A message from our Brothers from the Stars

A message from our Brothers from the Stars

For thirty years, Daniel Meurois has been known throughout the world for his numerous books, conferences and seminars.
As a channel, however, he is still very little known, if at all. Daniel Meurois channels Beings of Light he calls „Brothers from the Stars”, and who belong to a “sphere of consciousness” outside that of our planet.
After the release of his book “Ce qu’Ils m’ont dit” (“What They told me”), a written testimony to their presence, Daniel Meurois was for the first time filmed during a channeling session.
In front of a small group of about thirty, they spoke through his voice, offered their teachings, and answered questions of general concern.
The present video is unique to this day and offers the listener tools for inner growth, comfort in the midst of a troubled world, and a powerful wave of love they can embrace.
A universal teaching free of dogmatism and transmitted by Daniel Meurois on June 15th, 2010 in Provence, with the support and love of Marie-Johanne C.Meurois.
Welcome to you, friends forevermore. Thank you for answering our call and joining us in this place.

Please note that we say “joining us in this place”. For indeed, you have come to us, to this vibratory space which you inhabit differently. Thank you for joining us, not out of curiosity, but with purity and tenderness in your heart. We are aware of this and it shows us that you belong to this family.

Can you guess why we wanted you to join us? The answer is very simple. We want to help you make the best of yourselves, of course, but above all, yes above all… to help you recover your memory. We are not speaking of the memory of your past lives; those memories do not matter much. We are speaking essentially of the memory of your kinship with our brother, Christ. When we speak of Christ our brother, we do not refer only to the Master, but to the Christ Principle, and to your kinship with this Principle. This is the memory we want to stimulate in you.

In the end, all these practices and therapies that you are learning or for some of you rediscovering are a kind of pretext. As pretexts, they are very useful, and even necessary, because they will help you ease the pain of others. They are already helping you now to ease the pain of others. Nevertheless, they are still pretexts in regard to the real work, the birth and rebirth you need to experience… The remembrance of your kinship with our Christ brother is the essence of your rebirth. It is also the purpose of this reunion.

If you want to walk towards the Light on the path you have voluntarily, and for some of you courageously set out on, you have to eliminate the dross from your mind. Have you noticed the two small signboards at the entrance to this place? “Shut the doors to keep the flies out”… Well, the flies represent your mind and everything that runs through it. They are the thoughts that regularly distract you from the path and instill Doubt in you, Doubt with a capital “D”. And Doubt, brothers and sisters, is the only force which separates you from your higher self. It is the only force which makes you different from the great healers, miracle workers, masters of wisdom, and from yourself as an apprentice in life up to this day. Doubt alone makes all the difference.

When this Doubt disappears, you will have recovered the memory of your kinship with Christ our brother. That is what you have come to seek in this place, even if you are not clearly aware of it. You have come to learn a work method, but most importantly, you have come to learn to know yourself again, to walk in the footsteps of your real self across Time. Nothing more and nothing less.

We well know that doubt is an instrument which can be constructive, because it is the fruit of free will, of liberty of thought, and questioning. But here, we are speaking of another kind of doubt, the doubt which makes you forget or even reject your kinship with the Divine, doubt which weakens the power of tenderness and love, doubt which says you and I, mine and yours, doubt that raises barriers. Because all of you as members of this soul family are connected by more than just a bond. You are connected by a stream of Light flowing across Time.

Do not think, however, that we are encouraging you to look amongst yourselves for ties from the past or for past identities, for there would be no point in doing that and it often leads to delusion. We just want to make you understand that what brings us together in this place dates back a long, long time and that if you decided to leave this room, whether tomorrow, this evening, or right this minute… the imprint you have received in this family would still prevail and connect you forever.

This is not a fatality, nor should you feel in any way trapped. Rather it is the result of your heart’s choice, a choice made long ago. You may sometimes stray from a given path, but you can never deviate from your true destination. And we are happy to see you headed towards this destination, regardless of your fears, refusals, rebellions, angers, tears, or brooding. Yes, your brooding!

Beyond all this, we can see and know that the real work is getting done. Your hands are the instruments by which you help yourselves. But the Presence of Christ in your heart is the breath of this instrument. Of course, your life’s work consists in giving Light in all possible and imaginable ways. But, beyond all this, your life’s work is to receive the Christ Energy in you. This Energy will dissolve all boundaries forever. 

Some of you are probably saying to yourselves: “OK, but we already know all this. We fully agree with all the principles. Why repeat them?”

You may “know” these principles, but you have not yet assimilated them. He who assimilates is in communion with the Essence of Life, and it is this communion that is your aim.

You must stop thinking that your essence is any different from either our essence or that of Christ our brother. Yet, you should avoid falling into a kind of egotistical elitism which would not mean anything. The difference between you and us lies in the fact that you forget this Essence.

But now we would like to stop this monologue and give you the opportunity to speak freely. Please feel that you are at home in the presence of friends who have been guiding you for much longer than you suspect. Feel that you are amongst family and speak to your brothers, your sisters, in all simplicity, without analyzing yourself. You have the floor…

Question: What can we do to remember? In view of the fact that we already know it all…

Answer: Pray, pray sincerely from the bottom of your heart. You forget the deep meaning of prayer. Prayer is an offering from the heart to the Energy of Light. Prayer does not mean asking for help, but above all things offering the best of yourself. Offer it to the sun and you will receive a hundredfold. This has been said countless times before, but who is there to actually do it?

Do not pray to a force exterior to yourself from which you are expecting something, but offer the best of yourself to the Best of your Self, which is in you and is the sun itself. Meditate these words; it is not as simple as it seems, it is not a play on words either.

As soon as a frontier appears within you, erase it. Do not start looking for arguments to maintain this frontier, erase it immediately. I don’t like him because this and that… I don’t want to treat him because this and that… As soon as these thoughts come up, and they do come up of course, erase them, erase the barriers, erase the resistance, erase the hesitations, erase the reject; this is how you can progress.

We are listening to you…

Question: How is it possible to feel the presence of our Brothers from the Stars when we have not yet reached a certain level of intuition and we are alone in our working environment?

Answer: Just ask us to manifest. Call upon us.  We are not saying that we shall then appear in the flesh before you. That would be false and would undermine the trust you are asked to develop. But call on us, in silence, and ask. Our answer will never fail to come. We answer mostly through small things, and small signs… You learn to trust by learning to perceive and interpret these signs. We always answer, always.

Question: Should we pray to you like to Brothers of Light?

Answer: Little sister, you do not have to pray to us. We are not different from you. We are just a little bit older, just a little bit higher, whether you think we are masters or not. No Master will ever ask you to pray to him. That would be wrong.

The only power you should pray to is the power of the Christ Principle, of the Christ Sun which is within each of you. You are free to identify this Christ Sun with the Master Jesus if you choose, and doing so is a royal path. But actually, no real Master would expect to be prayed to. He is only an intermediary.

Simply ask for the help of the Presence you feel… Prayer is something else. Prayer is communion, you see!

Question: I find it hard to understand prayer.

Answer: Prayer is first of all a spontaneous song from the heart. You just have to feel comfortable giving as well as asking. Let the words flow out of you, don’t stop to think about whether they are harmonious or not. It is irrelevant whether you pray with words, or just with your breath; whether your prayer is a call or a pure, crystal-clear and free offering. More than anything, prayer is a state of mind. Feel comfortable in this state of mind.

In a way, the most beautiful prayer of the world is a prayer that says in essence: “Father, Your Will be done.” When you say this or when you are in this state of acceptance, you are offering yourself to the Divine and you find yourself, you see?

Question: Can you explain how it can be possible that one should feel at the same time connected to loving entities and parasitized or thwarted on a subtle level?

Answer: Why is it so? Well, because you disturb. As you know, as soon as the Light starts growing, it attracts the Shadow. And it is logical and normal that the Shadow should manifest itself, because it forces you – it is there to force you in some way – to be more and more precise and willful in your choices; to be more and more unwavering in your faith and to learn to move beyond your doubts.

Do not see the Shadow as an obstacle. As long as you see it as an obstacle, it will grow greater and greater before you. Consider it a force which has the potential to make you stronger. And as long as you are not strong enough, as long as you still have dark corners within yourself, as long as you have doubts, you will attract other dark zones and other doubts.

You might say that the road is decidedly very long… Yes it is very long indeed. But as you move on, you will notice that the sufferings and the doubts along your way are becoming lesser and remove themselves more quickly. Steadily follow your course to the next milestone … Abstain from any judgment or condemnation. Steer away from all the “yes, buts”, as we pointed out a moment ago. “I agree to treat this patient, but not that one, because ….” That’s where this mindset starts. “I’ll see X but not Y.” Do you understand?

What we avoid takes us further away from ourselves. Not further from others, but further from ourselves. What we avoid always comes back to visit us again and again.

Be thankful for the adverse energies that you feel; they are your barometer. Do not in any way consider them harmful. And do not think that you are parasitized by any energy. You are just visited by aspects of your own weakness… and that is absolutely normal on this path.

Question: How can we share and spread joy?

Answer: By being Joy. Of course, this answer might seem a bit simple to you. We go back to what we said earlier: by developing unity with the Divine, by remembering your kinship with the Divine Energy, the problem is resolved. As long as we have not achieved real unity with the Divine Principle, we are not totally filled with Joy. A part of us still doubts, observes and judges ourselves and others. Joy does not mean always being in a state of inner effervescence. Nor does it mean always having a smile on your face. Who can do that? Master Jesus, your brother, was not always smiling. No realized Master of Wisdom smiles all the time.

Yet, Joy is a permanent feeling of Unity with the Principle of Light which brings forth an inextinguishable inner smile. There is no recipe for this. How to achieve this is extremely candid and simple. Everything you encounter on your path, all the hardships, all the sufferings have only one purpose: to bring you slowly and quietly, but also surely to Joy. True Joy is a state of serenity which is infinitely higher, which transcends all the clouds which are bound to come into your lives. Joy is your anchor. Joy is not the absence of suffering, but the absence of doubt.

You can also ask for Joy. There is nothing you cannot ask for; but don’t ask it from a power outside yourselves. All of us who speak to you here now, we may seem exterior to yourselves because you see us with well-defined personalities, acting independently. Yet, our principle is in you. Do you understand?

When we call you brothers and sisters, these are not meaningless words from a brotherhood or religion. We refer to our common Essence and to the fact that there is fundamentally no barrier between us; not even the barrier seemingly raised between the worlds which makes us invisible to your eyes.

Just open yourselves.

