Imagine you’ve just woken up with the memory of an absolutely stunning dream. A dream so fascinating, so powerful, so gripping, that you still feel it inside, so much so that you start wondering what is dream and what is reality.

Imagine you have experienced through your dream some dazing moments in the midst of an entirely virtual world. In this world, each single element – including you, such as you think yourself – has no life of its own, but is part of a gigantic game conceived and led by a pure Intelligence so subtle that it has you struggling among a multitude of holograms, according to the way you were programmed … just to experience through you what it cannot experience for itself.

So, imagine this dream leaves you with the disturbing sensation of having penetrated a real “matrix of illusion”, similar in a way to the one in the famous movie precisely entitled “Matrix”.

Finally, imagine that the workings of this dream and above all the truth of it haunt and absorb you to the point that it becomes clear to you that you are playing a part which you had until then arbitrarily taken for your reality …

Well, if that isn’t enough to shake and upset your inner universe including your beliefs and certainties! Your mind is racing with questions…

Who are you really? A particle of consciousness conceived by a Great Programmer and equipped with a software called “karmic package”? Well then, who are the Guides, the Masters of Wisdom who have been your references for ages? Are they holograms too, and part of the same game, as if to give it a meaning?

And what about these big Brothers from other worlds who are supposed to come and reach out to us? Could it be after all that they, too, are creations from the imagination of the same Programmer … or the result of interferences with another program? The reflection of an egregor?

Everything is possible if you are ready to follow the thought “What if … ?” to the end. You even start doubting the reality of your own soul and its survival in other worlds as you had imagined it until now.

And finally … are you “real” enough to move from one “life stage” to another … or from one level of difficulty to another?

So you decide to sit down and take some time to consider your dream and its consequences. You start feeling dizzy and end up telling yourself: “What if it was all true? What if the sensation of “existing” in a given world was only a Great Illusion which we all know as “Maya”, while we are actually only “projections” of Something which is way beyond us and which we are hopelessly trying to understand with our limited minds?”

Everything suddenly appears in a different light… Everything!

Shall I tell you something? The only reason I can speak like this of this dream is because I know it well. Through it, I have even experienced what I call “the discomfort of awakening”.

No one can escape this discomfort forever and many are stumble over it … but all of us must absolutely find the courage to go through it, for it cleanses us of everything which slows us down because non-vital for our consciousness, our Center, our heart of Peace.

To put it in less metaphysical and therefore more concrete terms, after having meandered through such a dream, I tell myself today that the only real question one should ask oneself when engaged in such a journey of self-discovery is the following:

“What would my life mean – or rather this form of consciousness I have of myself inhabiting my body – if I realized one day that I had been the victim of a huge farce, that Shambhalla and its ascended Masters were only a big joke, that all “channels” in the world were fakes or had themselves been deceived, that the existence of other universes was only a fable, and finally that the teachings of the great initiatory schools were only a bunch of theories without foundation? Well, what would my life mean then? “

Is it absurd to ask oneself these questions which appear rather nihilistic at first sight?

I don’t think so. I believe that when we reach a certain point in a real spiritual path, we have to go through with things, that is to say we have to go beyond the comfort point of our ego – in order not to leave any unclear or unstable zone in ourselves.

I also believe that in all deep inner processes, we have to be able to envisage a void, this is unavoidable. It is also a sign of strength.

As far as I am concerned, I was quick to come up with a very simple answer: If I found out that everything I believe in and everything that makes up my life was a gigantic illusion, IT WOULD NOT CHANGE A THING … More precisely, it would not change anything fundamental for the person I am, it would not change anything as to the determination of my heart.

Of course, my mind or my intellect would have to adapt… but all in all, this would only be the logical consequence of the overture and the revolution it has called for; this would be an extraordinary way of approaching the profound meaning of Maya.

“And what next?” you may ask.

Next… or rather simultaneously, the Essential would remain intact within me. By this, I mean that my point of Light, my connection to the Divine, this space of Love which has always pulsed in me, everything that is one in my heart would in no way be affected.

This Flame is like an unrootable tree, a profound knowledge of all that IS, beyond all assumptions and theorems, beyond all Masters and all Traditions.

That is why, more than ever, I know that my connection to my own Essence can never fail me, even if everything I believed in, everything I shared ceaselessly and based my life upon, was taken away from me.

Whether we call this Flame or this anchor point the inner Christ, the consciousness of Buddha, Atma or any other name, does not make any difference…

This is the ultimate truth I want to bear witness to … everything “else” being only paths and roads towards it.

So here is the question I would like to ask you:  “What would remain of you and of what you think you have understood if your patterns were suddenly disrupted?” This is a real question … because what counts most should not be your points of reference, but Everything unalterable that is in you. Your prime Crystal …

May I hope I to be contagious with this process of awareness and may I surmise that you will never place your strength in “Something” outside your ultimate Center?

This takes boldness… and a real commitment.

Daniel Meurois, March 2012