From the Egyptians to the Essenians

An Approach to the Therapy: Understanding and Practicing

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We are just beginning to rediscover an essential truth today. The precious gift of health results from a subtle balance between the soul and the body. What are the laws of this harmony, and is it possible, therapist or not, to penetrate to the heart of its mysterious functioning?

Turning to the teachings and practices of the ancient Egyptians and Essenians, Daniel Meurois offers us in this book some important elements for comprehension and work.

The Way They Healed provides a real method for us to use to take decisive steps in the field of the subtle-energy therapies.

From the ancient therapeutic techniques to a different and luminous global vision of disease, this illustrated book full of anecdotes invites us to new horizons, particularly for those looking for a real and greater harmony in life.