And do not think that you must keep this information to yourselves just because you are only a few – 20 or 30 – to receive it. This information does not belong to anyone, even if it is transmitted by identified and identifiable human voices. This information can be disseminated. You can do what you want with it, provided it is not desecrated. You can only offer something sacred if the recipient receives it as such. We think you understand.

Once again, there is no need for elitism.

Question: Our world is currently suffering. Will mankind ever be able to live in the joy of togetherness, accepting our differences and awakening to the Christ Love? There are many children and people who suffer from hunger and from disruptions caused by changes in energy. Can peace come to those who govern countries? Will they awaken to the spirit of service instead of furthering a need for power, and recognize that we are all brothers? Will our rulers awaken and use politics to help the world and move forward rather than to destroy?

Answer: The answer is very simple, little sister. Your rulers are the exact reflection of what you are collectively. And what you are collectively is the result of what you are individually. Embrace change. Each of you, embrace change, amend yourselves, transform yourselves individually and in small groups, and the crystal that will emanate from your change will be contagious.

It won’t be your governments, but each one of you, right where you are, who will solve the problems you are mentioning. What will come out of you will generate other governments. Do not expect the least fundamental modification, the least significant change on this planet as long as the individuals, or at least a very important number of individuals has not undergone a genuine metamorphosis. Metamorphosis does not just mean making a few superficial good wishes; good will and ideologies, no matter how beautiful, are not enough. Individual transmutation will generate the transmutation of your governments, because your governments are the transpiration of your egos and mental forces.

As for us, we are extremely optimistic regarding the future of your world. However, we are not blissfully awaiting the dawning of a new era of peace in the very near future. Collectively, you will first have to go through a long purification phase.

Please understand that this has nothing to do with fear-mongering. We would not want to mislead you into thinking that a new era of peace is about to dawn on this planet. This does not mean that you yourselves cannot live in peace. Peace is first cultivated at an individual level. You know this and understand it. Of course, it is not a matter of saying: “I’ll selfishly make my own little world and what happens to the rest of the world does not concern me as long as I can preserve my inner stability.” That is not what it is about. The goal is not to create a cocoon around principles of connection to the Sun, which in turn would isolate you from the world. Simply develop inner stability and equanimity, and that will act as an unsinkable boat in troubled times. And the number of these unsinkable boats – unsinkable because unable to doubt their destination – is going to make the difference.

Be different and others will ask what is different about you.

Question: What is your stand on vaccination? Are all vaccines noxious or only the new generations?

Answer: We do not say that all vaccines are noxious. We cannot share such an extreme point of view. The new generation of vaccines is indeed eminently noxious, but it has to be acknowledged that the principle of vaccination as it was first conceived has done more good than harm. However, the concept of vaccination has changed a lot and modern technology produces new vaccines which are extremely injurious to general health.

We intend simply to answer your question, but not to initiate any controversy. One should not banish all forms of vaccines. This is our point of view.

Question: Do you expect anything particular from us for the hard times to come?

Answer: We expect you to abolish all barriers between you and others, between your heart and theirs. We expect you to be different, that is, to welcome and to take a stance for what you believe in, for the force you feel you can identify with. Do not fear, do not be the least afraid to stand for what you really believe in, but at the same time, do not place yourselves above others. We have seen too many who, sharing your path, come to create elite groups, believing themselves to be the guardians of knowledge, and expecting a certain personal upliftment.

Do not raise any barriers between you and others. May you be a light which others hope and wish for, that when others meet you, they say: “How do you manage to be like that?”

We do not say you should never judge, because we know that the absence of judgment is an ideal to be achieved, and an ideal can only be achieved little by little.

How do you manage to always have a smile to offer?

How do you manage do be so compassionate?

How do you manage to speak of your beliefs without imposing them on others?

That is the direction we would like you to take. You should inspire others to become better persons without ever preaching to them. For he who seeks to convert others actually distorts the nature of what truly inhabits him.

You are men and women among other men and women who have opened the door to an opportunity. It’s as simple as that. And, by opening the door, you are also offered the opportunity to meet yourselves again and the choice to remember a little bit more, free of any dogmatism.

Question: What about violence and racism in the name of religion?

Answer: A good deal of the violence arising in the world today comes as a result of karmic returns. What some groups and some social classes are now doing to others is a result of the boomerang effect. You could say that this has always been the case. But this effect is actually more blatant today, because, as you well know, we are reaching a point where mankind and the planet have come to take stock and possibly turn a page.

The fact that the boomerang effect belongs to the law of universal order does not necessarily mean that it cannot be circumvented. The only force that can reduce or eliminate the boomerang effect, which ensures karma does not bring about suffering, is forgiveness. Forgiveness from the oppressed to the oppressor is like sand thrown onto a fire. It stops the mechanisms of suffering and of vengeance. Until there is forgiveness, the game goes on endlessly.

We are well aware that mankind has not yet reached the level of global forgiveness. But, once again, the ants work together for the whole anthill, the bees for the whole beehive. You are both ants and bees and wherever you are, speak up for forgiveness. But don’t just talk about forgiveness, experience it, live it in your everyday lives.

These words especially concern some of you gathered here tonight. Forgiveness is not a beautiful principle for discussion, nor does it only concern others. It isn’t a principle to be hoped for and called upon only on a collective and planetary level. Forgiveness must be lived each second, and if you don’t understand this, how can you expect life on Earth to become really peaceful?

Begin with your own lives, very simply. Forgiveness is not always expressed by words. It can be shown by just a smile, but a real smile. By just a glance, but a real glance, by just a kiss, but a real kiss, without any reservations, or need for explanation or need for pretext.

It is just a matter of recognizing your true kinship. We all suffer and all make mistakes. We all hurt ourselves and others. If we counted the points on both sides, we would all have exactly the same score. So to continue a game which makes no sense is useless. Don’t pass the ball with the idea of scoring points. There are no points to score, except to stop the game.

Question: Could you go back to the notion of common origin and could you explain the source of our unity? Also could you expand on the Christ Sun, the Logos, and how They unite us all?

Answer: We will answer briefly, little sister, because this would lead us otherwise into a very complex metaphysical discussion. You can compare this Principle, this Field of Consciousness which you call God, to an immense Sun. The Sun continuously emits rays of light. When rays are emitted – representing humanities, spirits embodied by souls and so on – well, as these rays travel further and further away from the Sun and forget their origin. And it is good that they should forget their origin for a while. Those who have everything at birth cannot understand the beauty of the Whole.

This is the principle of the Fall and Separation, on a cosmic and metaphysical level. At this moment, we, and this includes us, of course, all resemble these rays, these sparks of Sun who have forgotten the Central Sun they all come from and who are just beginning to remember their origin and their common kinship. All of you present here have made a U-turn on your way down, on the outward course. You want to head home, to your only source.

It is said that in the infinity of Time, all forms of life which were born from one Central Sun, one Field of Consciousness called God, will become One, and this Being will be an amplified, expanded Field of Consciousness. A God who has expanded through the multitude of experiences of all kinds He has had through the little flames, the little sparks who have returned to Him.

We are all absolutely One, and this is much more than a poetic or for some intellectual expression. We are all the Divinity who, in order to grow, has accepted to lose itself in its creation.

Question: Is the Central Sun the same thing as what we call the Christ Sun?

Answer: The Christ Sun is one of the manifestations of this Central Sun, the manifestation which can be apprehended by a relatively dense life form. Christ is the Divine Ray which humanity can sense and touch through a tangible life form.

But what you call Christ you can also call Krishna or Buddha…  It does not matter. Christ is a principle which does not belong to the Christian religion. It is a universal principle, I think we agree.

Question: May I ask a rather personal question?

Answer: We are listening, little sister.

Question: I sometimes doubt that I should continue the work I have been doing as a psychologist in a private practice for 28 years… I can’t see clearly in what direction I should go, but I have the feeling I should turn to something different. 

Answer: If in your profession there are no individuals like you, what will happen to this profession?

You see, the answer is very simple. We well understand your questions. But this profession can only change quietly from the inside through people like you, who are open to what inhabits you, even if this seems impossible or utopic. We are not referring to what you can say or not say within the structure and hierarchy of your professional environment. We are speaking of your radiance, of what emanates from you.

Do not think that the professional environment you are working in will remain unshakable as it has been up to now. It is going to be shaken and undermined by a lot of uncertainties and that is when you will be able in your own way to offer what can be offered.

You already know that your society is going to be greatly shaken. It is a fact. It is through this jolt and the ensuing helplessness which will follow that the principle which drives us will weave its way into society, at times faster than you can imagine. Do you understand?

Yes, thank you very much! Thank you for your presence in this profession.

Friends forevermore, we would like to speak much longer to you. However, since we were speaking of wisdom, it is wiser that we stop now.

Friends forevermore, be more than ever of the family of Christ our Brother.

Daniel Meurois channels Master Morya

Daniel Meurois channels Master Morya

A channeling of Master El Morya, received in April 2016 by Daniel Meurois. El Morya answers a number of questions transmitted by Marie Johanne Croteau on various subjects of current interest that concern us all and have been on the mind of many (Galactic Brotherhood, climate shift, etherization of the planet, “channels”, terrorism, atomic weapons, photon energy, theory of the twin sun, etc…).

Welcome to you again, eternal friends and brothers!

Once again we sense you that you are full of questions, even bubbling with questions, also tired, and having many doubts and fears. For this reason, we come again to answer your questions, which are quite numerous, I believe. I say “I” because it is your Brother Morya speaking now on behalf of the Brothers of the Galaxy. For some time now, this is how the Fraternity of the Stars calls itself simply because it has grown. It has expanded to include not only a certain number of solar systems of which yours is a part, but also to include the whole of the present Galaxy which is shaken by the same kinds of changes that you are currently living. It is the entire Galaxy that needs to be considered now rather than simply your solar system and your planet. It is a whole, which is a good thing. Therefore I will express myself in these terms today for the first time.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: Thank you Brother Morya and I salute you!

Please excuse me if the reading of the questions is lengthy. I’m trying to be as clear as possible for those who made the effort to compose these questions to you. So I begin… You just spoke of the Brotherhood of Galaxies and we have questions about this. We hear more and more about the Galactic Fraternity. Could you speak to us in more detail about this Alliance of which you are part? Of course, let us speak only about our Galaxy since there is a vast number of them… To understand what happened, we need to go back to the beginning of Time. Yet, inasmuch as during the present Wave of Life free will was given to all self-conscious creatures, then certain forces of separation were inevitable. From this centripetal force of separation that played havoc during not just thousands, but even millions of years, a Fraternity of beings was born within the present galaxy. Having experienced repeated falling and pulling themselves up again, these beings developed wisdom. This Fraternity has existed and continues to exist far beyond the reaches of your solar system. We could say that from the onset, it was in large part organized by the wisdom of our Pleiad Brothers. The Pleiad Brothers initiated a Galactic Fraternity mission specifically on the scale of your solar system. The Pleiad Fraternity essentially entrusted the guardianship of your planet to the Brothers of Venus. But you already know this… The Brothers of Venus are not acting alone, of course, but have a sort of priority in the decision-making due to their proximity to your planet.

