Travelling in time is certainly one of the oldest dreams nourished by Humanity. From imaginary narratives to wild or ‘avant-garde’ scientific speculations, people have always been fascinated by the exploration of space-time.

Though boasting powerful rationalism, our era surprisingly has not turned its gaze from such a quest. Indeed, on the sidelines of literature, the most advanced research in quantum physics is now leading to such a revolutionary approach of the time dimension that old hopes are more than ever revived.

If I personally take an interest in that matter, it is certainly not with the approach and knowledge of a scientist. My approach is simply that of an experimenter… at first involuntary, I must say. It is as such that I express myself through these lines. Although I am not an expert in mathematics, I can nevertheless testify to a rather troubling phenomenon that has affected my own life.

Without going into details of my personal journey over the last thirty-five years, let’s say that I have gradually discovered an investigation method of what we call “the past”. Very far from time machines, my working instrument solely depends on a radical modification of my state of consciousness. To be more explicit, here is a short explanation of how it all happens to me, or rather how I approach space-time exploration.

For a better understanding, one must first start from the premise that any human being is endowed with a soul that has the natural capacity of getting out of the physical body and living autonomously in another vibratory space. As far as I am concerned, it is the knowledge and controlled practice of extracting my consciousness out of its flesh garment that gives privileged access into space-time.

Indeed, it is only when the energetic body of my soul has voluntarily detached itself from its physical envelope that I find myself in a state of consciousness conducive to envisioning a journey within what the Orientals call ‘the Akashic Records’. I can describe it as a state close to total emptiness, except that something in me – something which has nothing to do with willpower but is rather a confident call – connects to a very specific period of time in our History or to a particular being.

In this space that seems empty but is actually incredibly full, I then have the sensation that my consciousness tries to tune to a certain wavelength, just like we try to capture a radio frequency or television channel with a slider. Once the connection is established, the veil of Time is suddenly torn apart. My soul immediately melts into the past, provided it accepts to let go totally and regardless of the nature of the reality that is presenting itself.

It is a total immersion. It must indeed be understood that during such an experience of expansion of consciousness, there is no question of simply being the spectator of some blurred images torn from the past. My soul finds itself at the heart of the action taking place centuries or even millennia ago. It is not facing a movie that would be projected onto some external screen, but it is totally integrated into the film as if it actually lived in that time, with all senses presupposed in this life: sight, obviously, but also hearing, touch, taste and smell. Impossible of course to intervene onto the course of the action absorbing us… The one experiencing such a phenomenon is thus totally captured by the scenes discovered and often shaken by their impact.

I must say that it took me a number of experiments of this nature before I could understand without any doubt that the films I penetrated into, had been recorded through the gaze, therefore the consciousness of a man or woman having lived at the investigated time… possibly my own conscience in another existence…

I know today that every time I am called to « read » the past, I plunge into the memorial film of a specific being and have thus access to its fundamental database by means of a vibratory frequency. After hundreds and hundreds of experiments of this kind, I can now claim that the consciousness of all individualized living beings constantly plays the role of a kind of integral video-camera whose particularity is to preserve the absolute and therefore awesome memory of all that is experienced and even felt. I am also convinced that this memory will nourish what I boldly call an immeasurable – and actually divine – “collective hard disk”. It is precisely such a hard disk or colossal Memory that the Orientals call ‘Akasha’, a true living Light which according to their oldest Traditions would be the major constitutive element of our Universe.

In reality, the memory which is the deep nature of this element and which gives rise to what is commonly called ‘the Book of Time’ is made up of as many books as living and thinking beings over the course of time, each having stored and engraved the film of their own existence on the sensitive Akasha plate. However, once we start researching in that direction and experiencing the phenomenon on a regular basis, we cannot stop at these few considerations. All the notions of our relationship with Time indeed find themselves irremediably shaken.

Personally I would say that, the more I enter the Akashic dimension, the more deeply I am convinced that as a species having reached a decisive phase of its evolution, it will soon be impossible for us humans to continue conceiving Time in a linear way, i.e. decomposed into past, present and future. Since my approach of this matter primarily has a mystical orientation, I can only speak of intense and countless inner experiences, which are not taken into account by our society. I would be very surprised however, if the great conviction that has inhabited me for many years and corresponds in my eye to a tangible reality, does not end up being proved by solid scientific argumentation and even going through similar experimentation.

I am speaking here of my conviction that everything takes place simultaneously across the universe. In other words, I can only think of passing time as an illusion generated by the narrowness of our consciousness. In my opinion, Time is rather a kind of individual and collective dream staged by a Hyper Consciousness – that we can call God – to play the role of an instrument in the service of our Awakening.

When I reach the state of consciousness that allows me to plunge into the Memory of Time, it seems obvious to me that everything is already accomplished and perfect in this Eternal Present that we call Eternity and of which we can only have a broad idea. I then say to myself that the multitude of lives that we live, as well as those in which we take part, is like a vertiginous quest forming the global Consciousness of the Universe, that quest being the instrument to expand our Consciousness.

It remains that for the time being, since we have to express ourselves in the very heart of illusion, access to the Time archives seems to be carefully preserved by what I would call Presences or Intelligences infinitely closer than us to a state of total memory. Why ? For the sake of protecting them, since our species is not yet mature enough to approach a truth likely to scorch. Too much Sun… Moreover, it does not seem possible or conceivable to go and search the past just for the sake of curiosity or without a serious constructive motivation.

I believe that the search for the sense of Time is that of our Origin, which itself merges with our Destination… Once we have understood this otherwise than intellectually, we will know that the ocean of the Akashic Records can only be approached with infinite respect and with all the love that approaching the Sacred presupposes. Finally, if there is a revolution to which we should definitively aspire, it is the one that will lead us to discovering the secret of space-time, because that is where we will rediscover the infinite perception of the unity of All That Is…, the basis of true Peace and Completeness.

by Daniel Meurois