Let me tell you a rather surprising but very significant story. It happened to me exactly two weeks ago.

My wife and I were spending the last hours of a journey to Egypt where we were in charge of the spiritual guidance of the participants.

That evening, we were quietly navigating along the Nile in the direction of Luxor. The visit of the Dendera temple had been one of the highlights of our day. On the scene, it had been a great pleasure for me to evoke Goddess Hathor, one of the expressions of Isis, the Initiator, the Divine Mother of the ancient Tradition of the Pharaohs. Hathor was in fact widely represented as a woman with cow ears. For the Egyptians she symbolized beauty, love and maternity. Sometimes she even seemed to blend with the starry celestial vault … Goddess of births, she watched over deliveries, both physical and spiritual.

During our visit I had put strong emphasis on this point as well as on the important place occupied by the feminine energy in the initiatory tradition of ancient Egypt… as in the original teaching of Christ. The parallelism was obvious. It brought out the same archetypes, the same global understanding of the Divine.

Isn’t it fascinating to realize that the same great fundamental Presences always connect all cultures and religions throughout Time?

Anything that unites makes us grow. This draws our attention onto the subtle framework of Revelation put in place by divine Intelligence to deploy human consciousness through the multitude of cultures.

At the end of the evening, everyone on our boat was still inhabited by these concepts, these images and the light with which they nourish the soul. No doubt many chests were expanding…

Obviously it was time for farewells. Our journey was coming to an end. At dawn we would be at the airport, forced to scatter and resume the rhythm of our lives.

It was at that moment, at the time of embraces, just before returning to our cabins, that it all happened…

I had just started walking up one of the large spiral staircases connecting the various bridges of our boat when after a few steps I met K, one of my fellow travellers. He was a Muslim of Sufi tradition, a true mystic who gave preponderance to the force of love. On various occasions I had been happy to share with him beautiful moments of exchange. I was especially glad that he and one of his friends had been able to join us, who were mostly Christians. Daring to build bridges between traditions and cultures is always beautiful, noble and courageous.

Facing each other on the stairs, K. and I could not help but share a long and warm embrace. A strong feeling of brotherhood was circulating between us.

At some point of that embrace, a few words spontaneously came out of my mouth: « I thank you for your presence here… »

It was at that exact moment that I felt “someone” passing behind my back. Above my friend’s shoulder I then distinguished, descending the staircase where we were still standing, the silhouette of a rather tall woman dressed in a long white dress, her face covered with a white veil.

It took less than two seconds… The woman gently turned her face towards me, intensely looked at me and in a clear voice said: « I too thank you for your presence here. »

I was fully taken aback, not because she had the face of an Egyptian and was speaking to me in my own language without the slightest accent, but because cow ears appeared from under her veil…. She had the face and tender serenity of Hathor!

The woman then turned around and continued her way down the stairs, probably to the lower deck. I never saw her again.

Do I need to point out that such an encounter, however brief, cannot leave one indifferent? It is one of those that impact one’s heart and soul. It aroused in me an emotion that I can still feel inside me as I am writing these lines.

If I wanted to tell you about that experience today, it is not – believe me – to draw attention to my person by a beautiful anecdote – …can we even call it an anecdote?

If I think it is appropriate to be shared with you, it is for the beauty of what there is to understand and draw from it.

By manifesting herself to me so blatantly, what was the goddess Hathor trying to tell me? Or rather what was Isis, the Mother Goddess, the great Initiator, trying to tell us? Even more precisely, what did the eternal Female expression of the Divine, the one who also came to us as the Virgin Mary, the Great Lady of all nations, come to tell us all?

For let there be no mistake: of all the faces borrowed by Isis to that of Mary and through a multitude of other ones throughout the ages, it is the same Presence that addresses us.

The message she delivers seems simple to me, simple to decrypt and to hear.

Hathor-Isis-Mary clearly tells us that the crucial times we are living in are also her own… She tells us that her time has come in our chests. I mean, she came to witness that the presence of what is called ‘the Sacred Female Fire’ is the answer to the great challenge facing our human societies.

In this movement which calls for transformation, she thanks us for becoming aware of the urgent need to move from a primary, dualist, warlike operating mode to a more loving, intuitive, unitary, unifying approach to life.

Her presence thus invites us to have the courage to give birth to all the love that our world needs and, in so doing, to abandon ourselves to the tenderness that her emergence pours out on us.

Her energy is hardly different from that of the inner Christ to whom I have been calling each one for many years … For this Christ, behind the historical face of Master Jeshua and others, has always taught us in the feminine way, the way of forgiveness, welcome, gentle reconciliation and compassion. He does not oppose our rational, masculine and combative side, thus prolonging the old reflexes of duality. On the contrary, it opens us up to another form of reason, that of coherence, of simplification, of the union of apparent opposites, that of centering and of returning to oneself.

I see the fact that the incredibly concrete and highly incarnated vision of the current Emergence of the Isiac, Marian and – to put it another way – feminine Fire has been given to me as a sign, an invitation to be more true and more loving than ever . The true Feminine Force is there, on the march.

The appearances and masks assumed by the Light are numerous and sometimes surprising… but what they aim at achieving in us boils down to a single expression of Life: our ability to remember where we come from… and thus to Love…, certain of where we are going.

Daniel Meurois – April 2012