More than 18 millions years ago, within this Brotherhood directed at the helm by our Pleiad Brothers, there was a schism that can be explained by the motion of free will. This schism occurred soon after the embassy of stars of Shamballah was implanted on Earth. And this happened simply because among the members of the Brotherhood at the time, some saw the evolution of earthly humanity as very slow, almost inexistent, at least compared to what they hoped for. So there was a rupture there, in that Brotherhood as well. All this is so you can understand that these Beings are also entirely free, of course, and they are neither gods nor demi-gods. Nevertheless, those who opted for the split wanted to implant themselves on earth to intervene, as they would have it, on the genetic code of humanity. From their passage, one can find many traces in your humanity in the form of demi-gods, precisely, or heroes with superhuman powers in all of your civilizations’ antiquity. Those who remained in the original axis of the Fraternity watched them act until the day came when the damages resulting from such an excessively radical intervention on the development of humanity caused them to intervene by the precipitated sending to Earth of a certain number of Avatars, apart from the mutations that the dissidents were attempting to put into place. As you may have expected, the culminating point of the intervention of the Galactic Fraternity on Earth was the coming of Christ. Schematically, this is what happened. This is not new to a certain number of you, however, the question was asked. Also, there are more and more new open ears and hearts to inform.

This is a very short story, as you might have guessed. So be aware of the fact that there was a schism in this initial galactic Fraternity, as there are continuously among humans.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: Thank you! We read here and there on the internet or in books that there would in fact be a real “star war” in our Galaxy, in which the planet Earth would be one of the stakes. Is this true?

It is absolutely true and is the consequence of what I just explained to you.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: So what would you say to those who would feel disoriented or discouraged by such information?

Simply to not worry about this. Leave to the stars what pertains to the stars and take care of your own village, which is the Earth. We see far too many of you going into what we would call outlandish paths, worthy of science-fiction novels, constructing all manner of hypotheses, exploiting either true or false messages from the stars, and thereby wasting their time. Of course, we won’t hide the fact that this galactic or stellar dissention exists; because the notion of freedom potentially induces also the notion of straying for a certain period of time. And on all levels –even at the archangelic level, as you well know.

Yet, in terms of where you are today on Earth, this is not really where you should be turning your attention or your heart. How can you help your Galactic Brothers, Those of Unity, of Integration? How can you help them to help you if you become dispersed inside you by trying to understand problems that are entirely beyond your reach, not for lack of intelligence, but for lack of credible information? You already know not to spend your current life looking in this direction. What you need to do is make peace in your home and in your heart; and by doing so, you will help your Brothers of the Stars, of Unity, to also create this union on a cosmic level and to nourish it through the force they deploy. So don’t worry about what is out of your reach. Know it exists, and that is all. Flourishing occurs on a cosmic level and not simply on an Earthly level. Therefore do not take everything coming from the stars, or everything seemingly coming from the stars as necessarily radiant and luminous.

Marie-Johanne Croteau:Thank you! Could you talk about this energy we call plasmic or photonic, which would be flowing forth to us since 2012?

There isn’t much to say about it without entering into scientific frameworks or quantum physics that would elude most of you. There isn’t much to say other than you should understand this photonic or plasmic energy as that link that will enable scientists to understand what is prana. In fact, we are talking about “seeds of life”, and behind these “seeds of life”, well, most of your scientists have not gotten that far, but there are seeds of akasha. So generally speaking, photonic energy is pranic energy, which completely nourishes the ether of this universe. The discovery of this energy, the delving into its mode of functioning, will enable you little by little to understand how the etheric world works; its molds, the precursor forms of which matter is born and beyond this, the notion of parallel universes and existences.

It is a first step in that direction. But here again, don’t go too much into wild ideas because lots of rubbish is said in research circles we would call serious, as well as in more amateur ones. Let them do their work and ideas will mature. Don’t try to go faster than they can go with shaky hypotheses in a movement we could call “New Age”. There is just as much nonsense in those circles as in scientific circles. Remain centered on your inner experience of prana and akasha.

Marie-Johanne Croteau:Brother Morya, are the current climate changes a result of the etherization of the Earth, of pollution, or of artificial manipulation to subtle political ends?

The answer is very simple…of all these things taken together. It is a mixture of all this, and what we would add is that should men and women develop more wisdom and love, the aura of this planet would be considerably changed. We should say it would be turned upside down, in a good sense. All these changes and disruptions would be lesser and would simply manifest as inevitable adjustments. Yes, we could say that because this contributes to these disruptions, the role of man in this should be a modulating one.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: So you are saying that with our aura, our capacities, our evolution, also the growth of our consciousness toward being more realized and more mature, as man or woman…

You would counterbalance all of this…

Marie-Johanne Croteau: So we could modify climatic conditions, harmonize…

You could modify the planetary aura and the different energetic strata that make it up. And not only its aura, which makes up also its atomic structure, but also everything that you are currently living as disruptions would balance itself out and be far less serious. It is your incapacity to change your attitude, generally speaking, that makes that all these manipulations take on such breadth and magnitude.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: Thank you! We often hear about evolution on Earth, and we have the impression that man, who has inhabited it, has evolved little since the Beginning of Time. If it is true that a certain number of us are able, little by little, to modify our level of consciousness, it appears that new souls, younger ones who have an animal-like behavior, appear regularly. We then have the impression that the Earth remains a sort of kindergarten populated by immature children. Would those who guide us have the Earth become a university of awakened adults? What of this?

It is true that for a certain time, and particularly these last decades but for several thousand years, a certain number of immature souls have been coming to comingle with more mature souls of your planet. That is a fact. Currently, this is being precipitated simply because the Earth is experiencing a growth spurt that enables the multiplication of learning experiences for these young souls. It also enables older souls the elimination of old karmas, and therefore faster growth.

There will come a time when all these souls we will call young — and you at times used the term animal-like to describe their behavior — will not necessarily continue their evolution on Earth. They will leave to other universes from which they came, with wisdom and understanding, with an accumulation of data that will enable them to spur growth in the world or worlds from which they came. Therefore, at some point the Earth will find itself with a much-reduced population of older souls, some very old, as they were those who initially inhabited it. From then on, having purified their karma, these souls will effectively be able to live on this planet as a kind of university of thought with a blossoming spirituality.

What you are currently living is a sort of culminating point; a phase of necessary welcoming that is indispensable. It should not be lived as a permanent invasion. There are young souls who come here to learn, to allow the elimination of old karmas, and who then go on to sow in other places. That is what is going on. You are simply at a culminating point of this phase of affliction, but also of accumulation of seeds for growth. That is what I can tell you.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: I will venture a question.. Two thousand years ago, Christ already spoke of young souls, animal-like souls. Where do they come from?

Not only from this region of the galaxy and the solar systems not far from yours, but also from the confines of the galaxy. There is no real distance. Distance is a mental prison that exists up to a certain point in the evolution of consciousness. Beyond this point, these notions are smashed to smithereens.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: In February 2012, you mentioned that you were looking into a way of making the existence of the Brothers of the Stars known to mankind through the medium of television, so as to establish contact on a larger scale. Is this still in the works; and if so, could you give us an approximate date for this event to take place?

I would not permit myself to answer this question for my Celestial Brothers, however, I believe this option is being pushed back in time; which doesn’t mean it should be discarded, but pushed back in time… but I cannot speak for them. Personally, I have an opinion and if I say this it is to show you that we of the Brotherhood of Shamballah, and They, of the Galactic Fraternity, are continuously in contact to evaluate the situation. We have exchanges amongst us, and there is no definitive plan; it is constantly readjusted because you have free will.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: What is your opinion regarding the proliferation of mediums or channels in spiritual circles?

I believe the Celestial Brothers have already commented on this. If you wish, I can give you my opinion, but you should know that it reaffirms many things that were already said to you. We would say that out of one hundred channels, there are maybe fifteen to twenty authentic ones. But this doesn’t mean the rest of them are cheating. Evidently, there are falsifiers and cheaters but there are also simply those who translate or express something in them that is good most of the time but that is not something that comes from the stars or from Shamballah. It is their superior Self being expressed. So in these forms of expression there are also a certain number of errors that reflect simply the personal hopes or desires of these channels. Nevertheless, we could say that out of a hundred channels, more than half are impostors and personally, I feel a certain sadness when speaking of this because we are in a time that hardly needs anything less than the bare truth. But once again, no one is to blame because this all part of free will. Yet, it is unfortunate. Of course, even within their error, some of those who listen to false mediums sometimes are able to progress. The difficulty lies in that despite having a desire to grow, do well, and bring light to others, impure channels communicate a form of hypnosis and slumber. And it is neither hypnosis nor slumber that make one evolve; as they anaesthetize a bit more and persuade those who succumb that they are part of an elite that is more evolved.

What you are in greatest need of today is to become responsible, to see things as they are, to shake yourselves… and it is my role to shake you. This is why some call me strict and daunting. I am not. My heart is filled with love. Yet, when something needs to be said to correct something that is not right, it is my responsibility to do so and that is what I am now doing.

Continue to grow within you; be demanding with yourself and also with others. I did not say intransigent, as exigency and intransigence are entirely different.

Be loving but demand truthfulness and simplicity. You won’t find that I will go into teachings that are essentially of a mental type, with much esoteric or quantic data. It is not my role, neither is it what you collectively need. You need to shed your scales that are still all-too pettily human.

Drop all of your scales and become again what you were basically: simple beings. It is best to choose from an excess of simplicity than out of an overabundance of information.

It isn’t the quantity of information that makes one realized. The open-mindedness of which you speak so often is not the result of a multiplication of data. Many masters toward whom you turn and who incarnate regularly, leaving a very strong mark on this Earth–we won’t cite any names–never had an esoteric and scientific culture, nor an extraordinary education. This is not to say that there is no value in these cultures; but when they justify a sense of spiritual enlightenment and therefore submerge one, there is a mistake.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: So then what kind of attitude of discernment do you advocate towards those who supposedly work in the area of spirituality but who, in the end, are usurpers and manipulators? It seems to me that we’re mostly trying to build an alliance that works towards the Good and toward Light… If among them about half is fake, it is a bit discouraging. What attitude should we have? Kindness toward all?

