Is there anybody who has never heard of Alzheimer’s disease today?

We all have, or nearly all of us have among our close relations someone who suffers from this disease or who knows someone who has it.

We are well aware of the pain and tragedy surrounding this disease, not only for the person directly affected, but also for his family and friends.

A few evenings ago, as I was reflecting on this individual and social tragedy, I suddenly happened to change altitude….  By this, I mean that I was able to look from a different perspective at some of the serious symptoms currently experienced by our species.

During a few seconds, I felt as if I had been invited to see through the eyes of one of the great Entities who, ever since they were born into a truly Human existence, keep an eye on us and patiently try to help us.

This was only a brief expansion of consciousness, yet it immediately tore some kind of veil inside me.

And then I saw us, human apprentices on Earth, I really saw how we were actually all affected by some unknown form of Alzheimer’s disease.

I saw how we were all struck with partial or total amnesia, having lost our identity and our references, wandering here and there, wondering about our origin and rarely able to consistently focus on the least real objective.

Oh, this perception only lasted a few moments! Yet, it was so powerful and so enlightening that I could not help thinking: “That’s it exactly… Deep down inside our souls, we are struck with the disease of Forgetfulness… Most of us go round in circles, are often the prey of a stream of obsessive-compulsive disorders, rarely have a goal, hardly remember and seldom want to know about the Source, and finally are entirely unaware of our soul and its true family.

In short, I saw us with a past which is a riddle to us, a future we cannot even fathom, and a present we are unable to appreciate, not even by bringing a little joy into it.

Is that a tragedy? In a way, yes it certainly is… However, every disease has a teaching function, even if we say we don’t care, even if we rebel against it. Sooner or later, it brings us face to face with ourselves, with our flaws and the abyss of our unconsciousness. The image is classic, of course, but however hackneyed it may seem, people do not always understand all its ramifications.

So, what about the Guides of our Humanity, you might ask? What about our big Brothers? Our soul healers, too, without a doubt… Well, these healers do not yet “know” and “understand” everything and we should not expect everything from them, but they endeavor with compassion to restore us to ourselves, to stimulate us tirelessly deep down in our hearts, in the place that bears our name. They, too, are still learning and progressing…

With the establishment of religions throughout the ages, these Soul Healers have naturally given us some remedies – some kind of pills which we have more or less successfully absorbed and assimilated. These remedies were intended to strengthen our spine and give us a goal, for lack of being able to give us our memory back.

But a pill, however useful and respectable, no matter who conceived it, is still exterior to us. You take it according to prescription; it calms anxiety, eases pain, and reduces symptoms.

Does it cure on a deep level? Not very often!

Does it stimulate the Original, the Whole, the Primal Cell which contains all memory? Not very often either.

This Primal Cell hiding behind the veil of our “Alzheimer of the soul” is what we need to “unearth”. Bringing it to emerge from the womb of the Earth is our sole responsibility.

The healing process only begins when we realize that, and not before.

And now, one more thing, what happened on this famous 21 December 2012 everyone was talking about? It seems to me that it is already forgotten. Do people choose to be silent because, contrarily to the expectations of some, nothing visible happened and no one came to take care of us and relieve our burden? Or do they prefer to forget about it because it gives them the feeling they can go on “as before”?

For us in the West, “as before” unfortunately means taking in our stride a war or two here and there, thousands of miles away from our TV sets, and famine and earthquakes at the other end of the world. The usual, after all! The usual… As if this “usual” represented the natural order on our planet…

As far as I am concerned, I am rather persuaded that we, the Westerners whose civilization has contributed so much to the amnesia of the soul, are somehow in the “eye of the hurricane”. We forget that millions of persons experience every day in their flesh and in their heart a real 21 December 2012.

Will the eye of the hurricane become smaller one day? We can assume it without any risk of being mistaken. The Intelligence which gives Life to everything and has all the time in the world has often chosen to surprise us. It is more effective!

So, dear readers, even if there was no other reason for it, you who – forgive me for saying it – know the luxury of being able to “focus on your spirituality”, please do everything in your power in order to recover your Memory.

How? You don’t need theories for that. Just be true and loving, know when to get involved, and don’t be afraid to tell the masters of hypnosis and those who sow the seeds of amnesia what you really do not want. Do that always.

And never ever hand over your power to be what you yearn to be. Work at it, here and now!

Daniel Meurois, January 2013