This is a major work; a work which many readers throughout the world say has changed the path of   their lives.

For many, this book was the basis of the reconciliation with the One who touched humanity forever.

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls has raised many questions…Who was Jesus? And who were the Essenes from which he appeared to have been so close?

This live testimony attempts to answer these questions. Indeed, Daniel Meurois and Anne Givaudan offer the astounding result of their experience in the Akashic Annals, after 2 years of astral voyage.

They give us the opportunity to read and discover with them in the Memory of the Universe surprising events kept secret for two millenniums.

Powerful and beautifully written, they allow us to revive, with emotion, the Essene community‘s daily life in the time of Christ.

A fascinating and surprising book, “The Way of the Essenes” quickly became a best seller in the many countries where it was translated.

Even though it disturbs many set ideas, it does not impose anything.

However the book touches the reader deeply while bringing him to reflect back on both the importance of the Essenes contribution to the preparation of the Christ’s mission and its comprehension in the scheme of evolution.

Publisher: INNER TRADITIONS   ISBN Number: 0892813229

French title: « De mémoire d’Essénien »