As everybody knows nowadays, the word Apocalypse – which refers to the End of Times – actually means “Revelation”. When we talk about Apocalypse, knowing the meaning of the word, we naturally think of global implications. We immediately imagine major events on a planetary or even cosmic scale, which are not directed at the individuals as such, but rather at their monstrous collective creations. In this context, the blame is always laid on the selfishness of others, including the governments we did not vote for, of course…

We think of our social systems, often iniquitous and totally out of balance, we consider the disasters brought about by Science, the climatic changes, the earthquakes which are beyond our control, in short everything which might get the better of our apparent stability and which will eventually destroy everything and everyone, so they say. The believers find comfort in claiming that only God knows the time and go on waking up every morning feeling more or less the same.

There is no doubt that this kind of Apocalypse exists, and that there have been similar events in the past of our planet. Construction, destruction… everything works in cycles.

Nevertheless, what catches my attention here is not so much the magnitude of the major and dramatic events which might befall us someday, whether they are due to environmental problems or some other reason.

To be frank, I have been for some time much more interested in our small daily apocalypses. By that, I mean the thousands of deceptions which are more or less openly weaving the fabric of our modern human society and causing hopelessness and suffering by fueling not only the feeling of injustice, but blatant iniquity as well.

It seems to me that, a few decades ago, people used to hide at least a little before they went about cheating, lying, stealing or attacking. Nowadays, they hardly need this restraint any longer. Nobody hesitates anymore to boast about having “conned” others. The act of faith of these persons consists in challenging their fellow men and the little that remains of social – or just human – justice. They might even be proud of their actions; at least, they are not ashamed of them. The most amazing is that, when they get caught, they are more than once declared ill or victims of society. Well… Everyone has his own sufferings and his own reasons to be as he is.

What I cannot accept however, is the fact that deception, theft, usurpation and lies have now spread from the so-called profane world to the very heart of the spiritual world.

The advent of a “New Age” at the end of the 1970s or at the very beginning of the 1980s had given us reason to hope that a new, different spirituality was going to emerge, free from all religions and their obvious manipulations. Many people had then begun to search for an ideal of authenticity and a “change in consciousness” to reach a higher level of self-realization. I have myself been working towards this goal with all my strength and with the tenacity of a long-distance runner, in order to change collective thinking and old reflexes and to bring a little more truth and love in the world, and that is really a long-winded job.

My intention has not changed in this regard… But I have changed my outlook over the years, after observing again and again that the “old age” has finally caught up with the new one and contaminated it.

I have now been navigating for thirty years in all weathers in the so-called circles of New Consciousness and I believe this gives me quite a clear picture.

After observing, meeting and listening to people, reading books, I have come to the point where I am shocked – and the word is not too strong – to see that this spiritual movement has turned out to be some kind of supermarket. The word “jungle” also comes to my mind. There are merchants, phonies and liars on every street corner.

Their books distort and devitalize the subjects, their public appearances sometimes border on the ridiculous and their “channelings” are meaningless. The egos – sometimes of galactic proportions – swell and explode while the consciences purr and finally go to sleep. And yet, in the midst of all that, many persons still have the feeling of awakening. The usurpers are given free rein…

I am not blaming those who fall victim to such a game, because not everybody can see clearly or is capable of discernment. But I do want to accuse the cheats, those who set themselves on a stage and avail themselves of a popular subject or a strong argument for their own vanity and for the feeling of power they derive from it. There are “big” names in this crowd…

To name an example which speaks for itself and is sadly amusing, I remember seeing one of those “big” names opening an eye during a “channeling” session and looking discreetly at his watch to find out how much time was left until the scheduled break. Do I need to specify that the channel in question was supposedly in a state of incorporation and of total service to the “Light”? Others, too, have noticed this odd behavior in the midst of an “incorporation”… which was entirely meaningless, by the way.

However, it became all too clear that no one was willing to draw conclusions or to investigate the issue because it would have been far too disturbing. It would have meant questioning the integrity of a “great channel” and would have been too uncomfortable for many, starting with the publisher …

Who really wants to know? Who really wants to understand and grow up with something meaningful? These are the questions I asked myself back then and which are more relevant than ever today. There is obviously a kind of deceit which suits many because it maintains its accomplices in a state of pleasant lethargy and irresponsibility.

But how can we see through deceit, you might ask? Most of the time, it is enough to use just plain common sense. Alas, this quality has become rare nowadays. It is not always easy to see clearly, I admit. I have myself been fooled more than once with my tendency to trust people straightaway.

Fortunately, after many years and many miles on the road, I do not hesitate any longer to say the following:

In the midst of this so-called new age, some have built new Churches and Chapels with their priests and priestesses who simulate initiation and falsify or impoverish information with stupefying ignorance and audacity …

As I am writing those lines, I am well aware that I risk attracting the anger and all-out attacks of some. I am expecting it. However, let those who are about to react in this way realize that Time always unmasks all hoaxes sooner or later, even if it takes… time.

Cheating in temporal affairs is one thing, but cheating in spiritual matters is another thing altogether. The endorsed responsibility is infinitely greater. One cannot eternally abuse the trust of those who are sincerely thirsting for a real liberating truth. As to the Divine, It can never be cheated, even if It seems to be silent and uninvolved. There is bound to be an apocalypse for cheats.

In a world so badly in need of truth and clarity of soul, someone has got to stand up and warn against impostures. If I am that person today, I assume the risk thereof.

We cannot indefinitely feign Love and Awakening, we are too much in need of the true Light which defeats all lies.

Daniel Meurois, November 2010