Lord, lift me up and uproot the weeds within me, through all the winds of life.

Draw from me the best seeds and help me to sow them in even the rockiest of soils.

Lord, lift me up and give me the strength to smile at the rain as well as the sun.

Lead me to where the furrows of the earth will fortify me and where my footsteps can testify Your Presence within me.

Lord, lift me up and teach me the smile that speaks to those burdened by an inner storm as well as those weighed down by tears.

Enter the hollow of my hands so that the wounds of those who suffer can be healed in Your Name.

Lord, lift me up and awaken my ears to receive Your Will, my eyes to offer Your Love and my mouth to resound Your Word.


“Healing Prayer”, taught by Christ to Salome and taken from the book « Le Testament des Trois Marie », written by Daniel Meurois and published by Le Passe-Monde (2011).

© Daniel Meurois 2011