Kindness, and the all-important preservation of personal free will; that is, fundamental freedom. Don’t let yourself be taken into whatever movement. Simply say to yourself–without necessarily trying to unravel each one’s words: “I am not here to judge, it is not my role. I retain my free will and ask myself simply whether this or that person’s line of thought helps me, and others, to blossom”. This is the foundation, you see?

“Does this make me purr, or does it make me grow? Does it make me feel like I am part of an elite that knows it all, or that will soon be enlightened and taken on a spaceship to a dimension where all is beautiful and wonderful? Or, am I simply becoming aware that I am a human being; growing, preserving my autonomy, and developing as best I can at the rhythm of my own heart?”

That is the essence.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: So it is a personal matter?

It is entirely a personal matter.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: Thank you! Brother Morya, how should we behave in light of the wave of terrorism that is taking becoming more and more widespread?

Some answers are obvious, like having faith and not going down a path of fear and hatred; praying for the victims, and some say also for the terrorists. Can we and should we do something for them? Would collective prayer and meditation be useful in this sense?

Individual prayers are always welcome. Whatever the atrocities they commit, don’t think that these are happy beings that are consciously acting for the good of mankind. Most of the time, they are manipulated and feel lost. They possess a conscience, albeit at times in an embryonic form. Nevertheless, you should realize that they come from the same place as you even if a great majority of them have a young soul. Be firm with the movements they organize. Don’t fall into a sort of New Age melting pot in which everything is welcomed and so on… You know their line of thinking and we do too. Firmness is needed to confront these beings, but you must not forget: they are not on Earth without purpose. Of course, you should pray for them as well, because in a way they are developing willpower. And in however many thousands or millions of years, this willpower will convert, proportionally to what they are now accomplishing, into good actions of a luminous nature. Do you understand what I am trying to say?

In their infamy and their erring, they are the opposite of half-heartedness; and when this opposite of apathy finds its right direction, many things may be accomplished. But it is obvious that you should not be taken into their ploy, nor respond with weakness and fall into a sort of light pinkish or bluish energy. You must know what you don’t want, not let yourselves be submerged, and above all avoid the way of hatred.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: Thank you! We would like you to talk about the theory of the twin sun. It would seem that we are living in a planetary system with two stars, with a brown star as companion of our sun.

It is entirely correct!

Yet it isn’t yet time to say much more about this on Earth. It would destabilize too many concepts at a time when many of you have trouble readjusting to relatively simple new concepts currently taking shape. In any case, it won’t be my role today to talk about this; but know that it is a reality.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: Should we expect the imminent approach of a celestial body in the future?


Marie-Johanne Croteau: And…

That is my answer…it goes back to the previous one.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: During times of great turmoil on our planet, you already intervened to help humans. Yet, it seems that we haven’t learned from our mistakes and that our immaturity is again prevailing. This time, will you let us fully live the consequences of our errors so we might finally learn… even if it leads to our extinction?

The Galactic Fraternity, the Galactic Union, will take the observation phase of earthly humans one step further; even if they get burned a bit more than previously. It is about what we would call cosmic mathematics. You shouldn’t think of a final extinction, yet what needs to be learned needs to be learned. I have partially answered this question at several points during this conversation, in particular when I mentioned that very young souls would leave again and older souls would go on in this world alone. It means that this world is destined to carry on its path.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: When we see what is currently happening, it seems like a very small percentage of humans hungry for power and money are more productive in their efforts than the rest of the world. How is this possible?

It is simply a matter of cosmic pendulum, as was already explained by the brother whose voice we are now borrowing. It is a question of descending energy. Currently, you are practically at the bottom point of the cosmic pendulum; a pendulum of dispersion. You are almost at the bottom point of dispersion, which simply means that the forces of dissolution, generally referred to as dispersing or dark forces, are much stronger. It is easier to go down a hill than to go up a hill, which explains why those who are currently working toward explosion in the global sense, easily find feed. It is a question of celestial mechanics.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: A few decades ago, we thought that spirituality devoid of religion would allow us to avoid repeating our mistakes, but there also, money and power found their way in through false prophets, manipulators and the proliferation of all kinds of falsehoods.

How can we distinguish what is false from what is true? How can we discern?

There is no definitive answer to this. Everyone must experiment with what is righteous and what is less so; which is what makes one grow, slumber, or stagnate. In any case, among these three possibilities, ultimately, everything leads to growth. But if possible, let us choose what nourishes our conscientiousness and our heart. There is no recipe, no operating manual. What makes one soul grow doesn’t necessarily make another grow. It would be a problem to impose what makes you grow to all around you. Everyone has his or her own rhythm.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: I hope you will forgive me for asking this question. Brother Daniel frequently asks it. Why is it so trying to work for the heavens, for Christ when dark forces advance without effort?

I just answered this question. It is simply the effect of the great cosmic pendulum. It is why all those who take a stand to help the forces of Union, of Light and Tenderness, and Compassion and Love, have such a hard time because they are going against the current in the last phase of gathering. They are going windward, and that is why, as our brother Daniel often says jokingly:

“When you enlist in Christ’s troops, you know it’s going to be difficult”.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: Could you shed light on the people who are in contact with the Earth? Some speak of nine races; others speak of eighty different species, some pacific and others belligerent. What truth is there in this? Could your help us stamp out the excess in all this contradictory information?

I would simply say that it has no importance whatsoever. I won’t, and neither will my Brothers of the Stars, go into a description of the races that visit you; there are even many more than what you cited. This number is still very small in comparison with factual reality, but this matters little. A multitude of beings from other worlds have visited the Earth from time to time, and this since time immemorial. Some were more interested than others in the Earth; that is all. Even if I were to tell you there are exactly thirty-three or fifty-nine, or one hundred and eight, it matters little.

Don’t linger on such approaches because it is not what will make you better humans. Nor is it what the Earth needs–as a living being that is complete and evolves just like you, its population. It needs compassion and love. So be those beings of love, compassion, listening, and sharing. Unravel the roots of your egotism, which despite the beauty of your soul, are still there somewhere. Seek within you what is most beautiful; that is all you need to do. The only door leading to your liberation and to the establishment of a world of real and durable peace takes you through this. It may not be for tomorrow morning, but at least make sure that it isn’t for after-tomorrow morning, or even the following morning.

Don’t be like those human beings who during their active life in whatever societies say: I’ll take care of spirituality or generally speaking inner growth when I’m retired. Then I’ll have all the time and I’ll be able to read, to study…”

No, it doesn’t work that way. It is in the thousand little details of daily life that you must change and learn to move yourselves, and my Celestial Brothers and myself have always said this. Don’t be numbers to one another any more. Don’t be strangers who maintain a sort of approximate civil peace. You need much more than that…much more than that. Offer your heart in your life, have truth in your life, help one another, and the doors will open. It is right at your fingertips…

Marie-Johanne Croteau: On the web, we read that supposedly you would have dismantled the atomic bombs. Is this a true fact?

It is absolutely false! It’s entirely false and it is against the entire Galactic Fraternity’s approach in relation with free will.

Marie-Johanne Croteau: Do you see that there is hope for escaping our humanity’s self-destruction?

I have been talking solely about this… If there were no hope, I would not be here now and my Celestial Brothers would not be doing all this work. That is the answer! Before concluding–since we must now conclude, allow me not an experiment, but a gift. It is a very simple gift; one of energy, and time and distance won’t diminish this gift of energy.

Through my hands, I will now transmit to all those who are listening, who have faith in humanity, in the light, whatever faith is theirs; I will offer this gift of energy. Even if it is five years from now that you listen to what I speak of now, know that you will be able to feel what the whole Celestial Fraternity and the World of Shamballah, through my hands and my heart, offer you in this moment.

Close your eyes and receive the Love, pure, pure…and our discussion will end with this in a few minutes.

Receive our peace; it has never been as true as in this instant.

Within you, place your hands on mine!

The sense of being True

The sense of being True

Daniel Meurois channels the Beings of Light in May, 2015. Their message emphasizes the need to become responsible and authentic beings along the path: 20 minutes of intense focusing on a major aspect of our spiritual growth.

A warm welcome to you among us, lifelong Friends.

Welcome to our sphere of awareness.

Our intention today is to talk to you about truth. “Are you true?” That is the question, a fundamental one. We do not simply refer to those small lies that occur on a daily basis, but mainly to what is true, to what you inwardly understand as being true. Yes, the question that we are asking you is: “Are you true?” In other terms, “Are you playing a role?”

Of course you will reply: “We all play roles as soon as we are born, all of us.” But the type of role we refer to here -and draw your attention to- is the mask. The mask of global lie that some people -too many people- are permanently wearing.Truly ask yourself that question: “Am I true? Am I pulling strings, am I manipulating? Am I myself? Or am I trying to dominate, to sneak by, to appear as someone I am not?”

Of course, each of you feels like saying “I am myself, I am true, and so on”. But the answer is not to be given to us, nor to your neighbors, only to yourself, to the core of yourself. Only you can know whether you are true or not, and what are the recesses of your soul, of your personality that are cheating. Because the key issue is ‘cheating’. Who does not cheat nowadays? You want to be different, better than others, more of this, less of that, while you -listening to us- are pretending to follow a spiritual path or have a spiritualistic approach. One cannot cheat the essence of the soul and the spirit.

Of course, everybody agrees on that point. This is why clear-mindedness is extremely important, not only when giving your opinion in public, but simply in the environment where you live and also -maybe above all- in your heart. Are we cheating… are you cheating in your heart? The need to keep up appearances is the issue.

Simplicity is at the core of such a debate. And that debate is fundamental today, as you can imagine, since you are reaching crucial times regarding your evolution and the global life of your planet. Truth with a capital T is a challenge for every being, a permanent one. Truth in the depth of our heart is inseparably linked to its luminous efficiency. You can no longer afford today to appear to others as what you are not. You need to be true in order to take a major step, not forward, but inside yourself. ‘Forward’ is often for the show that you want to perform, for the impression that you want to create. But in all truth, who are you? That is the question.

