Daniel Meurois and Marie-Johanne CroteauGraduate of the Université des Lettres de Lille, in France, Daniel Meurois is the author of 38 books that have earned international renown since 1980. He is known for his publications that are experiential accounts about the adventure of human consciousness, the plurality of worlds, and the holographic conception of the universe among other things.

Until 1986, he is head of the publishing house AMRITA. Upon leaving France to go to Quebec, he creates LE PERSEA publishing company, that is relayed in 2007 by Les Éditions LE PASSE MONDE, more than a year after the authors’ union with MARIE JOHANNE CROTEAU, chairwoman and founder of Productions INTUS SOLARIS and now his wife.

Upon arriving in Quebec, Daniel Meurois first writes “La DEMEURE DU RAYONNANT” (“THE ABODE OF THE RADIANT”), a powerful and provocative book about Egypt at the time of Akhenaton, the heretic pharaoh… A striking book that is soon acknowledged as a classic of its genre.

In 1999, two other books are published: “VU D’EN HAUT” (“SEEN FROM ABOVE”, a powerful testimony on life in the galactic space and “LES MALADIES KARMIQUES” (“KARMIC DISEASES”), a reflection on the enigmas that surround human health… two unconventional books whose constantly growing popularity is very significant. In the fall of 2000, Daniel Meurois publishes “L’EVANGILE DE MARIE-MADELEINE…selon le livre du Temps” (“THE GOSPEL OF MARY MAGDALENE…according to the book of Time”) combining research, meditation, and testimony on a major text dating back to the beginning of our era.  This modern-day reflection has generated considerable rapture and reactions from French speaking communities and beyond. This bestseller is invaluable.

One year later follows the publication of his 19th and 20th books… Some 650 pages in two volumes, offering a new perspective on a revered King of France: “LOUIS DU DÉSERT, le destin secret de St Louis” (“LOUIS OF THE DESERT, the secret destiny of Saint Louis”).  A poignant and momentous book about the conditioning and subsequent unconditioning of the human soul, it stands as an epic of mystical breadth and a milestone in the author’s lifework.

In 2002, his book “LE NON-DÉSIRÉ” (“THE UNWANTED”), an encounter with the child who could not be born, is a moving sequel to “Les Neuf Marches” (“The Nine Steps”)that is an unprecedented testimony on the subject of abortion, miscarriages and difficulties linked to birth.  A timely book, it attracts instant success.

Then comes 2003… Daniel Meurois publishes “AINSI SOIGNAIENT-ILS… des Égyptiens aux Esséniens, une approche de la thérapie”, (“ HOW THEY CURED.. an approach to therapies, from the Egyptians to the Essenes”), a handbook combining  philosophy and practice intended for therapists as well as for those seeking to better understand the workings of the human body in the spirit of the ancient Traditions.

In October 2004 comes the awaited publication of “CE CLOU QUE J’AI ENFONCÉ” (THIS NAIL THAT I HAMMERED”), a gripping true story that proposes an out-of-the ordinary reflection on feelings of guilt and inadequacy in life.  Another high impact publication, it takes us to our place of utmost fragility to shed new light on the meaning of our fears and of our challenges.  Many readers call it a “healing” book.

In the fall of 2005 follows the publication of “COMMENT DIEU DEVINT DIEU… une biographie collective” (HOW GOD BECAME GOD.. a collective biography”), a striking metaphysical teaching beyond dogmas that entices the reader-researcher to delve into the depths of his inner cosmos. This reflection piece will certainly leave its mark in the work of Daniel Meurois. Its discovery implies experimenting with a certain vertigo that pushes back all boundaries…

JeshuaIn the fall of 2006, “LES ENSEIGNEMENTS PREMIERS DU CHRIST…à la recherche de Celui qui a tout changé” (THE FIRST TEACHINGS OF CHRIST.. In search of He who changed everything”) is released.  A pertinent and novel immersion into what was the true impact of Christ 2000 years ago; a collection of memories, anecdotes and reflections including many previously unpublished reports. This is a stand-alone work, entirely different from the CD box with the same name and now out of stock.  It rapidly becomes a bestseller and completes the major testimony contained in “THE WAY OF THE ESSENES” published some 22 years earlier.

After the publication in October 2007 of “LES ANNALES AKASHIQUES… portail des Mémoires d’Éternité” (THE AKASHIC RECORDS.. gateway to the Memories of Eternity”), a book that takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the labyrinth of time and space, Daniel Meurois, now living in Quebec City, gives birth in May 2008 to: “CE QU’ILS M’ONT DIT” (WHAT THEY TOLD ME”). As its predecessor, this book is published under the label of the newly created ÉDITIONS LE PASSE MONDE. It sheds light on another aspect of the author’s work and immediately attracts considerable interest.

