An interview with Marie Johanne Croteau-Meurois and Daniel Meurois for the magazine « Sacrée Planète »

The tradition of energetic healing known under the general label “Essenian therapies” was also known in ancient Egypt. Could it date even further back? Can you tell us about its true origin? Is Atlantis a possibility?

Daniel Meurois: As a matter of fact, this is an ageless tradition.

Since it is based on in-depth knowledge of the circuits of universal life energy in the broadest sense of the word – meaning cosmic and timeless – it is practically impossible to speak of its origins. Atlantis is only a phase in its history. It’s no use speaking about it.

One thing is sure: this tradition is not just “terrestrial”. What I mean is that it travelled from one world to the other. Of course, each type of humanity and people it went through has also given it a personal touch, that’s only logical. Besides, that’s also what makes it so rich.

Actually, healing with the hands in accordance with the subtle anatomy of the body is an innate reflex in any person who is aware of the existence of the soul. Most of the time, the education received from the earliest childhood makes people turn away from this kind of relationship to other persons with their illnesses and sufferings. Without a doubt, what I call the Egyptian-Essenian tradition has developed over the ages and throughout the worlds by means of observation and experimentation. These were intuitive at first, and were structured later on under a consistent system clearly showing the existence of a subtle architecture of the human body and consequently its connection with the Divine.

What roles did Aménophis III and Akhenaten play in the spreading of this tradition?

D.M.: These two pharaohs have been the main enlightened and methodical compilers of this corpus of data. For the West and in the current cycle in human history, they were the ones who structured this system of references and procedures. They remained its guardians until it was transmitted to a small group of persons of the Hebrew people. Moses was the one in charge of the transmission,
Akhenatonalthough he himself was no therapist. I say “Moses”, but that also includes his next of kin. In the same way, instead of saying “It was Aménophis III and Akhenaten”, one should say: “It was at their request”. In short, all the so-called esoteric knowledge in our Western culture has been compiled, structured and developed by the Egyptians. The Essenes did not adopt this entire heritage. They were first and foremost interested in therapies and the data concerning the subtle reality of the universe … Why was that? Simply because there is an analogy between these two subjects. The human body is a replica of the cosmos. As for the rest of the traditional knowledge, it was taken over by the science of Kabbalah.

Some books say that those who had been trained in this tradition had also been initiated into immortality. Have the Akashic records revealed anything on this subject?

D.M.: The principle of immortality was no concern of the initiated Essenian therapists. For them as for us, the physical body was only a transitional vehicle. Nevertheless, they also knew certain very special practices mainly based on breath control and aimed at purifying body and mind from most of the accumulated slag which accelerates ageing of the body. They were reserved for a very small number of persons – a bit like advanced yogis – who felt called to stretch their good physical condition to the extreme.

The capacity of bringing the physical body to another vibratory level without having to go through death – as is the case with the Masters of Shambhalla and their alchemist disciples – is the result of an illumination or individual transfiguration in view of a very special form of service. This is not the doing of a specific initiatory school.

Today, the almost compulsive search for immortality of the flesh is clearly the delusion of a certain America fascinated by everything that resembles power, and utterly afraid of ageing and dying. True immortality is on a completely different level.

How has this tradition endured over time? Are there nowadays any groups still in possession of this knowledge? The Rosicrucians and the Cathars are sometimes mentioned in this connection …

D.M.: The Essenian and Egyptian tradition has endured underground in its overall aspect through the Western initiatory schools and movements. To name but a few, one can indeed mention the Rosicrucians, some organizations claiming to be followers of the Templars, and even druidism, in some ways, although the origins of druidic lore are much more complex. Catharism cannot be left out from such a list either, even though one could deplore their very dualistic attitude… which is, by the way, not unlike the Essenian doctrine practised in the monasteries.

We are talking here of purely esoteric knowledge, of rituals involving the subtle energies of Nature, but also of high metaphysics and philosophy in the sacred sense. These movements and these schools are generally characterized by cycles of activity and rest, in other words by ups and downs, rises and falls, as is the way of all flesh.

As far as I know, it is much less evident to find traces of a structured and comprehensive therapeutic tradition within these schools.

One must keep in mind that the Essenian and Egyptian tradition was mostly an oral tradition. When some data were written down, on papyrus rolls for example, this was often done in codified or symbolic language. Not so much in order to conceal information, but to preserve its sacred and intangible character. Today, we are under the impression that words can define everything, but, very often, they carry concepts in a kind of mental enclosure. That is the purpose of symbols and archetypes. They bring reflection to different levels … knowing that intellectual capacities alone will not bring us to these levels.