You are only students. Students should not consider themselves as the masters they are not. There is beauty in being a student, in being on a path. The teacher himself is always on a path, he is continuously a student. All this, of course, also implies humility. Learn humility and you will learn truth, you will learn simplicity.  You want to keep up appearances…, why? You want to know more…, why? To cheat? Don’t you think that this world has already had enough of that? You say that you want to rewrite life differently. Then start by simply incarnating a bit more truth, be a bit more ‘true’ to yourself. ‘To be true’ does not mean that you cannot make mistakes. To be true means to be authentic in your heart, to accept to fall sometimes, but not to cheat: be true not only to others, but mainly to yourself. One cannot cheat with the expressions of the spirit. In the current world, the spirit tries to express itself more and more.

You often have long and beautiful discussions between yourselves about the evolution of the planet, about the evolution of the human being, about a book that you are reading, about a conference that you have heard. But the question is to know whether your inner path, amid all this, is true. Or is it tinged with a certain number of cheatings?

We are thus asking you simply to strip away in yourself the varnish with which you regularly cover yourself up in order to keep up appearances to others. Spend a few moments each day looking at yourself from inside and ask yourself: “What have I done with my life today? Have I cheated? Is the path of my heart, the path of my body?” In other words, “Am I coherent?” Coherence is at the center of the debate, Friends, it is at the center of the debate!

You cannot handle big ideas, big concepts, if in the small things of every moment, you are not in accordance with the breath of your heart and the opinions that you give. There is a responsibility, the responsibility of being different today, exterior to all the forces that pull the world and humanity downwards. You say that you want to rise and we know that it is true. But in reality, what do you do in order to rise? If you move one step forward or upward, then do not go another step back, falling over and over again, and not being faithful to what you say you believe. Do you believe in what you believe? Do you want to live according to your ideal? Then reform your life totally. Commit genuinely, do not pretend to commit. Too many masks, far too many masks!

Friends, understand that we haven’t come here to give you a moral lesson, even if it does seem so at this moment. We are not lecturers, we are only the reminders that life puts in front of you. We sometimes flog, in order to awaken. Reproach or blame does not inhabit us. We know all too well ourselves what evolution and upward force require. We are only here to tell you: “Straighten up, careful! Be faithful to what inhabits you. Be faithful to Christ breath, in its broad sense, that tries to manifest a bit more every day.” Be in accordance with your words, be coherent in intention and in deed. You can no longer remain in tepidness and half-clarity. The times that you and this world are experiencing, are decisive times. It is too late to say: “Oh, I will start next year, once I retire, during the holidays.  I will read a bit more, I will meditate a bit more…”. All those good intentions are familiar to us.

The life that is now opening up to you requires not only beautiful ideas but also -and before all- authentic deeds, commitment from the heart and with the hands.  All this, of course, you already know. We never stop repeating it. It is not about knowing, but about being aware of what we are talking about. It is about knowing from inside the ideal that inhabits us. All the beings that left their imprint in the history of Humanity – we can say “a luminous, uplifting, teaching, reformist imprint” – have always made things happen on Earth. You may feel very small in regard to the challenge experienced by your species. But it is always the billions and billions of cells forming a body that give that body its strength, its power, its resolution. So there where you are, be the active cells that have no fear of asserting themselves, of committing. It is not about trying to convince: no one can be convinced, except those who are already deeply convinced in themselves about those things. It is simply about offering yourself as an example, in truth, in strength, in determination.

Say NO to painful things, like those happening daily, and make sure that it is not a no of withdrawal, but a constructive no. It is not about saying simply “no, it won’t be like that”, but by acting so that it will not be like that. Act in another way, in the direction of the sun, in the direction of what is fundamentally just and urgent. There is no need to discuss the notion of being just. We are not talking about justice, but about rightness, as you know. We all know deep inside what is luminous and what is not. So let us put an end to all the public debates that you often attend and which are going in circles. Our heart knows what lifts us up or pulls us down. So please be constructive beings, committed beings, beings of simplicity and smile. Yes, Friends, a smile is a strength that should not be neglected. It is a strength that makes one reflect: “Why is that person smiling despite overwhelming odds?” A smile amid lucidity, amid awareness, is a balm. Not a balm to heal the wounds that have to be treated in a firm manner, but a balm that supports the heart. A balm that does not give power, but strength. There is a big difference.

Friends, please breathe within yourself. Be what you really are. And do not cheat with what you really are. This is the message that we wanted to convey today, not as a moral lesson, as we said before, but as a nourishment, a might to reinvigorate your breath.

Receive all our Peace and do not forget to be happy in anything you undertake.

Bless you!

The Meaning of Commitment

The Meaning of Commitment

In May 2015,  while channelling certain Beings of Light, Daniel Meurois delivers a timely message about the meaning of committment and its necessity for any lasting individual or collective change of consciousness. The channeling is followed by an exchange with the audience. It is a call to mobilization and to joy in action.

The Meaning of Commitment

Welcome to you, eternal friends.

Of course, some of you will say: ‘we have heard (this expression) a number of times before.  It is easily said’.

But it isn’t because it is our expression or because we use it freely that it is without significance.

It comes from our hearts, a heart that we offer without measure to humanity since time immemorial.

Here we are tonight, and for some of you for the first time a bit closer to you than what we have been until today.

So yes, truly, welcome!

You know that it is not by chance that you are here together, and that you have formed this group of human beings.

But do you really know why you are here?


You don’t know?


Simply, to become better humans.

And to become better humans, in our times, is in itself a big challenge.

The therapies you have chosen are a path among other paths, a path that suits you, and for some, one that suits you particularly well.

But they are also a kind of pretext to come together, to find one another,

to find your essence and to find the purpose of your presence in this world.

In these years, precisely.

So you are here to become better humans. And to do this, in this day, one needs first to manifest a real will for commitment.

It is easy to make resolutions and say that we will read a certain book, take a certain class, do a certain seminar or a take certain trip.

It is pleasant, simple, and comes from a good intention.

But a will to commit, in these times, is really what will make you better humans.

Humanity is, as you well know, in some way in a crisis.

And when there are signs of distress, to be able to respond, there is a need for committed beings.

Not just people who say: ”I’m going to help and do good. I’m going to do this and that”.

Committed human beings. That means stable people who do not let themselves be distracted from their commitment.

Will you be among these people?   That is the question we are asking primarily.

That is the real question.

And commitment is not simply a few hours per day, per week, per month or per year.  It isn’t just one seminar or two, one or two conferences or books.

It is a reform of one’s consciousness but also of one’s concrete actions in each moment of life.

How do you imagine that those whose footsteps you follow and who have been guiding you for thousands and thousands of years achieved the state they have come to?

Simply by being men and women of action, present in the field, as well as being men and women of great heart, conscience, and knowledge.

There is no other way, in reality, to blossom from within.

Commitment is an absolute necessity. And today more than ever, at this crossroads you have all come to. There is no half-hearted effort that is acceptable. You understand this…

And so this path you have engaged on here, let it not be a sort of momentary pastime that satisfies a need for good conscience.

Let it be a service to life on your behalf.

And when we say service to life, we also mean of course to life within you.

Because inasmuch as you are on a path to offer health and to foster an in-depth reform of the soul, you should be conscious of the fact that you have also taken this on for yourself.

The one who gives receives. It is a universal law.

So be conscious of the fact that what you will be offering to others you will also be offering to yourselves.

The tilling of one’s consciousness is inevitable and desirable as well.

Perhaps you have already begun to understand that the path you chose together here is not a leisurely one. It will till the soil of your soil and has already begun to do so. But this is nothing compared to what may follow.

It is a reform from within, much deeper than what you may think awaits you.

The way of service is a way of inner dismantling. It is one that tears us apart within.

Therefore you should measure carefully the significance of this commitment.

If the world in which you live has come to this state of asphyxiation, it is precisely because there have not been enough committed human beings. There have been and are still are people of good will. But have there been and are there currently enough people of willpower?

And what is willpower?

It is not stubbornness, nor doggedness. It is confidence and perseverance.

It is therefore with confidence and in perseverance, eternal friends, that we suggest you follow this path – in all its aspects.  For without confidence and perseverance, your inner field will not foster the germination of what it is being offered.

These are the ingredients you must cultivate in you.

It’s easy to say: ‘I love, I am compassion, I call upon love and compassion. I call upon our brother the Christ, and I call upon the light’. But what is all this?

Ponder this, friends… deeply.

What is this force that you call to yourselves?  Make it yours and realize fully what it is, what it signifies and induces – that toward which it will lead you.

So that is the commitment that we ask you, yes, that we ask you – because in a certain way you have asked it of yourselves also.

This commitment requires more lucidity than ever before. Love is not a beautiful word written in pink and blue colors. It is a word written in fire.

It is fire that should inhabit you. One cannot do anything without this fire. Nothing that needs to be accomplished to make your world grow today – and you in it – can be accomplished without the force of fire.

The Fire is also the Breath. And the Breath is also the Spirit.

And what is the Spirit?

You are a part of the Spirit. You are the whole of the Spirit also, in power.

Spirit is what never separates, that which embraces the seemingly opposite and works to unite it. Spirit is what makes you live at every moment.

And you confuse yourself with a force external to yourselves. This work you are taking on is a work of service but also of reunification with yourselves.

It is the great building site to which you offered yourself.

Did you offer yourself and commit to this in full knowledge of these facts?

It is the question we ask you today, and the question we ask you to answer today without deception. Your world does not need more cheaters but sincere and truthful artisans who accept to stumble, to make mistakes and recognize them, and finally who elect to stand up again. Men and women who speak the truth and who are not sparing with their time or with their selves.


Did you realize to what degree you had opted – at least apparently, and it is for you to determine whether it is as real as you say – you opted for a path of rectitude, and of willpower?

It is not a sugary path loitered with blue flowers. It is a path of service and offering. A path that demands all the generosity that you are capable of.

And you are capable of great generosity in reality.

We do not say this, friends, to soften our message to you or these gestures from us to you, but because we are capable of seeing the richness of your heart.

And if our words are exacting, it is precisely a function of the richness of your hearts. We ask much of those who can give much.  Do you realize this?

Did you think you would simply come to relax and learn a few techniques twice a year? If that is what you thought, you were very mistaken.

In the depths of your soul, you made a promise to yourself.  To become better human beings but also to serve humanity and the Christic presence in this world. Did you realize what all this implies?

It means that for those of you who will have fully lived these three years – or rather two that remain now – all will just be beginning. Here, you are in kindergarten.

We spoke a moment ago of the Christic force in this world.

Again, do not associate this force only to your common tradition, the Christian tradition. It is being repeated to you over and over. The Christ presence belongs to no tradition, it is universal. It is a name among others.

It is the transformation presence, the presence of the manifest Divine Breath, as it is in need to come through your humanity and come through you, to bring you to a space where you are more fully yourself.

