Sit down in the lotus position and join your hands palms turned upward in the shape of a cup in your lap.

When you have done this, with all the power of your love, form the mental image of your Earth resting in your hands, bathing in Light.

Fill it with your love and gently flowing healing energy, then raise your hands and their subtle contents to your heart, infusing an even greater peace to the Earth.

Now, with your hands still in the same position, place your forehead in the palms of your hands, so that your act of love for the Earth can be energized by your will.

Once you have done this without any tension of doing it right but in full awareness, slowly return to the lotus position and, from the center of your chest, send forth a ray of light which you will visualize as crystal-clear as you can imagine it.

Let this ray of light travel as far as possible, until it finally completes its loop around the Earth and comes back to you a few moments later,
to the place of your heart in the middle of your back.

If you are sitting together, gathered in a circle, imagine what circuits of light and peace you can generate in a few moments when you join your efforts.

Imagine the soothing balm you can then offer.

Do this without haste, everyone at his own pace.

This is one of the most precious presents you can offer your Mother Earth, because you also invite her to answer you, when you follow the path of your ray of light which comes gently to caress you in your back.

Be well aware of this moment, brothers and sisters, for it is sacred.

Be well aware of the power of this practice at this point in time
as it is a crossroads of souls.

May the will of the Sun be with you, henceforth more than ever.

Meditation for our Planet, transmitted by Daniel Meurois