How did this therapeutic tradition reappear in our time?

D.M.: I must say that I was personally involved in its resurgence, without having looked for it. In the first place, I would like to clarify that this was not done by way of the Akashic Records or Memory of Time, as some have wrongly contended, but by channeling.

These channeling sessions – through incorporation – started at the fall of 1984. In addition, the research made by my soul through the Akashic Records helped me explore in more depth and progressively structure the data I had discovered over several decades.

So, I started channeling in 1984 in the small village of Plazac in Périgord, where I relayed live information regarding the therapies. This information came from spheres of consciousness outside our planet. It emanated from non-earthly entities who had already communicated in the remote past with the ancient peoples of our world, particularly the Egyptians and the Essenes.

Please note that I prefer to speak of “spheres of consciousness outside our planet” rather than using another commonplace expression. You might ask why. Well, first of all, basically because these words have been misused and twisted by science fiction and in some writings; then, because the notion “sphere of consciousness” primarily refers to the “level of consciousness”, in other words to the inner elevation as opposed to a technological gap. The ancient texts associated with our culture mention the name Elohim. They are the ones I am talking about; they are the source of the information I have been receiving since 1984.

A number of Essenes – but not all of them – were men and women whose psychic sensibility allowed them an easy relationship with the invisible world. Contacts with non-earthly beings of cosmic proportions – entities in touch with the Divine – were familiar to them. It sometimes happened that they communicated with the Elohim.

In 1984, when I was brought in regular contact with my previous lives among the Essenes and in Egypt, and then encouraged to “kick off” the project I am still working on today, I started receiving teachings on Essenian therapies – or, more precisely, on Essenian and Egyptian therapies – in front of an audience of thirty to fifty persons and at the rate of once or twice a week. I personally wrote down the information I received during each meeting. Much of the data given through my mouth during the channeling sessions has also been recorded on tape while being transmitted live in front of the public. This work has gone on for a dozen years in Périgord and was then resumed in Quebec. This is how the therapeutic tradition we are talking about was revived. The ensuing method of energetic healing is based on precise messages and a whole lot of information.

Throughout the years, these data, both practical and spiritual, finally and quite naturally ended up forming a real corpus of information. This information is regularly completed by numerous readings of the Akashic Records.

This sums up the history of this therapeutic tradition, such as we know it today…

When the Essenian therapies – or rather Essenian and Egyptian therapies, if you prefer, because this designation is more precise at any rate – when these therapies were revived through the channelings I had received, we did not yet have any specific name for them. We only spoke of universal energetic therapies. We finally named them Essenian by assimilation, the Essenian therapists having been the last to practice them about two thousand years ago.

I would like to add that the corpus of information we have gathered until now is being continually updated with new data as I receive them and with the contribution and know-how of my wife, Marie-Johanne, who is also very “connected” to the “Essenian times”.

What was for the Essenes – and for the Egyptians before them – the role of illness in human beings?

D.M.: In their tradition, just like in all great world traditions, the therapists who had a holistic approach to illness always saw it as an appointment of the being with himself. Illness inevitably indicates a crossroads in the life of a person, a crossroads which suggests he should re-think his way of living, especially his inner life hygiene. This is about emotional and mental hygiene. It also has to do with the person’s beliefs, which often end up conditioning the person and inducing a particular behavior. In modern terms, one could say that illness, viewed in this light, is like a red light flashing on the dashboard of a vehicle. It is the sign of some disorder which must be detected, the roots of which might very well be quite different from the actual symptom or even appear to have no relation with it.

Coming back to the Essenes and the Egyptians, I would say that they emphasized the importance of the energetic masses generated by human thoughts. They saw in these masses, which are nowadays called “thought forms”, the origin of most health problems. They had noticed on the one side that these masses weakened or broke up the human aura, and on the other side that they attracted toxic organisms from the lower astral plane, called “illness entities”. Their first concern was logically to purify the patient’s subtle organism by all sorts of methods, and then to clear any energetic blockages before even trying to re-establish a healing life flow. The notion of “disinfection” was paramount to them… The patients who were able to take responsibility for themselves were then taught some sorts of mantras and visualization exercises of “mental reconstruction” to help them modify their relationship to life and to prevent a possible relapse of the same problem. On the whole, the ancient people considered that going through an serious illness was like going through an initiation. Ideally, one had to try to understand its meaning. Which does not mean that is was always done and always succeeded. This approach prefigured undoubtedly what we call psychotherapy today… except for the fact that the existence of the soul was its central pivot … which is, alas, not necessarily the case nowadays, far from it. The human being is an indivisible whole, and this means that if he is deprived of one of his dimensions, none of his problems can be solved in depth. The problems are only shifted and given another name.