So stop dilly-dallying.   Stop finding a thousand excuses and saying ‘I didn’t know, was tired, I didn’t want, I preferred not to look, not to listen, my head hurt, tomorrow we will see..’. In all aspects of your life.

With the step you have taken, you have no excuse not to take another, and a third and a forth, and so on to infinity.

That is why we spoke of commitment. Because the force that makes you breathe in each moment, the force that makes you desire the light, this force is increasingly calling you.

Will you be true to yourselves? This is the question we ask you.

Eternal friends, we feel that now is the right time to give you the floor.

Have you any questions, nothing personal, but questions that may benefit all.

We are not here to give you lessons, but to call you back to your selves, to your essence, to support you and to stimulate you.

Question : One of the problems in our society that causes lots of problems is the lack of self-love. What could you suggest to help people develop more self-love?

The love of ‘me’ or the love of Self? Therein lies the problem.

Your humanity does not lack love of itself. Or rather, it does not lack love of what it believes itself to be. It lacks love for that which it does not know that it is, for what it doesn’t conceive that it is, that is, love for its essence.

Well, friends, to discover this self-love, there is really only one solution.

To become conscious, all of us, of our immersion in the Divine.

There is no space of separation between everything that is and the Divine, since everything that is is part of the Divine as the Whole.

It is in this sense that we must speak to those who are thirsty.

To eliminate the barrier between the ‘myself’ and the Self, that is the Divine self.

All words of unification must go in this direction and with this breadth. There is no recipe for this.

It is not about what we should do but about what we should be.

That is, when we begin to ask ourselves this question it means– do I decide to become a question mark – that those who encounter me desire to be better human beings?

Learn to become a seed of change yourself rather than to look for solutions outside of yourself. There is no technique for that.

You could pray and meditate for a thousand years, if your heart is dry and cultivates separateness; your Self will always be a ‘myself’  It will be ‘myself’ and the world’. How am I in the midst of this world?  Does the world recognize me for what I am worth?

We must work on the abolition of all forms of separateness.

And also to stop asking ourselves incessantly: ‘How may I be better, myself’.

Do you understand what we are suggesting?

Human beings are at the center of their own preoccupations. And that is the problem. Of course, you will say we must change ourselves in order to change the world.  But we can change ourselves without being the center, or the epicenter of all our concerns.

To change ourselves is to embellish the world around us, and not to bring it back to ‘me’.

It is the offering that is healing and the offering is everything except a centrifugal movement.  It is a centripetal movement. If the offering is simulated, it generates a centrifugal action.

Do you really understand the essence of what we are transmitting?

Stop focusing so much on yourselves, on your little personalities, on your personal development. Personal development is a fad.  The offering of oneself to the Divine, the inner search for the Divine is not personal development

It is the answer to the infinite search.

Question : Does that mean that we must at the same time be and forget oneself?

It is somewhat like this. But we must not forget ourselves in the sense of denying our needs and necessities, but forget ourselves at the level of our egoism.

It is logical for us to aspire to our wellbeing and it is normal to cultivate and seek out this wellbeing. But may this wellbeing not become a fad that is ever more ingrained in our world and that becomes a form of egocentric search of what would resemble an accomplishment but that would be another egotistical exercise.

Yes, it behooves everyone to be at peace with oneself. But let this peace not be the absolute center of all our concerns.  Real peace comes to one in a gesture of giving. We did not say of exhaustion, but of giving. Offering or giving is a gesture of the intelligent heart.  Not a gesture of waste, not one of tiredness, but one that seeks to increasingly generate the regenerating sun within oneself.

There is a little secret to be learned.   It is to learn to inhale while simultaneously exhaling. Both in the physiological sense and in the metaphysical sense.

Life is a constant exchange.

He who decided to first perfect himself so that he may then give back to the world really only sees out of one eye. Of course, we must build ourselves. But that does not mean we should not help the world build and rebuild itself, and reveal itself.  The interaction of everything must not leave your consciousness.

Question : How can we recognize the Divine or the lack of separateness in very stressful situations and when we are faced with peoples’ nastiness? How can we see unity in these situations?

By first avoiding to ask too complicated questions. By being simple. And by not trying to resolve all antagonisms in the mental sphere. By smiling.

By striving to judge the least we can, which doesn’t mean we should obliterate our opinions. By affirming our opinions.  But by removing as much as we can any vindictive desire while at the same time affirming our inner strength.  It is a subtle thing, but which does not involve the mind.  It only involves the heart.

What is right? What is not right? What is a gratuitous action, and what has a goal?

There are many things today that seem right but that are unjust, and there are many things that appear unjust but that have a constructive purpose also.

We should not adopt an attitude of disengagement, but one of de-dramatization and of absolute confidence in personal commitment. We must not think we can resolve everything with a few formulas and dialectic.

Simplify as much as possible.  What makes us improve? What can I do that will make the other more at peace, that will make me improve, so that I inspire the other through this improvement that I am offering?

The real question is thus.

Currently, on your planet, the stakes are very complex.  So do not portend to have a righteous view of why and how things are the way they are. Simplify everything in your heart, and you will help the human community to simplify itself at its own level. There is no one answer but a multitude of small answers, every day.

For not one day passes where it is not proposed to you to pacify something within you or around you, which ultimately amounts to exactly the same thing.

Question : In our daily lives, despite a sincere intention one can fall into a certain slumber, into the mundane, into conventionality, and be taken back by this.  Do you have any suggestions?

This is why we are speaking to you firmly today. So that you feel shaken and this feeling remains with you. The drowsiness, the comforts of your society are truly among your worst enemies. We are not saying your adversaries but your enemies because really, this is the direction in which we are asking you to work.

It is absolutely necessary that you not forsake this impulse, this energy you felt that made you commit to the path you are on today.

Our call is a call to mobilization, a call to centering.

Remember these words. Each day, upon retiring, ask yourself: ‘What did I do that was constructive today?’. Have the strength and the intention to ask yourself this question. What did I do that was constructive? What was the whip that snapped above my head and that did me good?’ ‘Really, in what way did I mobilize myself today to bring about something positive to humanity?’

It is a question of will, little sister.

Will power must be called upon and cultivated. It is definitely not a divine grace. It is a fertilizing agent that we develop out of our experiences and out of the memory of our experiences. What do we want to see happen, today? We are not speaking merely of our own persons but of our world.

For rarely in the history of humanity have the stakes been so important. So as much as you are responsible for your own advancement, you are also responsible for the advancement of this world.  There is no recipe for will power. This is the reason for which we are sometimes like whips that snap, now and then.

Question : Can you speak to us of our capacity for self-healing?  Are all of us able to self-heal or can sometimes our soul contract limit our potential? 

What could you tell us about this?

Self-healing is a potential that is common to all living beings. We do not say just to all human beings, but all living beings, conscious or not conscious of self.

But the difficulty lies mostly for those who are conscious of self rather than for those who are not conscious of self. This indicates that consciousness of self, which goes back to what we said earlier, is confused with consciousness of the ‘me’.  And consciousness of ‘me’ is that of separation. You will be ready to self heal – and not simply offer palliatives but to truly heal yourselves and regenerate yourselves – when you have fully realized, in a different way than intellectually, your unity with the Divine Breath.  That is, the Breath of the Divine freely circulating in the universe.

You are in the midst of this Breath. It is in you as much as you are in it. Do you understand?

It is this state of Spirit that you must constantly seek.

Every time you inhale you inhale the Divine. It is that simple.

It has been said to you, but you don’t really understand what it means.

It means that each time you inhale, you breathe in something very different than just a mixture of gases. You inhale the ether, you inhale the prana and the akasha,  that is, three states of the Divine Presence.

If you simply believe this, it is already something, but it is only a belief. A belief is just a belief. It is not a state of intimate perception. So you need to go in this direction, and it does not happen with a simple decision, as you know.

It is done through a multitude of immersions into the experiences of life.

The Christ, and all the realized masters, – here when we speak of Christ we speak of the historical Christ – whatever their name or their tradition, whatever it is they initiated, were not designated by some higher power.  They are beings who built themselves, we never cease to repeat it. They built themselves and learned to merge with their essence. That is the reason their state is one of total health.

Accept to go up one step up at a time, never losing sight of the goal.

Question : What would you say would be the most beautiful gift we can make to another human being?

That of sincerity. Because sincerity translates the essential elements of the spiritual food a human being needs. Sincerity is simplicity. Simplicity is the absence of a will to control. The absence a will for power implies love, sharing, and generosity.  It translates spontaneity also.

The problem, or one of the major problems, is falsehood or deceit. If you come out of deceit, at every level of its expression, you come into the simplicity of truth. Of what is not complex, or at least that does not thrive on complexity.

And then there is blossoming.   That is what you should look for. To be yourself, in your own spontaneity, in the freshness of your soul and without having to prove anything.  Stop having to prove yourself.

Q: If the Spirit has the central role in defining our path, what is the role of the soul?

The soul is your obstacle. It is what enables you to become individualized and say ‘I’, to think of yourself separate from others.  It is your obstacle but also your springboard as this obstacle is necessary. It is the space of dialogue between what you call in a simplified way, above and below- knowing that ultimately there is no above and below- but a space for exchange between this above and below.

And this terrain is the soul, where the real confrontations take place.

It is a tool we must respect.

But the real obstacle is not matter or density; it is the ‘myself’ that seeks constantly to express itself through the soul. The soul is the place of free will, of choice.

You will not always have a soul. It will be dissolved, absorbed by your Spirit.

Question : So the soul is only here so that we might question ourselves?

To allow you to become conscious of Self. To allow you to express yourselves and make choices, and to delve into certain truths. To allow you also to experiment matter as a zone of encounter of the forces.

It is a place for training, but where learning takes place is not a place for a permanent stay. It is a springboard.

A last question.

Question : In the context of this call for commitment, what is the place for other activities such as having children or even having distractions? How do we reconcile a call for a complete commitment with distractions of this sort?

Commitment can manifest in all areas of life and not just on the path officially called spiritual.  Service to life presents itself in every aspect of life. By commitment we meant also, not in this path but also beyond this path, it means to be true and strong in your choices. If having children is on your path of life, do so fully and not half-heartedly, and with strength of heart.  By commitment, we also imply going beyond half-heartedness.

Of course, it is logical to want a family and prolong our life by having children. We do not suggest going against this natural desire or not to choose to distract oneself regularly and have a good time. That is not what we meant.

We mean to find a harmony between all these things that all of it be a service to the Light.

