For many years now in the context of what is called “Change of Consciousness”, the theme of the Sacred Feminine has been extensively dealt with. This has brought much good, even if it may sometimes be a bit cliché and come close to saturation.

It was time for this to happen and I am glad I have been able to contribute to it – probably even to initiate it – since 1996 with the publication of “Visions esséniennes”.

But then… in parallel with this reflection, for a very long time I have been pondering over the Sacred Masculine.

It may seem silly… but why do we ignore that one?

We in the West must not pretend that this form of Sacredness does not exist or that it is unnecessary or even inappropriate to evoke it, just because we are trying to make amends for several millennia of patriarchal domination.

Many men – in the masculine sense of the term – no longer know where or how to position themselves today because of this form of unexpected or at least eloquently silent ostracism. I see this in the light of the confidences and interrogations I face regularly.

Can it be that the Masculine is only profane and, as it were, creeping?

I now think that it is about time we take stock and bring to light the noble and therefore sacred side of the Masculine : let’s face it, the Sacred Masculine has been seriously discredited for a long time, no doubt stifled by religious and secular dogmatism, machismo as well as all kinds of confusion.

If we are endowed with any common sense, we know of course that the masculine manifestation of our humanity is not made only of dominating and primary males. It is therefore not in the sense of this evidence that I wish to express myself here.

It is in the sense of an awareness of the awakening role that man can and must play by the principle that characterizes him.

How to define the Sacred Masculine? Simply as the exact complement of the Sacred Feminine. It is dynamism, sowing, strength and stability in their subtle, luminous and persistent version in time.

There is a great deal of emphasis on the woman’s role of birthgiving in the spiritual context and on her initiatory role. This is undoubtedly true, but it would be regrettable to forget that there is not a birth in the world that is the result of a single polarity, physically as subtly.

The Masculine acts at the heart of the Feminine, while the Feminine leavens in the Masculine.

Let us now gain altitude and consider the Christ Principle as our culture invites us to approach him. Is this not emphasized by his mystical marriage with our humanity and, by extension, with the Feminine Principle synthesized in the person of Miriam of Magdala?

Analogically, did Miriam not reveal herself to herself by personifying the archetype of the receptacle, the cup, the true Holy Grail represented by our whole humanity?

For a breath to be expressed, there must be a welcoming space… and for a welcome to mean anything, there must inevitably be a guest. The cup and its contents, each in its own way, then express one of the faces of the Initiation that brings awakening. They illustrate one single reality: that of the apparent opposites inevitably meant to merge.

In fact, let us realize that what we now feel to be the Sacred Feminine will never be complete without its masculine counterpart.

It would therefore be regrettable if it were to serve as a single argument for the often too simplistic and systematic discourse of certain advocates of the “New Consciousness”.

Not understanding it means keeping up the exhausting game played by the Masculine and the Feminine since… – since when by the way? – …far too long anyway.

In reality, what would be the point of moving from a patriarchate to a matriarchate or from a pope to a popess? This would mean getting rid of a mask and immediately putting on another.

It should be clear that whenever a being reaches completeness, when he is realized, it means that he is unified, that he experiences in himself the alchemical wedding of the Moon and the Sun. Let us know that, by the same token, he no longer even thinks in terms of the sacred and the profane, and even less of masculine or feminine. He tastes and offers Life simultaneously, that is all.

Whatever the features of his face and the lines of his body, borders and polarities are abolished in him. The content makes the container forgotten. It is the Sacred Human that must above all be resurrected through the thousand modes of expression of life!

Beyond all this, there is the androgynous nature of our mind… for which we yearn without even knowing it.

Of course, I will continue to speak with joy of the Sacred Feminine because its current emergence is significant as to our state of mutation. It cannot be ignored. It reveals to us the internal crossing of a major threshold, a stage that it was urgent to rediscover…

However, I will see to it that this discourse does not lead to a half metamorphosis, because it is definitively neither by man nor by woman that our problems will be solved, but in the single Breath that animates the best of each of them.

To conclude all this, you may ask “Should we still speak of a Sacred Masculine?” Yes, without hesitation. It must be remembered that it exists and no one should be afraid of manifesting it. May men not be ashamed of the constructive specificities of their heart and may women not fear them…

This is the only way to balance the two platforms of the scale and to finally focus our attention on its beam of light.

Daniel Meurois – September 2012.