Back then, the therapists were priests, because healing was a sacred act. Today, things have obviously changed and one no longer considers priesthood as having necessarily anything to do with therapies. Marie Johanne Croteau Meurois, you are currently conducting a training program in Essenian therapies together with Daniel. Who is this training aimed at? How important is the sacred aspect of these therapies for you?

Marie Johanne C. Meurois: Our training program in Essenian and Egyptian therapies is of course not intended for everyone, because we honestly think that the basic qualities of a good therapist are not given to everyone. The essential qualities we are looking for in our training school are the qualities related to true compassion, for example. Many people do not really know what compassion truly means: the sincere will to help and nurse, the ability to listen to the ill person and to accept him. Other qualities are honesty, capacity of discernment, a clear spiritual path and what is called faith. Finally, it would be optimal to manifest certain gifts which could facilitate the practice of this type of therapy, such as, for example, a particular sensitivity of the hands, clairaudience, clairvoyance, etc…

It is not a matter of saying, as I unfortunately heard recently in a video about this type of therapy: « In order to heal, you have to inject the light which is all around us into the subtle bodies … ».

This answer left me perplexed, because in our opinion, this wording is incoherent and inconsistent in the context of the Essenian tradition. Such a statement seems to leave out the whole sacred aspect of the therapies and disregard their basic principle: the inner search of a specific quality of Light on the part of the therapist. The aim is to channel this Light and then infuse it with all the Love and Consciousness needed into the patient’s body… without forgetting to ask for help and assistance from the Heavenly Entities, the Guides of Light.

It should be mentioned that the healing act is an act of complete symbiosis with “Heaven”. A trinity consisting of the Divine Presence, the therapist and the patient must be made manifest. The therapeutic energy flows then from Heaven to the therapist, who acts as a tool and a channel. The therapist then transmits through his hands the “Sacred Healing Energy” to the patient’s body, and the Light finally returns to “Heaven”. This is a continuous Trinitarian movement of regeneration of the flow of the Healing Energy of Love coming from the heavenly spheres.

How important is the sacred aspect of these therapies for me? Of the utmost importance, because healing is a sacred act by itself. Without asking for help from a Light Entity, without acknowledgement of the Sacred, there is no healing is possible. It’s as simple as that. No need to learn “to gesticulate mentally” in the subtle energies of an ill body and to utter sounds, nothing will change at a deep level. Any positive result in the Egyptian-Essenian therapies is based on the therapist’s faith and his respect of the sacred aspect of the act of healing, in other words on a true connection to the universal Divine Energy.

We certainly do not just teach a set of data which is to be mentally integrated. We teach our students to unlearn the mental models in order to connect themselves to the Source and the Heart of it inside and outside us, in order to let the therapeutic Energy work on the ill body.

We try to give our students a feeling of the existence of another “step” to climb, the step which brings them from the simple level of therapist to the level of healer therapist.

We also recommend working in parallel with the official medicine of our society, because no branch of medicine should exclude the others. The Essenian – or Egyptian-Essenian therapies are not a set of techniques to be more or less skillfully combined with the hands, but are the result of a sacred and intimate communion of the heart and the soul. Wisdom and mastery consist in handling both intelligently. We want to give our students all the tools of this method, but above all, we hope to bring them closer to its mystical aspect and teach them to integrate the Healing Energy in their hands and in their hearts, thus magnifying the impact of a simple technique.

Love alone is not enough, it needs the breath of Will. Without it you cannot dream, you cannot accomplish anything”, as is written in “Les Enseignements premiers du Christ”. (by Daniel Meurois, Éditions Le Passe-Monde)

Christ obviously has a very important place in your teachings. Do you consider him an Essenian therapist?

MJ.C. Meurois: Yes, Christ has indeed a very important place in our teachings, but certainly not because we consider him an Essenian therapist. Of course, he had been trained in Krml by the Great White Brotherhood since his early childhood, but he had also been initiated in Egypt, where he taught the therapies in temples.

Daniel Meurois has given multiple accounts concerning this in his books and seminars, but, to make a brief recap, this is roughly what he said: “After returning from a long journey of 17 years in India and the Himalayas, Master Jeshua underwent an initiatory death in the great pyramid of Cheops, during which he was filled with the solar supra-consciousness of Christ. After this major event, he was filled with another Force during a second initiation. During the famous ceremony of baptism in the Jordan River, the consciousness of the Logos of our galaxy was added to the supra-consciousness of Christ. So, when we speak of Christ, we mean Jesus-Christ. There are three forces in one: the first is the force of the incarnated Master of Wisdom, the second comes from the highest realized entity of our solar system, and the third from the highest Entity of our Galaxy”.