The path of service, of spirituality, the Christ path, the path of therapies – since this is what brought you here- is not a path of austerity.

It is a path of joy that does not reject the pleasure of life, the pleasures of family and children, friends, etc.

One needs to learn to blend all that because nothing is in opposition.

Do you think we are hermits somewhere on a cloud or on some spaceship somewhere, protected from bad weather?

We have our own lives.  Our friends and people we care for especially.

We are human beings like you, just a bit more mature than you.

So enjoy everything that life in this world can offer.

But that this joy you live not make you forget what is your center, and what is the nature of the center you want to offer and communicate.

Live fully and not half-heartedly. To live fully in joy is to serve the healing force and the force of universal health.

Do you understand? Everything is a question of balance and of harmony.

Eternal friends, brothers and sisters, we are going to propose now, as we sometimes do, that you come one by one before us so that we could impose certain marks on your subtle bodies.

(Energy work on participants)

Eternal friends, remember these moments. Take notice that a stronger connection between you and us has been weaved. This makes you more responsible, and with that much more joy in your hearts to incarnate what your heart and your spirit long for.

We will meet again.

Receive all our love and all our peace.

Conversation with Master Morya

Conversation with Master Morya

Master Morya – or El Morya – is one of the ascended Masters of the Himalayan Brotherhood of Shambhalla. His mission has been to guide humanity since ancient times. He is traditionally associated with the first Divine Ray on earth, representing willpower. Together with Masters Jesus, Kuthumi and Djwal Khul, he works for the benefit of our world.
Daniel Meurois was filmed during a channeling of Master Morya who speaks through him in front of a small group of about thirty. This message concerns us all.
A universal teaching free of dogmatism, transmitted by Daniel Meurois on October 15, 2010 in Provence, with the support and love of Marie Johanne Croteau-Meurois.

Welcome to you, dear friends.

This is your Brother Morya speaking. Your Brother Morya who would just like to ask you: Why are you here? (Why are you here, really?) Is it because you want to learn to be therapists, to learn therapy techniques, or perhaps to learn to love better, to live better?

If that is what you think, well, you’re not entirely right. You came together here – not just tonight, but each time you came together – you did so deep within you, more or less consciously, for the Truth. I am not saying “to learn the Truth”, because Truth cannot be learned. Truth is an experience that must be lived, and which is revealed. Truth is the Christ Presence in you. Living the Truth does not only nor exactly mean that you should never tell the smallest lie. I know perfectly well that during your earthly life, there are sometimes little lies that are there to prevent great sufferings or needless torments.

No, I am speaking of the other Truth, the real Truth, which is Transparency. A transparency with is such that all masks are removed. And all the roles we play progressively fade away, to allow the nakedness of our being, which is its most beautiful garment, to play its essential role of healer, of miracle worker, and of Christ.

Do not be afraid of the word Christ. There is Christ our Brother whom you all know but there is also the universal and eternal Principle of Christ. It is this Christ Principle that every life worthy of its name is intended to integrate, manifest, and express.

Yes, it is this Truth, the Christ Truth, the Principle of all principles that you came to discover. The therapies (you learn) are in a sense pretexts.  Albeit very useful on a physical level and for the world you live in, the therapies remain pretexts because the real healing agent and true factor of reconciliation is the Christ Principle which lives in the power of Truth.

I ask you therefore, if your presence here really means something to you, to drop all your masks, all of you. Oh, I know this is a decision you all made coming into this world to sow the seeds of awakening of your consciousness. But old roles and masks die hard and in a group like yours, or in any group of people, even with the best intentions, even the most awakened and most loving, there always remain old personality reflexes which prevent the energy of Truth from fully unfolding.

Do you understand what I am trying to tell you? There are still too many roles, too many habits or reflexes that grow weary of their own game and tire out others.

I sometimes watch you all through a window of Light, working here and there and as you’ve been told already, I can also hear the screeching noises made by your egos. “I don’t like him”, “I don’t like her”, “I will not treat this one”, “oh no, not her”, “my energy and that person’s do not harmonize”, “I will not make an incision”, “I will not lay my hands there”, “I don’t like it”, “it doesn’t feel right”.

You cannot deny this.

You may find me very severe or exacting but you must realize that this is exactly how the vibration of Truth can and will manifest itself: through Intransigence. That is why you must absolutely abandon the reflexes of your old masks. As you know, a group such as yours is like a miniature world. Therefore you should see to it that your miniature world be different from the world you live in; that it be different for its insistence on truth, its selflessness and lack of armor.

This is how groups and gatherings of hearts such as yours can hope to sow the seeds of awakening in mankind. This is where you have to start, each of you individually, beyond all the excuses you might find and which may seem justified or which you feign to believe are justified. It is beyond all these pretexts that you must move ahead and be.

Throughout the times, my demanding nature has become my banner and guiding light. Indeed, it is through rigor and consistency that the energy of Truth can express itself, to reveal Christ in each of us.

Rigor as well as coherence. This is the fire you do not yet master, the fire of Coherence. You sometimes talk about it amongst yourselves, and you are sometimes taught that coherence is like cement that allows you to work better. That is true. But let me also describe Coherence as the cornerstone of the edifice of any human life wanting to grow, to realize itself and be worthy of Life.

Be coherent in your actions, your thoughts, and of course, in your feelings. Without this coherence, no progress can be accomplished on your path.

You cannot speak words of peace and smile, and all the while nurture thoughts that are like venom, and continue to frown deep down in your soul. There is only one position: either you really are what you say and you are your smile, or all this does not mean a thing.

This is what I demand of you.

When I say I “demand”, I do not demand for myself as Morya.

I speak of the energy of Christ that dwells within me, in other words the energy of Life, real Life – no more, no less.

Be yourselves. Do not be a sneer, do not be a lie, nor an armor anymore. We can see quite often, and I also surmise and see that you aspire to become masters or at least disciples worthy of this name. Deep down inside your hearts, you can already see yourselves there, but this may remain a mere image for a long time to come if you do not firmly plant the Principle of Coherence in the soil of your soul, of your consciousness.

You may have noticed that I have not yet mentioned the word Love… for a very simple reason: without this, without the decision to live in Truth, in Transparence, in Rigor, in Coherence, there cannot be any Love. There are parodies of Love, maybe even commendable parodies, but they are still only a hint of the real Love and that is not enough. I know you understand me.

Our Brother Christ did not become Christ because he had been appointed as such. All his companions on the way did not become what they are because they had been appointed so. They have become what they are through Rigor and Righteousness. It is that simple, you see?

Love is Willpower. Love is Tenacity. This is what I came to tell you today. I did not come to say: “Lay your hands in this way, open your heart wider when you send this or that colored energy”… You have to learn that, of course, but behind that, you must have complete abnegation and truth in your heart, in other words you must be transparent like a diamond, act selflessly and abstain from innuendos, otherwise you will remain much longer in the state of suffering which is characteristic of the current world.

Be as the leaven, not because you know or because you understand, but simply because of what you have lived and experienced inside. Love is not a great principle. Healing is not an energy that is mastered by learning. The Christ state you have to work on and manifest in yourselves is a state you live in throughout the Universe without even knowing it. The curtains of your heart and of your soul are still drawn. You live within the energy of Truth, within the energy of Love, but your lack of Rigor and your incoherencies do not allow you to open the blinds of your consciousness. This is what you have to work on.

I say it again: Drop your masks, abstain from innuendos and from lies that you tell yourselves and end up believing. Don’t say: “I’m doing as best as I can, this does not concern me, it’s my neighbor, my brother, my sister, my aunt, my uncle, my father, my mother”. This does not make any sense. THIS DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!

When you smile, when you look at someone, let your look be a look and your smile a smile, without any pretense. So long as there are pretenses, whatever the excuses you have for doing so, you are and will remain outside the Energy of Christ, even if you are bathed in the constant presence of this universal energy… because you are being blind and deaf to its presence.

The lies you tell yourselves are the worst kinds of lies. If you want Love, if you claim you want to give Love, be demanding of yourselves. In this way, you will realize yourselves and one fine morning of your soul, you will be able to say: “I am. Yes, I am!” But this “I am” will not mean that you have reached the heart of the Sun. It will just mean: “I have the Key. I have the key for which Christ my Brother came to meet me.”

Furthermore, be Forgiveness, beyond all that, beyond all your pretexts, too. As long as you are not Forgiveness, the seeds of all wars will continue to grow.

I am now listening to you, my friends. Speak and do not hesitate to come to me. Let there be no distance between us if possible.  Come forward and come closer.

Question: I have a question about what you just said… 

Morya: May I interrupt you, my Brother. You said: “about what you (polite form) just said”. I am YOUR (familiar form) Brother Morya, not YOUR (polite form) Brother Morya, Bruno. Do you understand?


Morya: What I mean by that is that we are all close, we all belong to the same Family and none of you should exclude himself for a variety of inconsistent reasons from this great human Family and this great heavenly Family that I represent here. I am listening to you.

Question: What can we do to find ourselves while we see ourselves through filters that are different for each of us according to our life experiences?

Morya: First of all, you have to realize that they are filters. It is already a major step when you realize that you see through filters. For this, you need to stop and genuinely make a list of these filters; if necessary, you should name each of them on a sheet of paper and then endeavor to overcome them one after the other. What you clearly perceive, filters or other, will eventually be overcome. The most difficult thing to do when we are engaged in a path of self-realization is to become aware of our blockages, of our lies, of our filters as you say. Once you have identified all this, you can start setting yourself small challenges in your everyday life. Not necessarily big challenges, but very small ones which will eventually diminish the importance of these filters – since we are talking about filters here. Do you understand?

Go where your Spirit is, every evening in your prayers. It should not be Bruno’s incarnation praying every evening or every morning; it should be the Diamond from which Bruno originates. Each of us stems from a Spirit as pure as diamond. You should always remember that. This diamond has no need of lies, roles, truths, or sufferings. Seek shelter in the diamond of your Spirit, all of you, as much as you can. You will then have the necessary altitude to overcome everything that slows you down, everything that makes you suffer in the vicissitudes of your everyday life

Being you means identifying yourself more and more with this diamond that is the Spirit. It will take a bit of practice to do so, but it will become as easy and as spontaneous as the act of breathing which sustains you.

