to light, and accept.

This is the reason why some of you feel they belong to an elite. There is a certain gap between you and the others because you are “ahead” of them. But beware, as we use the term “ahead”, not to take it too seriously, believing yourselves superior to your fellow human beings. You should not engage in elitism just because your consciousness has grown a little faster. This would incur a heavy responsibility for you. And if you take too seriously being “ahead” of the others, you will get “behind” faster than you think. You are not an elite, you are an avant-garde. The avant-garde takes risks, moves forward, gets wounded, but should never think itself superior to those it is supposed to precede.

Question: In this context, how can we protect ourselves from spite and the hurt it causes, especially in public? 

Answer: Humor, little sister! Humor is the only real force that can protect you from spite, from jeering and aggression. That is all. You should not take these offenses personally, but try more and more to rise above them with compassion and joy, ever finding a way to laugh about them among yourselves collectively, or simply to smile at them. The spite you are talking about is always the sign of great suffering and the inability to get out of the rut. It is a form of defense, a kind of armor, a protection and nothing else.

— Thank you.

Question: How can we measure our own level of consciousness and make sure that we are on the right path? 

Answer: You don’t need to.  Just asking such a question shows that one is on the right path. None who really go astray in their lives ask themselves such a question. There is no instrument to measure the purity of the heart. There is no instrument to measure the level of consciousness.

BE AUTHENTIC. Be true to yourself. Even if you are sometimes mistaken in your own truth, which is something that cannot be avoided, if you are true to yourself, if you play the part that your heart and your conscience ask you to play, you cannot go astray, you are necessarily on the path that leads to… the Sun. It’s that simple.

It is also important that you avoid asking yourself questions all the time. You will never be able to define, understand, or master everything with your present intellect and consciousness. You must increasingly develop TRUST. Remember these words which cannot be said often enough: “FATHER, THY WILL BE DONE!”

These words carry so much meaning. Do you understand that? Do what you feel is right in your heart, with as much generosity, truth and love as you are capable of and stop asking yourself: “Am I doing it right? Am I doing it wrong? What level have I reached? Am I going to pass the “exam”?” There is no point in asking yourself all these things. Just be yourself, beautifully, truly, and then you can be sure that you are really progressing towards your heart’s wishes.

We would like to add something here. Going back to our manifesting among you, you know we have been thinking about the most suitable way to do it for some time now. Your movies and the current culture of science fiction have imagined and portrayed many scenarios showing the arrival of big mother ships in the sky, both in positive and negative ways. Everything has been done already! We have also considered such a scenario, with its drawbacks and its advantages. We have not found any ideal solution. We have also considered occasionally and privately contacting some of your heads of state. In fact, we have not just considered doing it. These contacts have actually taken place. But they did not bring the results we expected: too much fear, too many personal interests, too many colleges of this and that, the need for control, etc…

This is the reason why we are currently considering the possibility of making a simultaneous appearance on all major TV channels of the world. This could be a way of accessing your homes that would be relatively gentle, peaceful and reassuring… This could be the way to do it. So you can expect such things to happen, but be aware that there may be falsifications, too.

Imagine a prime time program being suddenly interrupted and a light like a sun shining and flooding out of the screen, and One of Us delivering a message. The message will aim at reaching the hearts of as many men and women as possible, very simple and very natural. A message that no political power on this planet will be able to censor. Day after day, week after week, this discourse will be increasingly present among you, until our existence becomes obvious to you, do you see?

— Yes

We are not saying that this is what will happen, but it is a possibility.

— It would be wonderful! Thank you so much!






And let those who will recognize themselves when they hear these words stop being pretentious. We must insist on this point. The egos of a large number of persons who speak about our existence, who believe in our existence and in our action, are filled with vanity. We hope that those who recognize themselves will return to their elementary simplicity and stop giving lessons everywhere.

Joy, Simplicity, Confidence

and Service from the heart and through the hands…

This is what we suggest, what we recommend. This is what your Friends from the Stars expect from you. Whether you call us Elohim, spiritual Guides, or Gardeners, it does not matter. We are with you and give you our Love, very simply from the bottom of our heart.

— Thank you, thank you.