Francesco d'AssisiIn the fall of 2008, another volume is published by Le Passe Monde entitled” “FRANCOIS DES OISEAUX, Claire…et le Soleil” (“FRANCIS OF THE BIRDS, Claire… and the Sun”).  This deeply moving book is a novel account of the exceptional life of Francis of Assisi… rediscovered through the Akashic Records.  It reveals a secret that if known at the time, would have likely changed the face of the western Christian world.  Full of tenderness yet somewhat unsettling, this book is set to make a stir.  Immediately upon its release, it is welcomed by readers with great enthusiasm for its refreshing essence and for its spiritual impact. Already, it is a bestseller.

By mid-February 2009, the publishing house LE PASSE MONDE permanently and officially takes over the Éditions LE PERSÉA and releases “LA MÉTHODE DU MAÎTRE, huit exercices pour la purification des chakras” (“THE MASTER’S WAY, eight exercises for purifying the chakras”).  A practical handbook with a self-explanatory title, it is a reference book for those who wish to work on themselves in the same spirit as the very first disciples of Christ.

In collaboration with Productions Intus Solaris, Le Passe Monde releases in December 2009 the audio CD “La méthode du Maître”, eight guided meditations by Daniel Meurois accompanied by the original music of Michel Garnier, author and composer of the Oratorio de Marie-Madeleine, (The Oratorio of Mary Magdalene).

April 2010 sees the publication of Daniel Meurois’s thirtieth book: “IL Y A DE NOMBREUSES DEMEURES…” (“THERE ARE MANY ABODES…”), an amazing journey into parallel universes not only at the heart of Creation itself but also into our own creations. This book provides a new outlook on the world of dreams, dwelling places of the hereafter, Archetypes, the sphere of consciousness of Archangels,… and the elfen world. An entirely new proposition aimed at expanding our inner horizons…

The third MariaIn the spring of 2011, Daniel Meurois publishes one of his most significant books: “LE TESTAMENT DES TROIS MARIE” (THE THREE MARYS’ TESTIMONY”). For many readers, it is certainly the most beautiful and enlightening book they have read. A work that also attracts a resounding success.

In September 2012 follows the publication of “ADVAÏTA”, an educating testimony marked by an innovative approach to the search for the Divine within oneself. Both profound and practical, it is an essential tool for self-improvement.

In 2013, the long-awaited book « THE GREATTHE GREAT BOOK OF ESSENIAN AND EGYPTIAN THERAPIES BOOK OF ESSENIAN AND EGYPTIAN THERAPIES” is released.  It serves as a reference book in the field of holistic health and knowledge of the subtle laws governing the human body. It combines the practice of energetic therapies with a profound emphasis on the sacred aspect of life and healing energy. An outstanding large-format book with many illustrations co-written by Daniel Meurois and his wife Marie Johanne Croteau.

At the end of the summer 2014, Daniel Meurois presents his latest book: »LES 108 PAROLES DU CHRIST »… (THE 108 SAYINGS OF CHRIST… 108 pearls of wisdom for the present time).  For those engaged in a genuine reflection on the purpose and meaning of their lives, this book will not leave them unmoved. Intended as a daily companion, it can be used as a basis for meditation or can be opened randomly time after time to serve as a guide to our inner journey far from dogmas but near to the heart. 230 pages that were eagerly awaited by numerous readers… A source of strength, joy, and appeasing trust.

July 2017 brings the long-awaited release of the first volume of “THE SECRET LIFE OF JESHUA”– Seasons of Awakening (Éditions Ariane). This book unveils with astonishing force – through readings of the akashic records – the never before revealed reality of the first thirty years of life of Him who was to become Christ.

A 432-page book that rapidly became a bestseller both for its numerous revelations and the depth and quality of its initiatory teachings as well as for its literary qualities. 

On the same path and after two years of dedicated work, Daniel Meurois publishes in October 2017 the French version of the second volume of “THE SECRET LIFE OF JESHUA” (Les saisons de l’Accomplissement – Seasons of Fulfilment). With increasing evocative power, the book recounts the remaining life and real teachings of Jesus up to his death in Kashmir at an advanced age. A 680-page 

book with shattering contents of high initiatory value and overwhelming pertinence, which has already been received by tens of thousands readers as a major, revolutionary work that accurately restores the true ministry of Christ as well as His original Word, far from all dogmas.

Countless readers have spontaneously qualified the book as a “monument”. According to Daniel Meurois, the two volumes of “The Secret Life of Jeshua” constitute the book he was born to write.

Finally, in the fall of 2018, Daniel Meurois publishes “LE LABYRINTHE DU KARMA” (THE LABYRINTH OF KARMA), a book intended above all things to be profoundly human and accessible to all, in order to answer the countless questions of all those who try to understand the course of their lives and the reason for their ordeals.

What exactly is Karma? What are the laws that govern it? What is meant by a soul contract or a life mission? Where does our freedom lie? Daniel Meurois takes us along on these lines of inquiry and approach as well as on the path of meditation in order to develop greater inner peace. This is a book that brings both consolation and a better understanding of life.