Question: Dear Brother Morya, thank you for being here with us, it is a great pleasure. I have a question on behalf of Ricardo who would like to thank all Brothers for the therapies that were taught to us students, and also for the problem which Ricardo exposed on the (incomprehensible word) of the Sun, and he asked me to tell you the following: With the grace he has received from Sai Baba and the Brothers, he has changed a lot.  Above all, he notices that he is easily inspired on the mental level. He has the feeling that his various subtle bodies are not in harmony and that it prevents him from being grounded and consistent. He asks if you could give us information on how to harmonize the different subtle bodies, because for him the problem lies in the mental body, while for others it can be the emotional, the physical or the causal body. He also asks if you can give information on the different subtle bodies and also on the physical body, because it is far too little (regarded) and not enough honored in other worlds.

Morya: Now that is a vast question! A complete course would be necessary in order to answer this question as Ricardo wishes it. Indeed, most of you, if not all, feel and experience a disparity between the different levels of reality – and that corresponds to what I have just told you. Their feelings, their emotional world, their physical impulses sometimes get people carried away, and even though they yearn for the greatest of accomplishments, there is always a part of them which tends to get out of synchronization. I fully agree with that. And we could say that therein lies the whole drama of humanity, of the Consciousness aware of itself and living in a constant state of dissociation, which is just the expression of duality, the expression of borders. Not of existing borders, but of borders that living beings who are aware of themselves tend to invent in order to feel that they really exist.

There could be a large number of techniques…  and there are a large number of techniques taught in many schools on Earth and experienced by students. You have already been taught many, here or elsewhere in other schools or books. But the truth is that there is not a single technique which can make you experience and live the unification of all your bodies, in other words of all your states of consciousness: physical, affective, emotional, mental, and that pertaining to the causal reality.

I am speaking here as a witness of what He awoke to Solar Unity… Solar also implies Lunar: the reconciliation of the poles of the battery. I am speaking in my own name, as your Brother Morya. If you had asked another of my Brothers, perhaps he would have given you a slightly different answer. There are indeed as many ways as there are beings. And through a multitude of lives, we experiment a multitude of ways. My way, the way which has been my revelation and which could also be yours, is the way of Prayer, simple and complex at the same time. Your Brother Morya speaking here to you, points to Prayer as the Key to Unification. But what is Prayer, you might ask?

Prayer is the offering of your whole being in the moment, to the Energy of Life, to the Divine, I should say. Be living offerings, in this moment, right now, all of you just as you are. Be bold enough to tell yourselves, to repeat inwardly or simply to say out loud: Father, Thy Will be done.

Oh, I know, this expression is almost worn out now, having been repeated in so many ways in churches and in all languages of the world. But living this affirmation is something else altogether. That is what I invite you to do. To offer yourself is a Prayer. This Prayer can of course be accompanied by all the words that come to your mind, those that have been coined by traditions, or those that spontaneously come to you by the impulse of your heart. But if these words are not pervaded by this offering: “Father, Thy Will be done”, your Prayer will be diminished.

As you’ve taken notice of this already, in each moment of your life you are in close contact with this Father; this Father who is of course a Mother as well.

You sometimes say or hear others asking themselves: But where is God if he really exists? Well, you have your nose on Him! You live in Him. You are so close to Him that you don’t perceive Him. You are erecting a barrier: “There is me, there are the others, there is nature, and somewhere, there is God.” This is where you start going astray, when the mind creates dissociation.

The mind is as much a tool as it is a self-defeating weapon. Therefore do not silence your mind as it fulfills a purpose. Enlighten it by an inner “disarmament” which is conveyed in these words: Father, Thy Will be done.

Let it no longer be your “I” personality seeking to be satisfied, but your “I Am” that is calling for Peace and Reunification. When your “I Am” speaks through you, in other words when you give your Spirit a chance to manifest itself, all barriers come down.

Your Father, your Mother are here. I would say they manifest immediately. Ask and you shall receive. Do not project the promise of a better self into the future but bring the best of you into being right now. Ask the seed of Christ to flourish in you now.  By abandoning all your reflexes of protection, your reflexes of self-assertiveness, of concealment, and self- aggrandizement on a path you claim as yours and which brings you honor. How many of you, in fact, display a false humility. All this must be taken apart. My mission is to point the finger to the most sensitive places, those where you can no longer afford to cheat.

If you really want what you claim to want, then rid yourselves of all the armors of your egos and repeat: Father, Thy Will be done. Then you will discover yourselves, perhaps first feeling entirely alone and naked. But there is a price for everything, yet it is not necessarily suffering, because suffering is yet another armor, another layer of scales. The price is the acceptance of the rigor or exigency asked of you by the Divine Energy in order to come together with It. This rigor has nothing to do with a Divine scheme, but rather it is the inevitable impulse that will raise you up to reach yourself.

Question: Good evening, Brother. Will the ageless therapies that are taught to us eventually be transmitted much more freely and widely, perhaps in the next wave of humanity? Are they destined to become accessible to the masses, or will they remain a bit of an ideal to be achieved in the art of therapy?

Morya: These therapies are certainly intended to spread widely in a relatively near future. But do not expect them to be accepted by a vast majority. Let us say that they will increasingly be recognized as a value, a value referring to a fundamental aspect of the human being. In this sense, yes, they will be further taught and diffused, and even made commonplace as homeopathy or acupuncture have become today.

Nonetheless, once these therapies have spread to the point of no longer being secret or at least not considered a secret or suspicious by some, then another form of healing knowledge will arise from their use.  Because the ways in which the heart can open and continuously look beyond the horizon is infinite.

Simply said: when a truth is accepted, or when a set of principles or knowledge base is officially recognized – and this will eventually be the case for these therapies – then another path towards healing emerges bringing healing to an even deeper level. This path also will be as old as Time.

Question: Brother Morya, in the world of ascended Beings, are there therapies and needs for healing? Are there healing places, just like on earth, clinics, and hospitals for those who need it? 

Morya: Of course there are. Every world has its weaknesses and its necessities for learning. But little sister, why do you ask yourself such questions? Each world has its challenges, but the real challenge in each of these worlds is simplicity. Indeed, I am not here to talk about anything else than the initial simplicity you need find again, the simplicity that leads to the alignment of a being with itself. As long as there are techniques to be learned, it will indicate there is still a path of density which has not been given up.

Of course, paths of density are there for a purpose, and it is one of these paths that brings you together in this place. But actually, everything you learn – and I come back to what I said earlier – everything you learn must be used to unlearn what you think you are and unlearn your erroneous relationship to the world. At some point of your progression, not only in this life but in other lives as well, all the techniques you learn, which help you and also help you to help others, now and in the future, will progressively vanish as you move on towards yourself. Do you understand? Unlearning what we think we know is the way of Christ.

Question: Oh Brother, in various circles of energetic therapies, protection rituals are mentioned. Is this consistent? When we try to be Love, do we still need protection?

Morya: If you can manage to be Love, then indeed, why would you need protection? The difficulty lies in really being Love. Really being Love means that your radiance has reached a pure Christ level. This simply means that when you help others, when you offer yourself and you endeavor to transmit healing energy to another there is always possible to be reached by something hurtful. Self-offering always comprises an element of vulnerability so long as the Christ Energy is not purely and entirely rooted in oneself.

But this vulnerability is also a leaven for the soul. I say to you, every soul on a path which has voluntarily set out to follow such path will always run risks. If a soul does not accept taking risks, it does not progress. Caring for others, offering oneself in a thousand ways in life means taking risks and also sometimes exposing oneself to being destabilized. Our Brother Christ himself experienced all these stages of fragility. If the Christ became Christ it is because He went through all these learning phases of Life. So you should not be weighing up: “Do I risk this, do I risk that?” We are always risking something! The more conscious we are, the more we are able to minimize the impact of risks on ourselves, as we have gained altitude.

As for the performing of certain rituals and protective practices, there is something there that does not fit with the path I, Morya, am showing you. The need and the search for protection denote fear, do you see? Not being afraid does not mean being reckless, it just means that we are leaving it up to the Will of our Father. I move on, I take risks, I offer healing; this may be dangerous on a certain level. This is self-offering. But the Will of my Father be done. I move consciously forward without sparing myself and try to overcome one by one all my fears.

This is how you can develop real Strength. It will not be through what I will call mental matches or firecrackers you would ignite around you and which are akin to magic formulas. Perhaps you are surprised by these expressions I use but each time we see you reciting prayers for protection, wearing symbols around your neck and saying “this is a protection, I’m protected from this, I’m protected from that”, we also see in your auras, my Brothers and I, something that looks like ridiculous little bombs. Do you understand? We are not making fun of you, even if it might seem that way just now. We want to say that there are too many illusory things you hang on to. Rather than raising protective walls all around you, you should endeavor to overcome your fears. In any case, these walls will explode like so many Bengal lights, bringing you much surprise.

Move beyond that world. Move beyond the world of protective objects and rituals. I am not saying that they are of no use; it’s not that. I am saying that you have to look beyond. I am not denying the existence of certain wave forms, archetypal forms, and prayers which are connected to great egregors which can provide protection. These things exist, of course, but you can aim at something so much more beautiful, more authentic, by the nakedness of Truth, the nakedness that entails boldness, do you see?

Know what you really want, even if in the moment it may be harder to go the way of nakedness. Is that clear?

Question: My Brother, are the mantras taught by some instructors in the course of initiations what you call “mental sparklers”?

Morya: Yes, they are. But you sometimes need sparklers, too. Understand that my Brothers and I have we do not say they were useless. They can accompany you for a while along the way. These mantras were made for that purpose. But ultimately, because I am a man of rigor, I always aim for the Ultimate, therefore this too must be surpassed. Use them if you need them until you feel they’ve fulfilled their purpose. Yet these mantras are not an end in themselves, just as meditation is not an end in itself. A number of those who meditate have not yet understood this. Prayer is not an end in itself either. Nothing is an end in itself.

You are the goal, you in your Christ state. Everything else will vanish in the course of eternity. Accept the rungs of the ladder for what they are.  Climb them one after the other. Take as many tools as your personality requires you to, but never cling to the ladder nor to these tools.

Father, Thy Will be done. I am calling You to me now.

Realize this fact and you will see how the Light will soon be coming to you. This Light may have you feeling as though you were imminently disintegrating, or feeling scattered inside, not knowing exactly who and where you are or what your life means. This is just a phase. Will yourself to merge with your Father. Place this desire at the very center of your heart, at the center of your hopes and your requests.

Thank you, dear friends, for the eagerness you are showing. Thank you for being little flames that yearn to become a real blaze.

Please be thanked but do not take this as gratification.

Your Brother Morya, you know it, stands for Rigor and Coherence.

Be at Peace.

All persons present were asked to come forward individually before the Energy of Master Morya. Each one of them received a personal blessing to help him on his path.