I had the luck to be a close female witness of Christ, two thousand years ago. I find it so hard to describe what He was and still is for me… Words are too inadequate or meaningless… Even today, I cannot neither describe nor express the forces that worked and radiated from and through Him.

No, Christ was not an Essenian therapist, he was Christ!

What I teach today comes from my own memories of Master Jeshua’s teachings, which I personally received in a small group of more or less ten persons. I teach according to the live memory of my soul. Every aspect of my teaching is permeated by this memory of Him. Of course, I don’t forget either the basic source of these therapies, received directly from the Elohim (or Star Brothers) and revived by Daniel since 1984.

Were there more men or women among the Essenian therapists? Did the women have specific tasks, for example working with oils and herbs?

MJ.C. Meurois: The churches are traditionally patriarchal and have always favored men. Master Jeshua had on the contrary privileged or encouraged a matriarchal tradition. His first disciples were undoubtedly women: his mother Myriam, Mary Magdalene, Mary Salome, Mary Jacobe … These female disciples worked at least as much as the men tending to the ill according to His teachings. This did not prevent some of them from working at the preparation of precious healing oils and perfumes, and using medicinal herbs according to the ancestral Essenian and Egyptian herb lore. However, it should not be assumed that all disciples of Master Jeshua had healing skills or knowledge … just as it would be wrong to believe that they were all gifted orators capable of drawing large crowds. It was mostly through their radiance that they transmitted their Christlike sensitivity, whether they were men or women, therapists or not.

Daniel Meurois, has there been an evolution of the therapies from the Egyptians to the Essenes? Can you confirm that the Essenian therapies were a little more ethereal or maybe more simple?

D.M.: There was bound to be an evolution, or rather a series of adjustments. That is logical and reassuring, because everything rigid is bound to die. Each people, each culture has its own sensitivity, its strengths and weaknesses. When travelling from one tradition to the other, the same knowledge is inevitably colored by the land which receives it. It can become richer in some areas, weaker in others, that’s what makes it alive. One should not forget that this was essentially an oral tradition. It was logical to find variations from one teacher to the other, from Egypt to Palestine. Actually, it would be overly simplistic to claim that the therapies of the Essenes were more ethereal or simple. This depended in the first place on the teacher and the context in which he was teaching.

However, I admit that the Essenes were a little shyer of body contact than the Egyptians, due to their allegiance to Judaism. I would also say that the Egyptians were less dualistic in this regard, because they treated the physical body as a temple to be respected and not so much as a dense manifestation of life. In this regard, Jeshua was certainly more like an Egyptian, because He did not fear any aspect of the human body; He was not at all reluctant of body contact, contrary to what the Christian tradition wants us to believe. He saw life as a whole and did not exclude any of its levels of manifestation. This is what Marie Johanne and I are trying to convey through the way we are teaching these therapies. The subtle and the dense are closely interwoven and should not repel nor exclude each other. Many people claim they want to overcome duality, but are still unable to understand that duality starts just there. Learning to get in touch with the ethereal expressions of life does not imply losing or even less denying its denser roots.

Modern science has discovered some notions which I believe the Egyptians already knew about, some thousands of years ago. Can you say a few words about it?

D.M.: I actually mentioned in “Ainsi soignaient-ils” the existence of a very precise point in the human heart which the Egyptians at the time of Akhenaten called “the life point”. This point seems to coincide with a certain zone of the human heart which was discovered a short time ago by researchers of the Heartmath Institute in the United States. It is a hypersensitive zone consisting of about 40.000 cells, which should never be touched during heart surgery at the risk of causing the instantaneous death of the patient.

Researchers clearly speak of it as a brain within the heart endowed with memory.

As far as I am concerned, this point necessarily reminds me of the extension or the physical expression of what is called the primal atom.

The primal atom is a subtle atom made of condensed Akasha. In a way, it forms the basic database – or the hard disk, if you prefer – of every human being. It therefore represents the total memory of each person from the origin of his being. It includes all the karmic elements, history and profound architecture of every being. I am convinced that this modern discovery – actually a rediscovery – will raise a lot of interest in the coming years and finally contribute to the reconciliation of the subtle and the dense. When will we ever understand that the intelligence of the heart is not only a nice metaphorical and poetical concept?

Are you preparing a second volume of « Ainsi soignaient-ils”?

D.M.: Actually maybe much more than a second volume… But this will be a surprise. There is so much to say in order to “revive” all this!